Motivation Monday: Maggie’s MARVELOUS Transformation!

There are some wow-worthy surprises coming this week, so let’s start this Monday off with a bang! We will be releasing the launch dates for the upcoming 5th annual BIKINI SERIES really soon… get excited!

We’re so proud of today’s healthy Tone It Up Nutrition Plan transformation! Maggie’s energy and inspiring story will get you super pumped to stay on track! You’re going to LOVE it…

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Tell us about yourself!

Hi TIU team! I’m so honored to share my story with you! I’m 27 years old and I live in Connecticut with my husband Joe, our cat Loki and our pup Mila. I work full time as a research scientist and go to graduate school part time for my MBA.  Since finding Tone It Up I’ve found a passion for fitness, cooking and a healthy lifestyle.

Your transformation story is amazing and has inspired us all. How long was it between your before and after pics?

My after picture is from just about one year after I started TIU in March 2014, but most of the weight came off within the first few months. I lost about 15 pound within 3 or 4 months of buying the Nutrition Plan and I’ve kept it off ever since. That is the amazing part of TIU– I was concerned that the nutrition plan would be hard to stick to for more than a few months; I thought I would slip up and gain the weight back, but that never happened! I actually love the way I eat based on the plan, and I love working out and how it makes me feel, so it hasn’t been hard to stick with this new lifestyle!

What made you decide to change and what was your biggest inspiration to finally make a change in your life?

I was feeling so low about myself before I found Tone It Up. I was the heaviest I had ever been and my confidence was nearly nonexistent! I felt bad when I looked at pictures of myself and was very self-conscious around my friends and family. I knew I had to make a change, but at first I just didn’t know how. I tried working out and eating healthy, but nothing seemed to be working for me. Luckily I found TIU, and the workouts and nutrition plan were exactly what I needed.

Maggie AfterHow did you find out about Tone It Up?

I found out about Tone It Up from the show Toned Up on Bravo in January 2014! I saw Karena and Katrina and their amazing bodies and beautiful personalities. I was inspired and found the Tone It Up website, and signed up for the newsletter, but it took me a few weeks to work up the courage to actually try a workout for some reason. The first TIU workout I ever tried was Love Your Body HIIT, I was so sore the day after trying it but I was also hooked because it was so much fun! A few weeks later I purchased the nutrition plan and the Beach Babe 2 DVD.

How did you keep yourself motivated to keep going?

It wasn’t difficult to keep motivated. I saw such a huge change in myself, in my body, and in my confidence! My clothes started fitting loosely and I actually had to buy smaller sized pants. I was able to wear clothes I had never felt comfortable in before, like form fitting dresses, shorts and of course bikinis! I also loved seeing how strong I was getting, and how my running was improving. Others also started noticing the changes and that was a huge motivation!

Whenever I’m tired and having a hard time getting up for my booty call or looking for meal inspirations, I turn to all of my TIU friends on the Community and on Instagram. Everyone is so supportive and inspirational; it’s so amazing to find a group of women who care so much about one another!

How has following the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan contributed to your success?

The Nutrition Plan has been a HUGE contribution to my success! Before I found Tone It Up, I wanted to eat healthy, and I was trying, but I was just so lost! A lot of the foods I thought were healthy really weren’t. I thought that to lose weight I’d have to sacrifice taste which just didn’t work for me! The plan helped me to figure out how, when and what to eat, and opened my eyes to so many amazing and delicious foods that I’d never even heard of. It also helped me to become a better cook, and I now love to create my own flavorful, lean, clean and green meals!


What are some of your favorite healthy foods and snacks?  What did you have for lunch today?

I love Perfect Fit pancakes, smoothies or fruit for an easy and delicious snack! I love Mexican style food so I enjoy making healthy homemade turkey chili or turkey taco bowls, they’re a staple in our weekly dinners! Hubby and I also absolutely love the warm and savory Thai Wraps from the TIU website, we’re having them tonight in fact!

Pancakes Perfect Fit Tone It Up
How do you treat yourself while staying on track?

For a non-food treat I love to buy myself some new workout clothes or an outfit that I would have never felt comfortable in before! I bought myself a Maaji bikini for the end of last year’s Bikini Series and one of the TIU Maaji bikinis this year for the end of the Love Your Body series. I’ll be taking both to Aruba this summer! I do also sometimes indulge in a “treat” meal, or a glass of wine, believing that balance is so important in everything.

What is your workout routine like?

I wake up every morning for a Booty Call workout (even on the weekends!). If I have enough time I will complete my entire workout in the morning, or if I need to break it up I prefer to do toning in the morning and cardio in the afternoon after work. I follow the weekly tone it up schedule for the toning routines, and usually run, do HIIT or go to spin class for cardio. I usually like to have an active rest day each week, but on those days I still try to get in something like yoga or a walk with my hubby

What is your favorite TIU workout?

While it’s tough to pick, I’d have to say my all-time favorite TIU workout would have to be HIIT the Beach 2 from the Beach Babe 2 DVD. It is so much fun and gets my heart rate up, I could hardly finish it the first time I tried it, but I can feel how much stronger I am now!

What advice would you give someone who needs motivation and encouragement to get healthier?

The best advice I can give is to just get started! I think starting can be the toughest obstacle, especially if you think that you can’t do it or won’t see results, sometimes we just have to get past our negative thoughts and believe in ourselves!

Tell us about your current goals? What are you looking forward to most in the next few months?

One of my current goals is to run a 10K race, so I signed up for one at the end of May and I’m beginning to train! I’ve also decided to start challenging myself to use heavier weights with the TIU routines in order to step things up. I have so many amazing things to look forward to in the next few months along with some warmer weather – I’m especially excited for the 2015 Bikini Series, the Beach Babe 3 DVD, and the Fit, Fierce and Fab book.

The team wants to connect with you! Where can we find you?

I’m on Instagram at @maggieb_tiu, stop by and say hi!

Completely transform your body, build lean muscle and enjoy the healthy, energetic life you’re meant to be living!

Join the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan today!


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  • Stephanie B.

    xoxoxoxo SO PROUD of you girlfriend! You continue to inspire me EVERY day. So happy TIU brought us together as friends. <3 you are beautiful!!

  • Jill @ Champagne for Everyday

    She looks so great!!! It’s a great example of how sometimes you just have to find the right combo of diet and exersize to get results. All about what works for YOU! I hope this inspires readers not to give up. Well done Maggie!!


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