LATE SUMMER FASHION INSPIRATION! As the sun sets on the summer season, we're celebrating with a few more beach days before switching gears for fall. Take a look below for our favorite end of the season looks... along with a sweet cocktail to enjoy with friends and family! Show us what you're up to this weekend by uploading your Labor holiday pics on Instagram with the hashtag #TIUteam. G E T   T H E   L O O K Both dresses are from NicDelMar :) Beachy Waves ~ watch the hair tutorial HERE! Have an amazing Labor Day weekend!!! xx xx K+K FOR MORE LOOKBOOKS, TAKE A LOOK AT… POOL [Read More]


10 Things Successful Women do DAILY!

We love asking successful women for tips, tricks and for an inside look into their daily routines. Today, Lauren Conrad is sharing 10 of her daily must-dos to ensure she kicks major booty all day long. With the start of new schedules a huge focus this upcoming fall season, we know you're going to love her tried-and-true tricks to success! Hi TIU Team! It's Lauren Conrad here! The beginning of September is a great time of year to set new goals for yourself. Today, I'm sharing a bit of wisdom I’ve learned in my career thus far. I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by lots of successful women [Read More]



IT'S TIME TO SWEAT! Since many of you are heading back to school and work this week, Katrina and I are bringing you a quick toning routine to squeeze in anytime! With busy schedules on the horizon, it's so important take care of YOU! Even if you just have a few minutes to sneak in your sweat session, we want you to stay strong and do what you can to keep active. Doing this ensures you stay energized to kick booty in all areas of your life! This Total Body Toner is just what you need to hit all muscle groups in under 10 minutes! You'll burn MAJOR calories while toning your arms, abs, legs [Read More]


How Kyla lost 16 pounds and found her SPARK!

Alright, TIU Team! Get ready for a surge of motivation with today's amazing transformation and Tone It Up Nutrition Plan review! Kyla's glowing skin and rock solid abs are enough to inspire us to stay on track for the rest of the week. There's nothing like seeing someone take control of their health and happiness like Kyla did. You're going to LOVE her story... Tell us about yourself! My name is Kyla and I live in Kirkland, WA with my husband and our two furry friends, Merlin and Louie. I am a certified personal trainer enjoying life in the Pacific Northwest. How long was it between [Read More]



While many of you are back in school and back at work, the weather is still perfect to sneak away for beach days or some outdoor adventure. The season isn’t quite over and there's still one more big weekend reserved for celebrating coming up... Labor Day!!!  This week we want you to be present to experience each moment. Soak in every ounce of sunshine and squeeze in as many outdoor [Read More]

Feature Image Banana Muffin

Chocolate Banana Bread Muffins

If you're craving a sweet treat that will do your body good, we have just the treat for you! Katrina and I LOVE making muffins to save for the week and take with us to the office!  Today's recipe combines the decadent flavor of chocolate chip cookies with banana bread for a downright delicious snack that's gluten free, protein rich and great on-the-go~~ perfect for all of you that [Read More]


4 Powerful Pairings!

Have you ever wondered how to take a body-loving dish to the next level!? Today we're sharing amazing combinations that not only taste delicious, but also increase your body's [Read More]


NEW VIDEO: Beach Day Workout!

TONE UP WHILE YOU HAVE FUN IN THE SUN! Who's heading to the beach one more time this summer!?️ Whether you're hitting the beach for Labor Day weekend, headed to a pool party or [Read More]


Motivation Monday ~ Danielle’s Story

Happy MOTIVATION MONDAY TIU TEAM! We want you pumped and ready for an amazing week! Have you started planning your healthy meals and workouts yet!? Take a look at your Weekly [Read More]

Weekly Schedule


Who's ready to kick some major booty!? This week's workouts will keep you feeling right & tight as you soak up the rest of the season! For all of you eagerly awaiting what's [Read More]


Lemon & Chia Superpower Pancakes!

It's time to upgrade your weekend morning indulgence! These zesty, power-packed Perfect Fit Pancakes offer a whole new twist on your favorite body-loving breakfast. Using our brand [Read More]


Q&A with K&K!

Hi TIU Team!  Today we are having some fun and major girl talk! We've received a lot of questions from you gals asking us about fitness and nutrition tips, along with relationship, [Read More]


MY Perfect Fit!

As many of you have already caught on, something new and exciting has been in the works.  Karena and I are thrilled to unveil a fresh look and brand NEW Perfect Fit [Read More]



BURN BABY... BURN! How are you girls doing!? Rockin' your workouts this summer!? Get excited, because the fall challenge starts in a month and we have so many great workouts and [Read More]


Motivation Monday ~ Christina’s Story

It's Motivation Monday! Today we're sharing Christina's beautiful story and transformation. This sizzling-hot TIU Mama is radiating with health and happiness, and we are so proud [Read More]



Who's ready for an incredible week!? We have some MAJOR surprises planned for this community and we can barely contain our excitement over what's in store for the #TIUTeam! Make [Read More]