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  • Motivation Monday ~ Ariana’s Story… how she lost 20 pounds & changed her LIFE!

    Are you ready for an amazing week!? You will be after reading this incredible story from Tone It Up girl, Ariana! ♡ This beautiful team member knows exactly how to balance her healthy lifestyle while still enjoying her favorite treats. [Read More]

    Motivation Monday ~ Ariana’s Story… how she lost 20 pounds & changed her LIFE!
  • Motivation Monday ~ Veronica’s Story!

    Have you completed your Monday workout yet!? This week we're going strong, soaking in every moment of the season! Take a look at all of your challenges in your Weekly Schedule! Prepare yourself for a surge of motivation! Veronica is a [Read More]

    Motivation Monday ~ Veronica’s Story!
  • Motivation Monday ~ Gabby’s Story!

    It's Motivation Monday!! We hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready for a great week ahead! Make sure you follow along with your workout schedule... because #summeraitover yet! With 6 weeks left of the sunny season, how will you [Read More]

    Motivation Monday ~ Gabby’s Story!
  • Motivation Monday: Mother & Daughter!

    It's Motivation Monday and we're kicking off the week with an amazing double feature! Today's mother / daughter Tone It Up Nutrition Plan success story is so special. As you may remember, my mom completely changed her life and transformed [Read More]

    Motivation Monday: Mother & Daughter!
  • Motivation Monday: Melissa’s Story!

    It's Motivation Monday and sweet summertime is in full swing. This week, we really want you to focus on what makes you feel energized and happy. Take time for you! ♡ Follow along with your Weekly Schedule challenges and prepare to get [Read More]

    Motivation Monday: Melissa’s Story!