The BEST Workouts to do before a Beach Trip!

IT'S BEACH TIME! Is the ocean calling your name? If you're getting ready for a beach trip, today's workout playlist is for you. We're sharing our top toning and fat burning routines to get you feeling tight and looking like a bombshell! Prepare to torch major calories while you tighten up all over! These workouts are also amazing for a quick boost before you slip into that bikini... because squeezing in a sweat session before you hit the beach is always a good idea! Want to take your beach-ready toning to the next level!? Add the Ultimate Booty call from Beach Babe 3 to your weekly [Read More]


Motivation Monday ~ Mary’s Story!

Happy Monday team!  Did you see your Weekly Schedule? Make sure to plan and prep for success! Get ready to be inspired to stay strong all week with Tone It Up Nutrition Plan member, Mary’s story! This Broadway dancer babe is a total go-getter. Nothing stands in her way of conquering her dreams! Her story will put a pep in your step and a smile on your face! Tell us about yourself :) My name is Mary and 6 months ago I picked up my life, and moved from Toronto, Canada to Manhattan, NY to pursue my dreams of performing and to be with the love of my life. I went to school for Music Theatre [Read More]



Let’s keep that momentum going as we dive into WEEK 8 of your SUMMER CHALLENGE!! Keep your heart focused on those summer goals… we want you ultra strong all week! Keep checking in on social media with the hashtags #TIUTEAM & #BikiniProgram We also created a page for all of you that want to share your success story! If you've been following the Tone It Up Bikini Program, workouts or DVDs, click HERE to share!!  You never know who you're motivating and you will inspire thousands of women to take that first step, just like you did! We can't wait to read your story, learn more about you and [Read More]


Be Our PIN Pal!!

So many of your have asked us where we find style and design inspiration! From designing our Tone It Up Headquarters and finding the perfect home accents, to deciding how to pair summer fashion, Pinterest has become our go-to virtual creative board! It's truly the best place to both find and share inspiration. We spend many Sunday mornings browsing the beautiful images on Pinterest, re-pinning them and letting ourselves daydream in the endless sea of visual inspo. See what we're loving by following our board HERE! [Read More]


What’s for Dinner!? Thai Style Stir Fry

What's for dinner, beach babes!? Busy days call for quick and easy, not to mention delicious meals. And today's recipe is a new weeknight fave! This flavorful stir-fry boasts filling veggies along with a tasty blend of savory spices. This is an exotic dish that comes together fast! The best thing about stir fry dishes is that you can include whatever veggies you have on hand: [Read More]

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Women Crushin’ it Wednesday!

Are you ready for some major motivation!? We all love Wednesdays, because we get to shoutout the women we're crushin' on! Today we're showing you some gals in the community who are totally crushing it with Tone It Up, the Bikini Program and Nutrition Plan! They're an inspiration to us... and we know they'll motivate you too! If you haven't started your Tone It Up Journey, now is [Read More]


Your SUMMER Workout Playlist!

Can't make it to the gym? Missed your spin class? No worries babe... we're bringing you a super effective workout you can complete right NOW! This is your go-to summer workout [Read More]


NEW VIDEO: Movie Night Workout!

IT'S TIME FOR A MOVIE NIGHT... Call your girlfriends, dig out the fun pjs, and get that bottle of rosé on ice. It's time for the ultimate girls night... and we're showing you how [Read More]


Motivation Monday ~ Pamela’s Transformation!

Happy Motivation Monday! This entire week is focused on toning, sculpting and staying energized. Take a look at your Weekly Schedule and start planing your week! For all of you [Read More]


Weekly Schedule

SOAK UP EVERY MOMENT... This week we want you to focus on what makes you happy. Give yourself permission to enjoy even the smallest bits of bliss throughout the day. From slowly [Read More]


Basil Berry Smoothie

Get ready for a whole new type of berry smoothie. Today's recipe is bursting with fresh, summer flavor, including one of our favorite seasonal herbs... basil! Now, if you think [Read More]


Our Top Ways to Move More!

We're always talking about that morning sweat session... That's because there's nothing like starting the day with an energy boosting, waistline-loving workout. It's one of the [Read More]


Our Top Tips for Meal Prepping!

GET IN THE KITCHEN! Let's face it, between work, school, family and social obligations, the average day can feel hectic. This is why we talk about meal prepping so much! [Read More]

Tone-It-Up-Travel Workout

Travel Workouts & Healthy Vacay Tips…

Tone It Up Travel Workout & Tips to Stay Healthy on Vacation! As Karena and I flew to NYC yesterday, we started thinking about what to post for Tone It Up Tuesday! We went [Read More]


Motivation Monday ~ Amanda’s Story!

Who’s ready to ROCK Monday?! It’s a new day and a fresh opportunity to give this healthy lifestyle your ALL. Bikini season is upon us and NOW is the time to stay on top of your [Read More]



Even during the busiest moments, there's a stillness during these midsummer days that invites you to make the most out of every bright morning and warm night. These are the days [Read More]