Motivation Monday: Chelsea’s AMAZING Transformation!

Happy Monday TIU Team! It’s a new week, a new day and a fresh opportunity to give this healthy lifestyle your all. With bikini season approaching, now’s the time to stay on top of your daily workouts. Take a look at your Weekly Fitness Schedule HERE!

For all of you craving a major dose inspiration, Chelsea’s remarkable transformation is it! This gorgeous firecracker is determined and strong. Just looking at those abs gets us fired up for an amazing week ahead!
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Tell us about yourself

My name is Chelsea, I’m a 23 year old cosmetologist. I’m a mommy to 2 amazing little boys and wife to my handsome hubby!

Your transformation is amazing. How long was it between your before and after pics?

It was 7 months between my before and after pictures.

What was your biggest inspiration to finally make a change in your life?

I decided to change to a happy healthy lifestyle after having our second son. I was having a tough time getting my pre-baby body back and with my confidence fading it was affecting many parts of my life. My biggest inspiration was seeing so many women with busy schedules like mine find the time and dedication to get in shape and be healthy! I could see their happiness shine through their smiles, and it was infectious.


What goals did you set for yourself in order to make a change?

I started with small goals like drinking more water, working out 4 days a week and cutting out just some of the unhealthy foods I would eat. I didn’t want to set unrealistic goals and give up but the truth is I started enjoying the Tone It Up lifestyle and those small goals made me want to fully embrace my new way of life!

How did you find out about Tone It Up?

I found out about Tone It Up when I watched the season of Toned Up on Bravo. I loved the energy! Karena & Katrina had was so fun and it made me interested in all their programs.

How did you keep yourself motivated to keep going?

I kept myself motivated in my fitness journey by taking progress pictures and through the encouragement of the Tone It Up team. I would take progress pictures every month and seeing the difference in my body motivated me to keep up with my fitness journey. Seeing that my body was actually changing made me see that the hard work was paying off. Then there is the TIU team. Sharing this experience with so many other women with the same goals is truly inspirational. The women of this community are so uplifting and want to see you do your best. It’s so motivating!

Did you have any setbacks along the way? If so, how did you overcome them?

I did have some setbacks along the way. I sometimes found my busy schedule getting in the way of getting a daily workout in or eating a healthy meal. I found it’s all about balance and planning. I made it a priority to make time for workouts and meal prepping. Whether it be getting up a 6AM to fit in that morning BootyCall workout or staying up until midnight to finish my meal prep… it’s about making the time.

How has following the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan contributed to your success?

The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan is key to seeing the results you want! I have found that following the Nutrition Plan truly reveals all the hard work I put in during workouts. It has taught me how to fuel my body and that eating healthy has so many options that taste great!


What are you doing now to keep up with your healthy lifestyle?

To keep up with my healthy lifestyle I do the scheduled daily Tone It Up workouts and throw in some extra of my favorite moves. I continue to meal prep lunches and my family fully embraces this new happy healthy lifestyle!

How do you treat yourself while staying on track?

I treat myself with with either cranberry coconut oatmeal cookies or a new workout outfit!

3 Ingredient Cookie recipe-healthy-tone-it-up-3

Add coconut flakes & cranberries to the infamous 3 ingredient cookie!

What is your favorite TIU workout?

My favorite TIU workout is Malibooty!

What advice would you give someone who needs motivation and encouragement to get healthier?

You are worth it! Our bodies are amazing and a healthy lifestyle will help you enjoy all the fun things in life.

The team wants to connect with you! Where can we find you?

My Instagram is TIU_chelseabethfitness

Completely transform your body, build lean muscle and enjoy the healthy, energetic life you’re meant to be living!

Join the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan today!


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  • Jade Logan

    you guys need a payment plan for your TIU plan.

  • Starflykiwi

    Wow, so young to already have two children and be juggling all that but such a great approach to it that really seems to have become a healthy new habit and wow! look at those results!, Definitely inspiration ^.^

  • Erin

    wow! nice work! definitely an inspiration.

  • Lauren Martin

    You look amazing! :D Congrats and great job.

  • Jill @ Champagne for Everyday

    Chelsea looks incredible! I totally agree with the fact that once you start to see results, nothing is more motivating. Which is amazing, because it’s just a big positive cycle of results and satisfaction!!

    xx Jill

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  • Cassie

    She looks wonderful! Fabulous work!