New Year’s Love Your Body Challenge!! ♡


Join thousands of women for the next 6 weeks for the most inspiring and motivating fitness challenge of the year. Get ready to discover a side of you that you never knew existed, a strength deep inside you that is ready to drive you to your dreams and goals and to Love Your Body for Valentine’s Day. You also have a chance to win prizes EVERY WEEK from us & exclusive brands that you will LOVE!!!!

The L♡VE Your Body Challenge!!

This is your official challenge to kickoff 2015… there’s a lot to go through… so get out that calendar, planner, journal and let’s make the next 6 weeks all about giving love to that mind, body and soul!

You’re going to be too hot to handle on Valentine’s Day. We want you to feel so refreshed, energized, confident and beautiful, that NOTHING will stop you. This is going to be an intense 45 days… you’re going to love your new lifestyle. There are going to be times that you don’t want to finish what you started, but remember, you have thousands of women in the Tone It Up Community that have your back. If at any time you feel like giving up– we will lift you up. We all have our days, so remember that!! We are a Tone It Up TEAM- Together Everyone Achieves MORE!

We need your commitment… right now. Your body is the one thing you have your whole life. It is yours- it is beautiful and it depends on you to treat it right.

You will workout harder than you ever have, fully commit to yourself and your dreams, discover a confident side that will be contagious to others and you will be in the best shape of your life for Valentine’s Day. We’re ready for you… are you ready for Y♡U!?!!?

Also, Members of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan will be receiving special newsletters every Thursday with exclusive Love Your Body Tips and a Love Your Body Special Edition COMING within the next two weeks! If you’re not a member yet, Welcome!! see our Tone It Up Plan HERE!

Make sure you sign up here to receive all your fitness & lifestyle challenges, nutrition tips and more! Let’s empower each other!!!

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Where will your Daily Challenges Be?

We’ll be posting daily challenges and motivation on, Instagram on both of our accounts, @KarenaKatrina & @ToneItUp, Facebook and on Twitter. Make sure you’re signed up for the Tone It Up Newsletter too!! The form is up top and below :)

Every day we want you to do something to sweat :) YES, everyday!  Your ‘rest days’ will be a walk, yoga class, your foam roller workout with us – something!  This way it’s still part of your routine and it becomes a habit.  

We’re also Vlogging for Vday… uploading videos of our meals, workouts, checking in with all of you and uploading videos of healthy recipes and tips for the L♡VE Your Body Challenge! Want to vlog with us? Upload it straight from your phone or computer! Hashtag #VLOGforVDAY :)  Subscribe to our YouTube Channel at!

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 7.05.24 AM Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 7.05.43 AM

Where do you Check in?  

Checking in with us and each other is easy!  Check in with each other…


Where are your Daily Workout Challenges?

Weekly workout schedules are posted EVERY SUNDAY so you can plan ahead!

You can easily find your weekly schedule by going to the FITNESS tab at the top of the page!  Go to FITNESS and then weekly schedule.

Also, if you have the Tone It Up iPhone App, you get the daily workout under the SWEAT tab!  As many of you know, we had trouble developing the android app, but a TIU girl is building it for us and she’s almost done!!! How cool!?



What is 100 by VDAY!?

This is the 3rd year in a row that we’re doing 100 miles!!!  Kat and I created #100milesby____ ~ a specific holiday, because it’s so much fun to do these miles together.  It’s motivating knowing we’re all tackling the same amount of miles together by Valentine’s Day!  This is in ADDITION to your toning routines :) You’ve got this hot stuff!

What does 100 miles from NOW until Valentine’s Day equal out to?  It’s an average of 2.2 miles per day.  You can walk them or jog, run, stairmill, swim, elliptical…  you name it!  

*** It only counts toward your 100 miles if it’s Cardiovascular Exercise.  Cardiovascular exercise is defined as using your large muscles (legs, core, total body) over a sustained period of time maintaining a heart rate of over 50% of its maximum level.  We’d like you to train between 60-85% of your max heart rate when you do cardio!  How can you calculate your heart rate?  Feel your pulse and watch a clock pass 10 seconds.  Count how many times your heart beats during those 10 seconds and multiply that number by 6… or you can wear a heart rate monitor!  A lot of machines have a heart rate monitor right on the handles too. We recommend this cute Pink Polar Watch!  We got ours at Kohls :)

Calculate your Target Heart Rate Zone~ To calculate between 60-85%, do the following math….

 1. (220 – your age.)  Now multiply that number by .60

2. (220 – your age.)  Now multiply that number by .85

These metrics are the numbers you should aim for while exercising!

Keep in mind~~~ If you bike or cycle, divide the miles by 3!! :) We don’t want you to do the same thing each day, so remember to mix up your routine. Want to go to a dance class for an hour? That counts as ‘3 miles’! Average 30 minutes intense = 3 miles. 45 minutes moderate = 3 miles. 1 hour low intensity = 3 miles. Write down how many miles you do every day~  Together, this community will do over 10 million miles!  That’s a whole lot of love for your heart and body ;) Hashtag is #100byVDay

  • Biking: Divide your miles by 3. ex. 9 miles = 3 miles
  • Swimming: multiply by 3! ex. 1 mile swim = 3 miles
  • Beach Babe DVD: 40 minute HIIT = 4 miles!

More advanced TIU girl?  We challenge you to #150byVDay!!! (download your chart here) That’s an average of 3.3 miles per day.  Do not run them every day.  Remember to mix in spin class, boxing, biking, stairs, elliptical!!

Here are a couple charts for you to print and keep track of your results!  We love checking off workouts and miles in a calendar or on our fridge!

Download your 100 miles chart HERE!  The 150 chart is HERE! (right click to download)




journal-your-goalsGoal setting… of course! :) We want you to journal your resolutions for 2015! Write out where you want to be by Valentine’s Day.  How do you want to feel? What do you see when you look in the mirror? What will you have accomplished? What is truly standing in your way to reach this? How can you overcome it? How can you make this your commitment for the next 6 weeks?  Map out how you will make this 6 weeks of progress and change. What are your common downfalls? Food choices? Weekend events? Pressing snooze in the morning and missing your workout? Write them down and decide how you’re going to improve.

List 5 things that you absolutely love about your body.  Remember that it works hard for you every day!  Your heart, mind, legs, arms… core!  All of it. Share your top 5 things you Love About your Body with us using #TIUteam

Get organized!  Set yourself up for success. We’re setting out 3 outfits for workouts the rest of this week.  We’re also packing our gym bag with everything we need.  Today is also a great day to go grocery shopping and clean out that fridge and pantry!  See all of your nutrition tips below for the challenge!

Take your before pictures!  Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle tone, get stronger or to just feel better, taking before pictures are a great way to track progress.  It’s more accurate than looking at the scale!  You can see the difference, especially with muscle tone.  Read how to take a great before picture HERE!  We just posted it this week!  Add the hashtag #TIUtransformation :)



Print out your January Calendar! Download the high res HERE! (right click to download)

Team up~ Ask a couple people to join you for workouts this week :)

Share the Love! Tell one friend a compliment about their body and what you love about them!

Body language not only for the people around you, but for YOU!  We want you to focus on your posture and body language over the next 6 weeks.  We’ll remind you a lot! Lead your life with your heart!!!  Shoulders back, your head high, your core long and a natural curve in your lower back.  Having beautiful posture will not only make you feel strong and confident, it will give you the power to take on every single day!!

Work on your self talk.  This is so important ~ Women can be critical, not only of other women, but of themselves. We want to change that!! Be kind to yourself.  Tell yourself how beautiful you are every morning– how you can make anything happen and how today is the first day of the rest of your life to make your dreams happen.  Anytime you catch yourself saying anything negative about yourself (quietly or out loud– even if it’s a little joke) stop and say something so fantastic about yourself that you may blush.  In turn, you’ll make better decisions in treating your body the way it deserves to be treated!  If you catch a friend doing the same – compliment her!

TONE-IT-UP-BOOTY-CALLLove your heart!  The one thing that truly works hard for us every day is our heart.  We can’t see it when we look in the mirror, but it’s there!! Beating for you! Every morning, we want you to feel your heart beat for one minute.  Close your eyes and feel it beating.  Remind yourself to take good care of it.  It’s depending on you!  Nutrition, workouts and low stress = happy heart.  Every Tone It Up Tuesday we want you to record how many times it beats per minute.  Record that number and write it down.  This is your resting heart rate!  This will improve over the next 6 weeks, even by one beat.  As you treat your body better, it won’t have to work as hard at rest.  Tweet us your resting heart rate #RHR

Set your alarm at least 4 times a week for your Booty Call®… did you know  research shows that the more you wake up for your Booty Call, the more your body adjusts and you’ll feel more awake every time you do it! You can become a morning person within two weeks with your new habit. Also, the more consistently you workout, the more efficient your body is at using fat for fuel. Bonus :)  Read about the TIU Booty Call HERE!

One more thing… think of something you’re going to reward yourself with on Valentine’s Day! Whether it’s girls night out, date night with a special someone, a new outfit, a relaxing getaway, something you’ve been wanting to do for yourself or even a promise that by Valentine’s Day, you’re going to pursue something you’ve been dreaming of and it’s finally time to make it happen!


♡ This is also how you will be winning prizes! …

– Complete each workout and challenge we give you!

– Check in with us once you complete your challenges.  You can check in with a picture or text through the #TIUapp, community, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. This keeps us all accountable.  See below for all of the links!

Tag @ToneItUp and hashtags to include are…

All check-ins include #TIUteam & #TIULoveYourBody (#LoveYourBody has become a little busy with other posts on Instagram!) Make sure you include #TIUteam though so we can see your check ins!

For your workouts- #ToneItUp and your cardio ~ #100byVday

Video check-in… #VlogforVDay :)

Journal your nutrition everyday- either in the community, your phone, calendar, or a diary.  Keeping a diary is the best way to stay honest with yourself– what you’re taking in your body and what you’re doing to love it! (We’re working on a Tone It Up Journal, thanks to all of your requests!!)

*** Also, if your Instagram or Twitter are private, we can’t see your check ins! You can make a Tone It Up specific account~ ex. TIUbre :) Make sure your photos aren’t private, so we can see your check ins along with the whole team!

Links and details you need to know for the challenge…


Community Social Media Icon Pink -The community is where you can create a Tone It Up Profile, journal and check-in.  It’s more private than other social media sites, so you can post away in there!!  You can also connect with other members in here under the Groups tab!

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 3.28.12 PM

Instagram Logo Pink

Instagram/ToneItUp  – This is where we post daily motivation, exclusive contest info, featured members, featured check ins from YOU and more!  – This is our personal instagram where we post our workouts, daily lives and behind the scenes of Tone It Up.    We recommend creating an Instagram profile with ‘TIU’ in the name- ex.  TIUKate

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 3.28.12 PM

Twitter Logo Pink

Twitter/ToneItUp  – This is where you can see realtime updates, news and links to the latest and greatest Tone It Up.  We also RT great check ins and testimonials from YOU! :) 

Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 3.28.12 PM

Facebook Logo Pink

Facebook   – Facebook is an amazing place for you to check in and connect with other members.  We also post daily challenges from the blog on Facebook!

 Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 3.28.12 PM


What about Nutrition?

Join our Tone It Up Nutrition Plan and membership!  Nutrition is just as important as exercise- if not more, for disease prevention, weight control, energy & vitality!  It’s time to fully commit to your health and future!

When you join, you’ll also receive the Love Your Body EDITION that’s special to the plan!  It’s full of Superfoods and recipes to love your body with!  Members also receive special newsletters every Thursday with exclusive recipes and tips!  

MEMBERS- PLEASE NOTE!  This is the Love Your Body Edition that comes as part of your downloads!  If you have joined in the last year, you should have already received it :)


Cheers girls!! Happy New Year!!! LETS DO THIS :)


Have you shared the challenge with your friends? Your first challenge last week was to ask someone to do it with you!

Comment below with what you’re most excited about!!!

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    • Kelsey

      I just got a FitBook from and it is AMAZING. I am obsessed with it. It starts with a 12 week goal page, then there is a page for the start of each week, then individual pages for each day within the 12 weeks. It is littler than a normal planner so it is really easy to carry around. Each day lists your workouts, water, how you were feeling, food, hours of sleep, and notes. I highly recommend it! The week pages are for higher level planning like your meals for the week and basic planned workouts (plus your goals for the week and how you will reward yourself).

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      • Dana

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