Frisky Fall Fitness Challenge ~ Week 2 Schedule!

Hey Frisky Challengers!! Hope you’re all having an amazing weekend!  From all of your check-ins… it looks like you’re kicking some serious booty :) We’re making the schedule live tonight, because in the morning we’re doing the Malibu Triathlon!!! See our photos and behind the scenes pis on our instagram at!! And guess who’s doing it!?!?! Kat!!!! We can’t wait to share the day with you on our YouTube channel too~ make sure to subscribe there to see when we upload videos at

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What’s coming for the Frisky Fall Challenge!?

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  • Lifestyle Challenges
  • Prizes for checking in with the hashtag #FriskyFall
  • New workouts
  • Accountability
  • #100byHalloween Challenge!!! See tomorrow’s post :)

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You’ve all done incredible!!! This week’s #FriskyFall check-in winners are…

Brianna on the Community
Rachel on the Community
@TIUJulie14 on Instagram
Hailey T, @HALO_TIU on Instagram
Amy @amyreneesmith17 on Twitter

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  Frisky Fall Week 1 Prizes




✓ INSANE Cardio!

Start your day with a metabolism boosting workout… Your INSANE Cardio Routine!

Who's going to go INSANE with the new #FriskyFall Cardio!?!!

Count the routine below as 3 miles towards your 100 by Halloween Challenge!

To download your printable~ right click this LINK and choose ‘SAVE AS!’

If you’re unsure what ‘Plyo Lunges are… we did them in your 40 minute HIIT workout in your Beach Babe DVD!! It’s where you’re in a lunge position, soft knees at about 90 degrees… controlled and with force, explode up and switch legs and land softly on your feet.  Your front foot should be flat and facing forward and your back toe should be down (heel up) and acting as a stabilizer.

*** Also, if you’d prefer not to run, you can do the cardio on a machine or on the stairs!  Keep the intensity levels and modify the moves so they’re best for YOU! :) Remember to take 30-60 second breaks between your HIIT sets!

Untitled 3

 After that ah-mazing cardio session, tone those gorgeous arms… 

 Want to jam out to your own music during the workout!? Click HERE for the music free version of your BIKINI ARMS workout!

Download your printable HERE ~ Just Right Click and Select “Save Link As…”

PM CHALLENGE: Spend 10 minutes visualizing yourself achieving your #FriskyFall goals! Watch how you feel during this process… focus on feeling excited and like it’s ACTUALLY happening! Visualization is something we believe in, and it’s a tool used by pro athletes too! Find more tips to help you reach your goals HERE!



✓ Yoga & Running!

Booty Call: Wake Up and Run. Complete 2 miles towards your 100 by Halloween challenge!


After your run or anytime today, relax and lengthen your body with yoga…

PM Challenge: Check in with a photo of your healthy #TIUapproved dinner tonight! We love seeing your delicious, Lean Clean N’ Green meals!

The TIU Ginger Carrot Soup

The Carrot Ginger Soup from the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan paired with a simple kale salad! 

Check in with us in the community at!


Wild on Wednesday

✓ Hump Day HIIT & Booty!

Sometime today, we want you to complete your brand NEW Hump Day HIIT Routine, coming out today! Watch out… you’re going to LOVE it!! ♡ It’s a DOOZY!

 In addition to your NEW HIIT routine, tone & firm that BOOTY with your Thailand Tush routine…

Your printable is HERE!!! Right Click and Select “Save Link As…”

PM Challenge: Get Wild! Sign up or commit to something new! Have you always wanted to take a paining class? Love the idea of knowing how to dance the tango? Have you been thinking about signing up for that race?  This is your chance to take the plunge…

Don’t wait until you’re ready. Never put off living until things are just right. Start now. Start today! 

Let us know what new activity you’re committing too on Instagram, Twitter & in the Community with the hashtags #FriskyFall & #TIUTeam

You can also find Tone It Up Team Members in your area!! Sign up TOGETHER!! You can meet other girls in the Groups in the community at & on instagram with the hashtag #TIUmeetup!


Our beautiful ToneItUp girls~ #TIUmeetup :)


✓ Double Abs!

Booty Call: Complete two miles of cardio, anyhow! Count them towards your #100byHalloween challenge.

See some of our favorite cardio routines HERE!

Your Frisky Fall cardio routine counts for 3 miles…


First AB Challenge: BIKINI ABS!

Get ready to feel energized, strong and sexy with these incredible AB defining moves…

Want to jam out to your own music during the workout!? Click HERE for the music free version of your BIKINI ABS routine!

Download your on-the-go printable HERE! Just Right Click and select “Save Link As…”

Second AB Challenge: LOVE your Abs with Katrina!

Download your printable HERE. Just Right Click and select ‘Save Link As…”

PM Challenge: Try a new juice, smoothie or dinner recipe! Try something from you Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!

Make sure to check-in and let us know what NEW recipe you whip up! #FriskyFall & #TIUTeam



✓ Full-body Frisky Friday!

Today is all about toning, sculpting and fine toning your TOTAL BODY!

Complete the two routines below back-to-back and remember to include 2 miles of cardio sometime today towards your #100byHalloween challenge!

This do-anywhere Quickie Workout can be completed with a set of 5-8 lb dumbbells AND it will work your entire body!

Download your printable HERE! Just Right Click and select “Save Link As…”

Your Crop Top Routine!!


Download your on-the-go printable HERE! Just Right Click & select “Save Link As…”


Set the alarm on your phone to go off every hour throughout the day. When it rings, write down one new thing you are grateful or happy about in your life. I can be anything!!

Can't wait to share all of the routines we filmed today!! You're going to

Saturday & Sunday

✓ Stretching & 5K!


Press play on your Beach Babe 2 DVD for a relaxing Sunset Stretch! This yoga inspired routine is the best way to end the day, or anytime in between—get ready to feel centered, positive and inspired!

Your Beach Babe DVD includes 9 amazing workouts designed by us, your trainers. Find out more in the video below…


Every week during Frisky Fall we challenge you to complete a 5K on Sunday Runday ~ that’s just 3.1 miles.

Today’s challenge is to run, walk or jog a 5K at your own pace. Use your phone or a stop watch to see how long it takes you and record your time. Prepare to see yourself improving and getting stronger in the coming weeks! Share your progress with the hashtag #TIU5K & #100byHalloween


  PM CHALLENGE: Prep for the week ahead by making a few healthy meals! These 4 Comforting Fall Soups are ideal to whip up ahead of time!

Comforting Fall Soups

  • Nikki van Haperen

    love this weeks challenge again ,and thank you so much for posting it so early xoxo

  • HiraDanish

    <3 <3 love it

  • ioanna tsap

    thank you soooo much for posting it so early!!! I live in Greece witch is 10 hours ahead of you!!! and I really loved to have more time to plan my week!!!!! I love the new challenges and I can’t wait for the new HIIT routine!!! I don’t know if you saw my request on the community but that was it!!!!!! thank you K&K!!!!! <3

  • Susan Johns

    Hey ladies! I have a question; I frequently shuffle around the schedule to fit my daily routine a bit better, but still including the proper workouts and cardio (just different days or combinations). Is it still possible to be a check-in winner as long as I am doing the daily cardio and toning, even if it’s different than what’s posted?

    Thanks for the early schedule, and good luck during the triathlon!! You girls will kill it! :)

    • toneitupcom

      Yes! Just be sure to hashtag #FriksyFall! Show us your healthy Tone It Up meals too!! xoxo

  • VivMa

    Thank you for posting it early! I really appreciate it! It makes planning my week a lot easier. I can plan my workouts and get the food I need for the week :) I think a lot of the tiu girls would benefit from you posting the schedule early, especially the tiu girls that live abroad :)

  • Christina

    I love that this is posted early! It helps a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karena Rohloff Angelidis

    do you girls do the workouts1x through or 3x? sometimes they say and other times it just says complete the video/printable. Thanks!

  • Julia

    I just finished the Bikini arms workout and because i didnt have any weights i used canned tomatoes and did 30 reps of each instead of 10… my arms are like jelly!! Love your workouts! Being a stay at home mum who lives out of town these workouts are really good! I’m not even going to bother going back to the gym, i’m just going to buy some heavy weights and do these workouts :D THANK YOU :)

  • Aniek Van Damme

    I was so surprised to see it online so early! Great!!! Thanks!

  • Shelbi Gustafson

    Just finished this workout for today! Worn out but feels so good!!