Soak up the ☀ Sun: Your WEEKLY Fitness Schedule!


All week long we want you to soak up the sun and enjoy the amazing things this season has to offer ~ carefree beach days, longer nights and impromptu get-togethers!

We hope you had a fun holiday weekend! Katrina and I enjoyed the beach, swimming, friends & fireworks :) We love looking through your #TIUjuly hashtags!

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Some of you were asking on instagram~ Kat’s watermelon top is from Nasyt Gal HERE & my star one-piece is from Planet Blue

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Have you downloaded your July Motivation Calendar yet!? 

Post it somewhere you’ll see it everyday! Right Click HERE and select “Save Link As…” to download your July Calendar.  Hashtag #TIUjuly with your check ins!!

July Motivation Calendar!


✓ Cardio & Bounce Back!

After a fun filled weekend, it’s important to get back on track! Prepare to get your metabolism in high gear with this Fat Burning Treadmill workout! Give it your all, beach babe! 

Need music to get you energized? Us too!! Listen to some of our favorite songs in your Motivation Playlist!  We just updated it with some new songs :)

Download your Printable HERE. Right Click and select “Save Link As…”

Tonight, press play on your Beach Babe 2 DVD for your Sunset Stretch Routine. Elongating yoga moves like these are a wonderful way to center your body, and recommit to your healthy lifestyle. 


For an extra boost, take a look at these 5 tips on how to Bounce Back!

Bounce Back Smoothie

  • 1 cup kale
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 3 strawberries
  • 4 fresh mint sprigs
  • pinch of ginger
  • 1 tbs psyllium husk
  • 1 tbs wheatgrass or green superfood powder
  • 1/2 cup fresh coconut water
  • Scoop of Vanilla Perfect Fit Protein

Blend all ingredients, pour, sip and enjoy!


✓ Abs & Arms!

Wake up with 30 minutes of cardio! Run away from your house for 15 minutes and then, run back! 

Next, define beautiful abs & arms with your Take Me To The Sea Workout!

Keep this one in your back pocket, beach babes! It’s just what you need before you put that bikini on!

Take me to the sea pinterest bikini series tone it up workout

Download your printable HERE! Just right click and select “Save Link As…”

We like using 8-15 lb. How can you know the best weight to use? You should be able to go through the set with proper form, with the last three reps feeling challenging. Try different weights to see which works best for you… and watch yourself get stronger!

Send your midsection some extra love with your Sunkissed Abs routine from your Beach Babe DVD!


Get sleek and sexy bikini ready abs with Karena! This is one waist cinching core routine you’ll never forget—and one all your friends will want to know about too! Order your DVD or download your digital copies of the Beach Babe DVD here!


Wild on Wednesday

✓ Legs & Booty!

Morning Booty Call ~ Wake up and move with 30 minutes of cardio, your choice!

Need suggestions? Take a look here! 

Now, firm, tone and cinch that BOOTY! Today’s workouts are designed to leave you looking smokin’ hot in your short-shorts!

Download your on-the-go printable is HERE!!! Right Click and Select “Save Link As…”

I created your Daisy Dukes Routine specifically to work every angle of your tantalizing tush!! These moves will define your backside while sculpting your gorgeous legs.


Download your printable HERE. Just Right Click and select “Save As Link…”


✓ Yoga & Cardio!

Wake up by the ocean with this lengthening Beach Yoga routine! 

End the day with a friend and sunset run together!

Show us where you run on Instagram & Twitter with the hashtag #TIUJuly! 


✓ Abs & Arms

Long & Lean Bikini Routine!

Download your Printable Routine HERE! Right Click and select “Save Link As…”

Sleek & Slender Abs with Karena!

Right click HERE and select ‘Save File As..’ to download and share your printable routine! <3


Saturday & Sunday

✓ Kettlebells & Cardio!


Are you going to be in the Las Vegas area this weekend!? Join us to celebrate the launch of our Oakley Tone It Up Sunglass line! Details below…

Vegas Meet Up Tone It Up

Lift your booty, strengthen your entire core and sculpt your arms with the Love Your Body with Kettlebells routine! New to  Kettlebells? Start with 10-15 lb and work your way up from there. If you don’t have a Kettlebell, use a 10-15 lb dumbbell. Go through this routine one time through. Feeling energized? Do it twice!

Download your PRINTABLE HERE! Just Right Click and select “SAVE AS LINK…”


End the week with a 3 mile run! Focus on your breath, and on creating an amazing week to come…



  • Juststopcrying

    Does anybody know where the stretch out routines are?

  • Jessica

    #Summerseries check in…Hey ladies, its been awhile since my last check in but ive been at the beach living on island time but now its back to business and hope everyone had a great 4th of July…keep up the hard work girls xoxo

  • phemfit

    Here’s this week’s printables. A TIU member requested for the #5DSD to be added for this week. So it’s included for all 7 days, just in case you don’t start the slim down on a Monday.

    Sorry for the delay I had a long break from work and did not come back until today.

    Hope everyone is keeping hydrated!

    • Meghan

      Thanks, Girl!! These are amazing! Really help me stay on track.

    • Courteny

      These really are amazing! Do you print yours out?

      • phemfit

        Yes. I put them in my TIU Binder.

    • Jackie Fraser

      Oh my gosh this is AMAZING!! Do you do this every week?

      • phemfit

        Yes. I continued making them even after the Bikini Series.

    • Dani Nelson

      I also had not seen these before and am so excited about them! They are amazing!

    • Candi

      I have to say, phemfit……..This is so generous of you to do. These printables are amazing!! It makes it so much easier to plan my weekly workouts, and they are so beautiful! Now that I have discovered you do this every week, I will be addicted and printing them up every week. Thank you so much for doing this, it must take so much work!

  • Tasha

    Where on earth did Karena get her amazing orange top in the first picture at the top? Amazing.

  • Emma

    Really beautiful to walk to gym after work tonight, run for half an hour, walk home and do the yoga routine for Thursday :) Thanks Karena :)

  • Sara Evers

    I love the Daisy Duke workout! I’ve also been doing the Jump Your Heart Out and Wild Child routines. So into jump roping right now since it’s so hot in San Diego– It’s nice to find a shady spot and stay cool while doing those intervals. I would love to see more jump rope routines. Cheers! <3

  • Juststopcrying

    That coconut move for Friday’s workout is NO JOKE!!! Thank you guys soo much. #TIUJuly!