Love Your Body Series WINNERS!

This year’s Love Your Body Series™ was a huge success! Thousands of women participated and started off this year like no other. You set goals, supported one another, achieved things you never thought possible, learned about yourself… and most of all, you fell in love with your body!

NOW is the time to appreciate all that your body does for you every single day.  ♡ Your heart, muscles and mind make up a body that counts on you to treat it right. It’s brilliant and beautiful.

Winners will receive ~

LYB Prize Collage

Everyone who submitted a story won more than we could ever gift: confidence, empowerment, appreciation, love, determination and resilience!

In NO particular order~ here are the 2014 Winners of the Love Your Body Series. We’re so proud of this team and can’t even put into words how extraordinary you all are… 



“This challenge helped me create THE BEST start to 2014. Within 7 weeks I have reached milestones I didn’t know I could! I ran my first 10K, I created a friendship that will last a lifetime, I even had the courage to post my before photo. It means SO MUCH to me to be seen as an inspiration and a leader in this community. I also shared a personal story with the TIU Community on Instagram: February 12 was the 9th anniversary of the death of my sister. It amazed me and brought me to tears to read the beautiful words of encouragement these women had to offer me on my day of mourning. This community is MORE than just a fitness group. We all love each other and lift each other up when needed. It is so empowering.”





“The past six weeks have been a beautiful culmination of facing fears, overcoming insecurities, and enjoying the woman I was made to be. This series I have gained a “passionate affection” for my body. I am amazed by what it can do, in awe of the allure I possess, and am able to see other women as beautiful and healthy ‘sisters’ instead of competition. Results are the aftermath of consistency. It comes with an understanding of what motivates and inspires you. I have learned to make goals and achieve them, but to also enjoy the process and find the joy in the journey, admiring myself every step of the way. This series was a process of cultivating habits, increasing growth in myself and seeing myself for who I am: beautiful.”




Adria Tone It Up Success

“From the day my Dad was diagnosed Stage IV Brain Cancer until the date until he passed away on August 11, 2013, I focused all of my time and efforts on my father and family— eating clean and exercising fell to the back burner. When I had to get my physical for my health insurance in November 2013, I realized I had really lost focus on my own health. I decided to purchase the Tone it Up Nutrition Plan and start on the Love Your Body Challenge to make myself a priority again in 2014. I’m amazed in the improvement I was able to make in my health in the short six weeks of the program.

One of my goals was to improve my running endurance to run in a race to raise money for brain cancer research in honor of my father—with 100 running miles under my belt, I’m well on my way! People have made positive comments on my body, how my clothes are fitting more loosely, but most importantly I feel healthy. By exercising and eating clean, I have now made myself a priority again. Thank you Tone it Up!”




There once was a girl 
Who wanted to give life a whirl 
When she found Tone It Up 
She did a little twirl. 

She loved to work out
But had serious doubts
Instead of a pout
She thought “check TIU now!”

‘Love Your Body’ was what it said
And she thought of things she’d shed
Negative thoughts couldn’t be spread
She’d need to love herself instead!

The journey began at the New Year
She decided to face all her fears
With each workout she gave a cheer!
Her journey was no longer unclear.

She bought the awesome nutrition plan
And everyday she ran and ran
She said to herself, “yes I can!”
Instantly she became a TIU fan!

One day at work during the LYB series
She decided to test her theory
The day was bland and dreary
And she was becoming very weary

She was working hard file after file
Why not find a way to smile
One lunge, one squat, one leg lift per file
She made quick work of that big pile

(And felt each exercise was so worthwhile!)

It’s hard to explain what TIU has done
The company is next to none!
These past seven weeks have been fun!
My new self-confidence means I’ve already won :)

The nutrition plan helps me eat clean
And love everything that’s green!
The 7-down slim-down makes me feel lean
And constantly want to be seen!

Thank you so much to K&K
Your inspiration helps me each day
One day maybe I’ll get to say “hey!”
Your whole team paves the way

Every morning I hear your voices, not so small
In the “Booty booty booty booty!” wake-up call
After the workout I can’t help but stand tall

You’ve got a TIU member in me for the long haul.




“The LYB Challenge kicked things up a notch for me to make a real commitment to better myself and make 2014 my best year ever!  I am thrilled that I was able to reach all of my short-term goals! One person that has been vital to this whole process is my workout partner, Jocelyn! It’s thanks to the TIU Boston community that we were able to connect! Jocelyn and I get up early every weekday to do our BootyCall together, and long runs on Saturday as we train for our first half marathon. I’ve discovered that my body is capable of things I never thought were possible, such as running 8 miles non-stop last Saturday when I couldn’t run more than 2 minutes straight just 6 months ago. I also lost 12 lb during the challenge and gained a ton of confidence!”



Elspeth Tone It Up Success!

“Like most people, I began the New Year with hopes of starting the best year ever and 2014 was no different. The biggest difference is that I truly believe I can MAKE this year the best year ever. The Love Your Body Challenge sparked my interest and kept me going for 7 weeks. Before this challenge I had never ran a mile in my life, and simply believed I just couldn’t run. I’m no track star, but I no longer believe that I can’t do it, because I ran more than 100 miles by Valentines Day! I’m not only more toned but I feel more energized and happier with myself than ever before!



Tone It Up Success Annie!Tone It Up Success, Annie!

“During the Love Your Body Challenge I realized everything I thought before was backwards. I thought if I lost weight and looked ‘better’ that I would feel good about myself. This challenge taught me beauty starts from within. I started every day  looking in the mirror and saying one positive thing. With this perspective, everything fell into place. I started to treat my body the way it should be treated by exercising and filling it with clean food. I lost weight, stayed motivated ever and most importantly, I became happier!” 




“From the very first day of the challenge, I felt amazing changes within myself. I felt like I had a purpose. I took advantage of every challenge to be true to myself and get back to the girl that had been hiding. I don’t want to be the fat nurse this year when I start my career, and Tone it Up and the LYB Challenge have shown me that I will not be. I met all of my goals for the challenge: lost 5 lb and a pants size, I took care of my skin that I sometimes take for granted, I increased my dumbbell weight twice, I toned all of the major muscle groups that I wanted plus some (sexy shoulders and back) and  I put myself first for once. I can’t express how thankful I am for Tone It Up and the entire community.”




Tone It Up Success, Breena!

“This is the first time in 5 years that I’ve exercised every day for over 47 days straight. It’s hard to explain how big of a deal that is. Before the LYB series I struggled with the fact that I had gained nearly 60 lb in college. Completing this challenge is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. During the LYB series, I lost 8lbs and nearly a pant size. I gained a lot too, like the tools, support, and confidence to be the best me possible in all areas of my life and for that, I am so thankful to K&K and the TIU community.”


Alyssa D.

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“I’ve gained a peace and joy inside of me that radiates a grateful heart to everyone I encounter. Most important, I’ve learned to love my body from the inside out by feeding it proper fuel and embracing an attitude of gratitude. The results that came from all of this changed my life. I lost 9 pounds and 9.5 inches all around. But, I am more pleased about how the series changed me on the inside. I’ve embraced yoga, I feel joy in everything I do, and I literally feel like I’m glowing every day.”




“On December 31st, I was sitting on my parent’s couch not excited for 2014. Unhappy, lonely and uncomfortable in my own skin – it felt like rock bottom. Many years ago my heart was broken, and I’ve been carrying that pain around with me ever since. When a friend suggested I try this challenge I figured it would be a good start and a step in the right direction. I never imagined it would take on a whole life of it’s own. Now, I am sleeping better, my jeans are fitting better and most importantly I feel more confident and comfortable in myself. Since the challenge I’ve started cooking… and running! At first it felt awkward and like I didn’t have the right body type, yet by week 3 I was running three miles without stopping! I finally feel ready to have the life I always wanted and I can’t wait!”


Alyssa J.

Tone It Up Success, Alyssa!

The Love Your Body Challenge gave me my spark back.  Without Karena & Katrina’s enthusiasm and the incredible motivation the TIU community provides, I’m not sure I could have – or would have – stayed on track, but that’s what makes Tone It Up unlike any other program in the world! I completed 100 miles by Valentine’s Day, worked my tail off toning and ate off the plan at least 80% of the time. Since January 1 I’ve lost 12 pounds and several inches, but more important is what I’ve gained; My confidence, drive, and sense of self are at all-time highs. I’ve also realized I’m more effective in the office when I make time for myself outside the office. I can’t wait to see this group of incredible women conquer 2014!”



Tone It Up Success, Sarah!

“Six months after my wedding, I fell into old habits, gained 20 pounds over the next year and literally would cry myself to sleep on how unhappy I was with my body. I was even embarrassed about my weight around my husband. Then I realized…what am I doing? I really kicked it off with the Love Your Body challenge and set my goals for 2014. In just 6 short weeks, I am back to me again. No more crying, no more being ashamed of wearing that tight dress and feeling more comfortable and confident in my own skin. From Jan. 1 to Feb. 14, I lost a total of 11 pounds, and lost 2 inches on my waist, my hips and my thighs. And no more flabby arms! I can feel the muscles in my abs, legs and arms. Amazing feeling!




“It all started when  our receptionist at work asked me if I was pregnant. I was wearing a black, flowy top and I never considered how it fit my stomach. I was mortified. This challenge introduced me to loving my body again. I wrote down my goals at the beginning of the year and I nailed them all. My favorite goal I achieved was to see my biceps! I have muscles! I’ve lost weight and inches! As of yesterday I was down almost 15 pounds! I gained confidence and support from this challenge. I’m now an active participant at my gym’s barre and Pilates reformer classes. I wouldn’t have done that three months ago!




 “Last fall I was diagnosed with a rare form of lung cancer and lost most of my right lung. In December I found out that I am cancer free (woohoo!) and The Love Your Body challenge could not have been more fitting for me, because after going through cancer, that is exactly what I needed, to learn to love my body again. Each day of the challenge, I looked forward to the new routine…With one good lung, cardio was a challenge and while recovering from surgery, I lost a lot of my strength. After my surgery, I was only able to walk about 3 houses down the street and back before becoming tired, so 2.2 miles per day was a goal to work toward. I got on the treadmill each day and worked at it, slowly adding more time and increasing my speed. Even though it took me the entire challenge, I finally hit 2.2 miles jogging on the treadmill!! My body now feels stronger than ever and I can actually hold myself up with my right arm again! These things might seem insignificant to some, but after being sick so long, it means the world to me. The Love Your Body challenge became my Stay Cancer Free plan and I can’t thank the Tone It Up community enough.”




“What I took away from the Love Your Body challenge is probably different than most. When I was eighteen, I had surgery to have a brain tumor removed on my balance nerve… I had to deal with temporary facial paralysis as an 18 year old girl–that lasted over eight months! I stopped smiling and I lost all sense of feeling beautiful. Although I have mostly healed from the process, my smile is no longer the way it used to be and I struggled with it every day as a constant reminder of a bad time during my life. But, every day I read the Tone It Up calendar and felt loved. Whether it be from an inspirational quote, or a challenge telling me to go out and wear red lipstick and OWN it, each day allowed me to build more confidence. So what if my smile is no longer symmetric? I am a VALUABLE person who is going to continue and change the world every, single day!




“The Love Your Body challenge has been incredible. I’ve noticed so many changes in my body, but more importantly I have learned the value of taking care of my heart. I’ve spent my life trying to change my body when all I needed to do was change the words I say to myself. The moment I stopped pressuring myself to ‘lose weight’ and started taking care of my body I noticed more positive changes than ever before.  During  the Love Your Body series I learned how to compliment myself instead of criticizing myself. I now understand that it is more important to focus on learning new skills and achieving new goals, rather than trying to lose weight. I’ve learned how important it is to share the joy of being healthy and happy with others. Even though this series is over I will continue to exercise daily, and I will continue to spread this love I now have for myself to my friends and family, and help them to love themselves more each day. I have a new energy, a renewed love for myself, and a new sense of hope for my future!”



Rehersal and now “I married the man of my dreams in August. My wedding was everything I envisioned, except one thing, I didn’t look or feel how I wanted to. I never realized how much my weight impacted my entire life. Not only was I mortified of my appearance when I got back my wedding photos but I saw how depressed I was. January 1st I began my lifestyle revolution. I honestly find it hard to put into words what this series has meant to me. I began weighing 163.4 pounds at 5’4.  February 14 I finished the LYB series at 148.4 pounds, 15 lb gone! I look at myself in the mirror every morning with amazement and pride, especially with my goal of 100 miles by Valentine’s Day exceeded! I have strength I never dreamed my body could have.




“This challenge helped me really love myself, and others more! With clothes on I didn’t really look fat, but without them I had a big belly. I hated that, and always said mean things about myself. During this challenge I tried to be kind to myself, while eating healthy and exercising. It made me feel good about myself, so there the loving began. The motivations, tips and workouts from Tone It Up helped a lot. In the past 7 weeks I’ve lost 11 pounds. I realize that when you love your body, you take better care of  yourself. I feel fresh and lovable after the challenge, and others can see that and it makes me very happy!”



Susanna Pirola LYB 2014 challenge
“This challenge had some unexpected and amazing effects! It changed my body and my lifestyle: Booty Calls, fruit & veggies, morning smoothies, and lunch break runs are a daily must now. I am a new person, I feel healthier, younger and stronger… My enthusiasm for Tone It Up also inspired my husband! The plan helped him try new workouts and discover how strong his body can be! He now runs every day and is becoming our Tone It Up recipe master chef! Thanks K&K and all the girls in the Community for the support! A bikini ready body is a great goal, but a new, healthy lifestyle for the whole family is even greater!” 


Congratulations to this year’s winners!! You’re all a huge inspiration to this entire team. We want to thank every single one of the thousand women who participated in this challenge, Checked in daily, and shared their journey with us ~ YOU made this year’s Love Your Body Series the best yet!! Each story we read uplifted us. We couldn’t be more proud of this incredible team of strong, beautiful women!!


Your Dedicated Trainers,
Karena & Katrina


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