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tone it up logo release

Welcome to your new!  Notice anything different? ; )  All new design with organized categories, new functionality & MORE Lifestyle content!  It’s officially 3am right now and we can’t sleep!! We’re just so excited for you to all wake up to this big surprise!  We’ll be filming a video this week to show you all the new sections of your site.

The new Tone It Up~ This is all so you can live the Tone It Up Lifestyle, easier with more motivation, inspiration, workouts, recipes & most of all…. with more connections in this incredible community 

Thanks to all of you for all of your feedback~ we hope this is the best site for you and your goals.  It doesn’t stop here either… we’re already working on some big projects for you in the community and something special for Members of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan.

Show us your FIRST reaction to the site!!!  #TIUselfie on instagram : )

xoxo K&K


Here you’ll find a community of women, of all ages, inspiring and supporting one another to live the life of their dreams; healthy and happy.  Explore the site, get to know other team members, download free workouts, print delicious recipes, find inspiration and get ready to tone it up with us, your trainers, Karena and Katrina :)



  • First, Sign UP for FREE to receive workouts, recipes & motivation! You will immediately receive a Welcome Pack with our top fitness tips, favorite slimming recipes & a toning workout!


A lot of women make twitter names for TIU.  Ex. TIUkate or KateTonesItUp :)

  • Upgrade to our Premium Tone It Up Team Membership!  The official Tone It Up Nutrition Program.  Over 160 pages of how we eat, our method of toning up, meals and recipes.  Member’s only group in the community, weekly motivation mail & special member offers!



We look forward to seeing you in the community!

Your dedicated trainers,

Karena & Katrina

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How much do you LOVE your new Tone It Up!?  

  • Jeanine

    Congrates ladies!! The site looks amazing! So excited. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • Alaina

    This is amaze! Love it

  • Courtney

    Amazing!!! Love it! :)

  • Kathleen Belden

    Looks great! Thanks girls for all of your hard work on this!!

  • Kari Youngblood

    Looks great! :)

  • Chloe

    Looks awesome! When does your show on bravo start coming on?

    • Betty

      What show? Are k and K gonna be on tv?!

      • Chloe

        Yup! It’s gonna be exciting! :D

        • Betty

          Awesome! How did you find out? I only started following them two months ago. Are they gonna have a fitness show or something?

          • Chloe

            I found out from some of the other TIU girls on instagram. It hasn’t come on yet but it should soon! It’s going to be on Bravo channel

  • Asia

    LOVE IT! You ladies are amazing! xo

  • Hillary Begger

    This Is SOOOOO perfect!!!

  • Roxy

    Love it! Beautiful design!

  • Emily Louise

    Aha!! I’ve suspected you gals would come out with a site redesign sooner or later! It’s so gorgeous (and easy to navigate, yaaayyy!) I love it!!

  • RavieNomNoms

    Looks awesome!!!

  • Claire

    It’s beautiful!

  • Tiffany Harper

    I love it!!!! Great job girls!!

  • Lucy McKenna

    ah it’s awesome! C: great job!
    but where’s the blue beach behind blog posts gone? much easier on the eyes than bright white…

  • TIUkimm

    Love it! So beautiful! I gasped!

  • Angel

    Congrats! But where can I find your weekly fitness schedules?

  • Amanda

    Love it, ladies!!

  • Cindy Vickers

    I love the graphics and colors! It was a little confusing when I first looked at it but now I see that there is a lot more to see than before!! Great job….you should be proud of all you hard work!! <3

  • B Hannigan

    Wow, phenomenal! Love it!

  • badtastebetty

    Awesome. I would love to see an interface update with the ToneItUp community pages/forums as well.

    • Tone It Up

      We’re working on that now! So excited :)

  • Sonja Thorsvik

    WOW! Beautiful! Nice and Crisp. As a digital media gal I can see all the hard work that went into the re-design. Thanks for everything ladies. Starting month 7 now! xo!

  • Janice Anne

    Saw this after work and I’m so excited about the new site! It’s more simple, easy on the eyes and the categories are A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Kudos to the web designers and the TIU team! Love you guys! Much love from the Philippines <3

  • Lauren

    I absolutely love that you put a fitness page on the new website with all of the different workouts categorized! Before I had to search through youtube if I wanted to find a workout, but now I can just jump on this page and easily find what I’m looking for! Thank you :)

  • Gracie

    Everything that I would ever want improved is here! It’s awesome :)

  • Ashley

    I love it, it is so much easier to use and a lot more organized.

    Seems to be a lot of information given on the free website though that is included in the nutrition plan, and I’m feeling pretty dumb for shelling out the $150.00 when I could get all of it here on the website. :( I should have went with my gut on this purchase I guess.

  • Emily

    K&K- thanks so much for all your hard work- constantly updating the Nutrition Plan, creating new Perfect Fit Products, and redesigning the site are just the beginning of what y’all do…please know that we TIU Girls appreciate it!

  • Nina

    Love the new design!! amazing! :-)

  • Jennifer Metcalfe

    Love the new website!! Thank you so much girls! It looks great and everything is so organized and easy to access!! <3

  • Khristian ‘Carnagie’ Decker

    Love it!!! The new design is so beautiful and follows your aesthetic so well!!!!

  • Valentina

    I love the new website, you’ve done such a great job ladies!!! The design is so nice and it’s so easy to navigate! Thank you!!! <3

  • Katherine Lopez

    Beautiful design! Easier to navigate too!