BIKINI SERIES Weekly Schedule! New Zealand Week :)

Your BIKINI SERIES™ Weekly schedule is HERE! This week we’re all celebrating New Zealand ☀

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Have you seen all the #BIKINISERIES check-ins? Explore some of them hereIf you don’t have instagram yet, we highly recommend it. Just make sure your profile isn’t set on private ~ or no one can see your pics! We love it because it’s so easy to browse your check-ins. Just go to the top and search the hashtags #BIKINISERIES#TIUspringfever

We also want you to make a journal with all of your goals for summer in the Tone It Up community. It’s our own social network of women all achieving our dreams together!

This week it’s all about keeping your meals Lean, Clean & Green and following your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! It will be so worth it, we promise ;) We want you to give your workouts and healthy eating your absolute best ~ your Bikini is going to look AMAZING come summer time! Make sure you download your May Calendar here!

See all of our Top Nutrition Tips HERE :)

As you plan your workouts for the next 7 days ~ we have a special challenge for you…

We talk a lot about leading your life with your heart and always maintaining good posture! This week your special challenge is all about that!

Focus on Beach Babe posture and watch how your energy increases

Engage your abs, let your heart be open to the world and keep your spine long with it’s natural curve.

Imagine a thread is pulling you up from the crown of your head upwards to stay properly aligned. This is particularly important during your workouts, but essential all the time! Keep your Beach Babe posture even while driving, sitting at your desk walking or reading!

☀ If you slip up, don’t give up!  Slip ups make us appreciate when we’re ‘ON’ & in control. They teach us to bounce back stronger.

Use this schedule as a guide!

If it doesn’t quite fit your calendar, make adjustments that fit your week. For all of our global girls ~ you may receive our Tuesday Video later since we’re in a different time zone. We suggest doing Tuesday’s new workout routines either Tuesday evenings or as your Wednesday morning BootyCall®. Make sure you each of your daily workouts, meals and check ins on your new calendar! We included check marks on your daily workouts to remind you 

Have you downloaded your May calendar & check list!?  We want to see those check marks!!!



40 minutes of cardio! Go for a walk, run, bike ride, elliptical or do your suggested workout below ~ FIT IT IN!!

Suggested BootyCall® ~ Your Itty Bitty Bikini Cardio Routine! Pair it up with your Itty Bitty Bikini Abs Routine, and whittle that waistline babes!






Tonight, take some time to unwind, drink a cup of tea and connect with someone new in the TIU community :)


✓ Full body toning & ABS! If you’d like, add 20 minutes of cardio today

Your NEW BIKINI SERIES workout is out today! Head back here, on the blog for your Surfer’s Paradise ~ It will be released on Tuesday! Let’s go to New Zealand ~ Together! The theme throughout the entire BIKINI SERIES is traveling to all the beautiful beaches around the world with Contiki Vacations!

Here’s your BootyCall Workout ~ Your Bikini Cardio!

Have you found your gal pal to partner up with yet? Your Grand Prize will take you on a adventure of a lifetime and we want you to experience this with a friend! Missed the Grand Prize Announcement? Read all about it, here!


✓ Toning, stretching & BOOTY!  (if you didn’t do Tuesday’s routine, fit it in today!!)

It’s time to get WILD ~ Pick one of the three workouts below… or do all three ;)

WILDCARD 1 ~ Your Biker Babe Workout!

Right click & download this to your computer HERE


WILDCARD 2 ~ HIIT the Beach from your Beach Babe DVD! Here’s a quick preview of your workout from your Beach Babe DVD ~ Press Play! Can’t wait to work out with you ;)



WILDCARD 3 ~ Booty Shorts!

This is a quick cardio workout ~ it increases your heart rate and tones your entire body.

What workouts did you choose for your Wednesday Wildcard? Check in with your team and let us know. Remember to tag #BIKINISERIES so we can see your Check ins!


✓  Love Your Arms + 30 minute after dinner walk! Do three rounds of Love Your Arms and take an evening stroll after dinner. Check in with us ~ we want to see where your walk takes you!!



Right Click Here and “Save Link As…” to save your printable :)

Remember to keep tracking your nutrition in your new journal! This is so helpful and it’s a little trick Karena & I do, along with the 7 Day Slimdown™ when we are trying to get ready for a big photoshoot, trip or event. Using a journal helps us stay accountable and honest with ourselves!


Do 2 rounds of both your SunSeeker Workout and 2 rounds of your NEW Surfer’s Paradise routine!

~Get ready to sculpt every major muscle group & tone all over



Get your Printable Routine here ~ Right Click and select “Save Attachment As..”

Pair this up with your new routine that was released on Tuesday! Can’t wait to see your Check ins ;)

☀ Saturday ~

✓ Grab a Friend and GO!

Right Click here to download and save your Grab a Friend & GO! Routine

Don’t know what a HeeHaw is? It’s from your Sandcastle workout! Here’s your printable with instructions on how to do one! :)

Working out is so much more fun with a friend ~ You’ll enjoy your time together, share a few laughs and get in a great workout!


✓ Your Lift and Tone Booty Routine! It’s Sunday BUMday and we’re all working out our bums together! It’s time to Lift & Tone that booty with this routine ~



Get your entire Printable HERE! Right click and select “Save As…” Pair this up with a 45 minute walk to reflect. We’re starting week 4 of your BIKINI SERIES tomorrow…

Prepare yourself for another amazing week ~ you’re ROCKING this!

We LOVE seeing your smiling faces! When you finish your workout Check In & share your pics…

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