BIKINI SERIES™ Weekly Schedule ~ Australia Week!

Your BIKINI SERIES™ Weekly schedule is HERE! This team is amazing ~ we love getting summer ready ☀ together!

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Have you seen all the #BIKINISERIES check-ins?  Explore some of them here!  If you don’t have instagram yet, we highly recommend it.  Just make sure your profile isn’t set on private~ or no one can see your pics!  We love it because it’s so easy to browse your check-ins.  Just go to the top and search the hashtags #BIKINISERIES & #TIUspringfever

We also want you to make a journal with all of your goals for summer in the Tone It Up community.  It’s our own social network of women all achieving our dreams together!

This week we’re going to push you out of your comfort zone. It will be so worth it, we promise ;) We want you to give your workouts and healthy eating your absolute best. Stick to your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan and remember to stay consistent!

See all of our Nutrition Tips HERE :)

☀ If you slip up, don’t give up!  Slip ups make us appreciate when we’re ‘ON’ & in control.  They teach us to bounce back stronger.

As you plan your workouts for the next seven days ~ we have a special challenge for you… Get outside! This week focus on spending some time in nature, breathing in fresh air and maybe, soaking up a little sunshine~ or some rain! Studies show that outdoor exercise relieves tension and increases happiness. If you’re close to a park, hiking trail, beach or even in the city ~ head outside for a walk, bike ride or run!

*Use this schedule as a guide!  If it doesn’t quite fit your calendar, make adjustments that fit your week.  For all of our global girls~ you may receive our Tuesday Video later since we’re in a different time zone.  We suggest doing Tuesday’s new workout routines either Tuesday evenings or as your Wednesday morning workout.


40 minutes of cardio!  Whether it’s a walk, run, bike ride, elliptical- FIT IT IN!

Suggested BootyCall® ~ Let’s go Biker Babes! Take it outside or head to the gym ~ either way, you’re getting in essential cardio to slim & tone you for that bikini!!!  You can also do this workout by running, the stairmill, elliptical or any machine!  Just divide the miles in half :) Right click & download this to your computer HERE


Have you found your gal pal to partner up with yet?  Your Grand Prize will take you on a adventure of a lifetime and we want you to experience this with a friend! Missed the Grand Prize Announcement? Read all about it, here!

Connect with someone new in the TIU community :)


✓ Full body toning & ABS!  If you’d like, add 20 minutes of cardio today

Your NEW BIKINI SERIES workout is out today! Head back here, on the blog for your Sunseeker Workout! Let’s go to Australia AUSSIE BABES!  The theme throughout the entire series is traveling to all the beautiful beaches around the world with Contiki Vacations!



Pair this with your Sunkissed routine for beautiful Aussie Babe ABS!



Download your printable version~ right click HERE and ‘Save Attachment As..’

Remember to keep tracking your nutrition in your new journal! This is so helpful and it’s a little trick Karena & I do, along with the 7 Day Slimdown when we are trying to get ready for a big photoshoot, trip or event. Using a journal helps us stay accountable and honest with ourselves!

Did you share your BIKINI SERIES™ journal pic yet? We want to see what your cover looks like!


✓ Toning, stretching & BOOTY!  (if you didn’t do Tuesday’s routine, fit it in today!!)

It’s time to get WILD ~ Pick one of the three workouts below… or do all three ;)

WILDCARD 1 ~ Your Cocktail Dress Workout!



For your printable workout, right click this link and choose ‘save as’

Your Cocktail Dress Routine

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WILDCARD 2 ~ Your Sunset Workout :) Pairs great with any routine!



Get the Printable Routine by right clicking HERE and selecting ‘Save Attachment As..’

WILDCARD 3 ~ Bikini Booty from your Beach Babe DVD!

What workouts did you choose for your Wednesday Wildcard? Check in with your team and let us know!


✓  CARDIO DAY + Under the Sea Workout

Time to sweat and tone with your new cardio routine!


Pair up your cardio routine by going Under The Sea with us




Take this workout on-the-go! Right Click HERE & HERE to download your printable version <3 ‘Save Attachment As..’ to print out :)


We want you to do 30 minutes of any cardio~ walk, jog, run, elliptical, stairs, bike- anything!  It’s also time to tone that rear with a Tone It Up Team favorite ~ Your Malibooty workout!



Download your Printables HERE by right clicking and selecting ‘Save Attachment As…’

☀ Saturday ~

We’re having a meet-up in San Diego on Saturday!!! Come see us!!!!!! :) It’s in Nordstrom, so we won’t be doing a workout, but we’ll be doing a meet and greet with pictures from 12-2!  We can’t wait to meet so many of you!  Then on May 18th, we’re having another meet up in Newport, California!  Let us know if you’re coming :)

Saturday is Bike or Hike Day

You’ve stayed strong all week! Today, take it easy with a mellow bike ride or hike with friends! Remember to laugh, have fun and enjoy every moment. You are blessed… and this team LOVES you!

Looking for a sweet treat to share with your friends and bring on-the-go? Make these today…



It’s Sunday Runday!

Get out run for a solid 45 minutes! Can’t run the whole time? No problem :) Go at your own pace and do your best!

Make sure to smile and remind yourself ~ I CAN DO THIS!

New to Running? We’ve got your back! Get started here!

Today, get into the tropical spirit & infuse some water with some fresh fruit! Or make fruit ice-cubes from your Nutrition Plan to add to your water :) We love adding frozen mango to our water with some fresh mint!

We LOVE seeing your smiling faces! When you finish your workout Check In & share your pics…

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