Run Your Heart Out ♡ Part 3!!

Run Your Heart OUT ♡

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Part 3 of your Running Series is here! Today, we’re talking about fueling your sexy body before & after your run!

During the past three weeks we’ve shared our BEST running tips and we’re so amazed to hear how the series has motivated and inspired you ~ some of you have signed up for your first long distance race, and many of you have decided to give running a try for the first time! Karena & I love running ~ it clears our mind, relaxes our body, and gives us an awesome BootyCall!

If you want more Run Your Out Tips ~ let us know!!

In case you missed how to get started or how to safely increase your mileage, take a look at Part 1. Need some tips on choosing the best running shoes? Check out Part 2 where we also share our favorite running gear!

Now, let’s fuel up…

Giving your body the right combination of nutrients is essential all the time, that’s why we follow the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, but when you’re running it’s especially important to give your body exactly what it needs! Otherwise, your run might not feel very fun… and we want you to feel awesome!!


The two most important things to remember are:

1. Listen to your body. We’re all different and have varying needs we need to be aware of.

2. Make sure to stay SUPER HYDRATED!

Before your run: 

When we go for short runs in the morning, we feel great with just little coffee and a glass of Meta-D from your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. This keeps us feeling light and energized. Some people can run on an empty stomach, but it’s all about personal preference, and what feels right to you.

If you’re hungry before your run, eat a little something that is easy on your stomach ~ a banana, a piece of fruit, toast with a little peanut butter, or just a small bowl of oatmeal. Depending on how long you’re going to be running, eating a little something beforehand will ensure you have enough oomph to complete your run! There’s nothing worse than feeling tired and hungry mid workout!

Remember, what works for someone else, might not be the best thing for you. Listen to your body and try out a few different things in the morning to find what works and gives you energy!  As a general rule, opt for light, mild foods that won’t upset your stomach or drain your energy!

After your run: 

Now is the time to focus on hydration and recovery ~ think water + protein!

Make sure you drink plenty of water ~ this will help you feel fabulous by giving your body what it needs to replenish and re-hydrate. Remember, when you sweat, your body also loses essential electrolytes, which is why we LOVE coconut water! It contains natural electrolytes like potassium, magnesium and calcium ~ it’s great pre & post run ~ for an all natural way to fuel your body…and it just tastes like summer!

Coconut water is an awesome way to give your body a little boost anytime ~ That’s why we recommend it during your 5 Day Slim Down on the Beach Babe plan. We love drinking a little chocolate coconut water with a Scoop of Perfect Fit Protein after a hard workout, it’s refreshing and oh so tasty ;)

When you’re running a lot and staying active by working out regularly, it’s important is to increase your protein intake to give your muscles plenty of nutrients to help with recovery so you can continue to run strong and feel great! This is why we created Perfect Fit Protein just for this community! You can include Perfect Fit any way you like after your run ~ whip up the team favorite pancake, these Banana Bread Bars, or even in a smoothie! These are all great ways to refuel :)

What are you favorite ways to fuel your body before & after your run? We love hearing your tips and tricks of all our girls :)

Check in with your team and let us us know how you’re Running Your ♥ Out today on the CommunityFacebookTwitterInstagram!

Your Trainers & Certified Nutrition Coaches,

Karena & Katrina

  • Erin Mason

    Allows me to be free and stress-free. I have been a runner all of my life and this program is the best i have ever done!–and felt!