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Grapefruit is a staple of the 7 Day Slim Down on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!


We LOVE grapefruit because of all the healthy benefits it provides. It’s benefits are NOT a fad! They’re backed up with real, hard science and eating just one grapefruit a day, split into two halves, helps you burn more fat, get a more toned body and become a cancer fighting machine!

BENEFITS you’ll go CRAZY about..

  • Curbs your appetite, creating a full feeling in your tummy!
  • Stimulates the liver to activate fat burning enzymes, that break down fatty acids in the body.
  • Contains a flavonoid called naringin that helps with your insulin levels. It’s the reason for the bitter taste, but we add a littte stevia :) Grapefruit is amazing as a weight loss food because it’s low glycemic Index, meaning it won’t spike your blood sugar levels. Naringin also helps with insulin sensitivity. The hormone insulin is released when your blood sugar spikes, causing you to crash, store the calories as fat and be hungrier sooner. Grapefruit actually lowers insulin levels which helps to keep your blood sugar levels steady so the calories are used as energy instead.
  • Naringin also promotes lean muscle growth in an anabolic state (after those workouts when your body is repairing!)
  • Contains cancer-fighting compounds like liminoids and lycopene
  • Packed with over 200mg of vitamin C & has other vitamins such as A, B complex (for hair skin & nails), E & K.
  • Contains calcium, folic acid (eat up prenatal mamas!), phosphorus & potassium
  • Has an alkaline reaction after digestion ~ helping you stay balanced! You know we always talk about the importance of alkalinity in the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!
  • Contains bioflavonoids that have been found to lower excess estrogen levels and helps to stop breast cancer from spreading.
  • Curbs that sweet tooth! :)
  • Assists in digestion
  • Helps with detoxing the liver.. after a fun night out with the girls!

*** WARNING ~ Naringin affects certain pharmaceuticals, so if you’re on any medications, check with your doctor to see if you can have grapefruit with your medicine.


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