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Amy’s INCREDIBLE transformation!

It's Motivation Monday! Are you ready to stay strong this week!? We're going full force with your #HolidayHunny Fitness Schedule. Find it HERE! Today's healthy transformation from Tone It Up Nutrition Plan member, Amy is so inspiring! Just look at that glowing smile... This #TIUGirl is absolutely FIERCE and has so many helpful tips to keep you  on the right track! Tell us about yourself! My name is Amy. I am from a small town in Virginia called Salem. I teach 5th grade students diagnosed with Emotional Disability. My job is very challenging, but I love what I do! I currently live with [Read More]


Weekly Schedule #HolidayHunny

  What a gorgeous weekend! So many of you got together with local ToneItUp girls and ran races, went hiking, took classes and met up for dinner.  We know how much we love this!! You can plan a #TIUmeetup on instagram in your area too... look under your local hashtag ~ #TIUyourcityorstate :) There are now over 30,000 hashtags under #HolidayHunny... you are staying strong, completing your workouts and challenging yourselves to reach new heights! We've seen so many amazing check ins! We have prizes and rewards coming all season long, so keep checking in. A lot of you have [Read More]

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Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars!

Who's craving a Friday treat!? If you're the kind of girl who can't decide between a cookie or a brownie, we have the perfect combination for you. These tasty chocolate morsels will delight your taste buds! They're hearty enough for dipping, yet delicate enough to savor and they make quite the seemingly naughty indulgence. Treat yourself after dinner or in the afternoon... right about the time when you need a sweet little pick-me-up. This is the kind of recipe that's perfect for sharing ~ Make a batch for friends, family or coworkers to share the Tone It Up approved love. No one will [Read More]


NEW Video: The BEST way to beat a cold naturally!

It's unfortunately that time of year when colds and sniffles strike. Today's video includes what Karena & I do when we get sick! We're sharing our top, quick tips to beat a cold, naturally! These tips work really well to help keep you healthy too! Prevention is huge. By eating the best foods for your body as outlined in your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan you are giving your immune system a boost all year around! Feel better fast with these quick tips: Stay hydrated with water, juices, soups and hot tea to soothe your throat. Find our TOP HYDRATION tips here! Load up on Vitamin C [Read More]

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Y♡U have to see THIS!!! Featured success stories from FRISKY FALL & the Grand Prize Winners!

The last 8 weeks of the FRISKY FALL challenge have left us so inspired. Looking through all of your submissions, we feel overjoyed by what you all have accomplished. You've all achieved so much! We couldn't be more proud of this entire Tone It Up Team! Here's a video with some of our favorite moments from all of this team's submissions! Congrats to EVERYONE who [Read More]


Behind the Scenes and your Weekly Schedule ~ #HolidayHunny Style!

We're BACK!!!  We feel like we've been MIA, but really it's because we shot all day, every day this week!  AND wow.... you are all in for it! We have a huge surprise coming very soon that we've been working on for almost a year!!!! You know we always have something up our sleeves for you and we can't wait to let the cat out of the bag... MEOW!  Make sure you're signed up for our [Read More]


Karena’s Home Tour & Top 5 Decor Tips

Welcome to my home!! I'm really excited to give you a full tour of our new place in Manhattan Beach, CA! Yes, Bobby and I moved in together (yay!!) We have had a ton of fun [Read More]

Pumpkin Soup Feature

Sweet & Savory Crock Pot Pumpkin Soup!

You're going to LOVE this NEW crock pot recipe featured from the Fall Edition of your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! We love slow cooker recipes, especially this time of year. After [Read More]

Shelby Feature

Motivation Monday ~ Shelby’s Story!

Who's ready for an incredible month!? November is one of our favorite times of the year. Late autumn means crisper days, gorgeous sunsets and the official start of the holiday [Read More]

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5 Metabolism Boosting Spices & NEW Muffin Recipe!

Pumpkin, spice and everything nice is what this cooler season is all about! Today, our friends at are sharing 5 warming spices that not only taste good, but also [Read More]


The Tone It Up 100 Mile Challenge

Katrina and I created the 100 Mile Challenge and have been integrating it into Tone It Up Challenges for the past couple years!!  We LOVE how much it's inspired this team to get [Read More]


Holiday HUNNIES!!! Your Weekly Schedule & November Calendar

N O V E M B E R I'm sitting here on a Saturday night with a glass of wine in hand, browsing your success stories during #FriskyFall.  The last 8 weeks have been absolutely [Read More]

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Muahahaha~ Spooky Video, Halloween Treats & Costume Ideas!

Who's ready for Halloween!? We're gearing up to make a few of our favorite Tone It Up Nutrition Plan approved sweet treats! When it comes to get togethers, parties and holidays, [Read More]

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New video! Vlog & check in #FriskyFall

Hi all! As we approach the final few days of the Frisky Fall challenge, your beautiful stories are starting to flow in. The last 8 weeks have been an incredible journey for so [Read More]

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This is the FINAL WEEK of your Frisky Fall Challenge! Have you seen your Weekly Fitness Schedule!? This week, we want you to stay STRONG! Finishing on a high note is so important, [Read More]


Frisky Fall Weekly Schedule ~FINISH STRONG!

It's the final week of your Frisky Fall Challenge! You've worked hard, completed daily challenges, got up early for those Booty Calls and we are so incredibly proud of this team! [Read More]