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Sculpt your total body AND get your heart rate up with today's NEW dynamic workout! You're going to tone up while squeezing in 1 minute cardio breaks in between. The best part is that you can customize each cardio break to include your favorite heart pumpin' activity. If you're at the gym, hop on the elliptical or treadmill, if you're at home, complete jump squats or mountain climbers... your choice! Love the workout gear!? It's part of the brand NEW Tone It Up Apparel line... launching today! Take a look HERE for all the details :) Ready to feel the burn!? Let's GO! Download your [Read More]


Brand NEW Tone It Up Apparel Line!

Tone It Up Apparel! "Wait... where did you get that top!?"  You girls know how hard it is for us to keep a secret, right? We're always releasing sneak peeks. Well, the time has FINALLY come! After a year in the making... drum roll please… Your NEW Tone It Up apparel has arrived! Katrina and I have been excited to sweat our passion into fashion! Not only is it a dream to design this new line, but getting to wear the gear gives us a feeling that is beyond words! With the energy of the beach motivating our workouts, we wanted to create a fitness apparel line that brings fashion excitement [Read More]

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Squatting, Surfing & Running for Rosé #TIUretreat

The 2015 Tone It Up Retreat is something that we will never forget. It was one of the most magical trips of our lives, for SO many reasons! Karena and I loved meeting all of our fun, inspirational and fierce women that make up this Tone It Up community. Spending time with you and showing you the ultimate Tone It Up trip makes us SO happy and this community is truly our inspiration. You all have proven that women can support and love each other, cheer on and lift each other up, make new friends and be a positive light to others. You have made this community what it is and we thank you! We [Read More]



  Who's feeling strong!? It's week 3 of your Charity Challenge we want you to commit to staying totally on track this week! There are now over 65,00K posts under the #CharityChallenge hashtag and we couldn't be more proud of this entire team. You girls are ON FIRE! Keep running those miles and checking in. We will continue to choose winners weekly and donating to the charity of your choice on your behalf!! If you’re just joining us, it's not too late to join! Make sure you sign up and read all about the challenge HERE! PS- follow us on snapchat and instagram @KarenaKatrina [Read More]



If you're a fan of all things lemon... get ready to fall in LOVE. These snack bites are the ultimate sweet & tangy treat. Imagine a mix between a lemon bar and a coconut macaroon, but made with only the good stuff... plant-based Perfect Fit Protein, skin-loving coconut and antioxidant rich blueberries. The best part about these balls is they require no baking and no food [Read More]


Kitchen Beauty Hacks to Try Tonight!

Today, we're walking away from the bathroom drawer and into the kitchen for some effective beauty hacks!  We love body scrubs, face creams and shine-promising shampoos, but sometimes a bombshell needs some TLC, fast. You probably already have these items in your kitchen since they're Tone It Up Nutrition Plan staples ~ and we're showing you exactly how to use them to give everything [Read More]


NEW VIDEO: Winenot Wednesday

IT'S TIME FOR GIRL TALK! Pour yourself a glass of wine, girl! As part of the Fit of Fall Charity Challenge, Kat and I are answering your most asked questions. Last week we [Read More]


Busy Babe Abs: 6 Core Tightening Exercises!

FIRE UP THAT CORE! Want to give your midsection some major love? A lot of you have requested moves you can do anytime, anywhere! These Busy Babe Ab moves are going to become your [Read More]


Who’s ready for some MOTIVATION?!

Are you ready for some MAJOR motivation!? These 10 badass bombshells are totally crushing the Fit For Fall Challenge and Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! They’re an inspiration to us… [Read More]



Karena and I are wrapping up one amazing and memorable weekend! We had the opportunity to meet over 400 team members at this year's Tone It Up Retreat in Newport Beach, CA! We not [Read More]



How can you make breakfast a tasty, yet healthy meal!? It's about including lean protein to jump start your metabolism and some healthy complex carbs like fresh fruit to start your [Read More]


Recap from our Tone It Up Tour!

As Katrina and I prepare to kick off the 2015 Tone It Up Retreat today, we realize our favorite moments have been with YOU. From our book tour in NYC, Boston, Chicago, Dallas and [Read More]


Coffee Chat with K&K

Good morning TIU Team! It's time for a coffee chat!! As part of the Fit of Fall Charity Challenge, Karena and I are joining you for coffee to cover some of your most requested [Read More]



WOW, you're already crushing the Fit for Fall Charity challenge!  Take a look at the hashtag #CharityChallenge for some major motivation!!  If you haven't signed up yet... go HERE [Read More]


How Carly gained her confidence back!

It's Motivation Monday! Who's ready to ROCK week 1 of the Fit For Fall challenge!? To keep you ultra motivated this week, Tone It Up Nutrition Plan member, Carly is sharing her [Read More]


Fit For Fall… WEEK 1!

FIT FOR FALL HAS ARRIVED! The Charity Challenge officially kicks off TOMORROW... and WOW we are already so blown away by your commitment! There are already over 20,000 tags under [Read More]