BRAND NEW Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!

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WOW, what a whirlwind! Since we launched the newly designed, Tone It Up Nutrition Plan last week we’ve received thousands of messages and pictures from you! It makes us so happy to see all of you receiving your plan and loving it. If you haven’t seen, we launched a newly designed plan for our members.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday Savings, there’s never been a better time to be a member of Tone It Up!

The Bundle we put together not only includes everything you see, it also makes you a member and you’ll receive all past and future editions of the plan! See them here…



If you ask any members, they’ll tell you that the Nutrition Plan is the gift that keeps on giving! Why do we only charge once? Life is full of ups and downs and we want to be that consistent plan you can always count on and come back to.

Here’s what the community is saying about the NEW PLAN!

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  • Christina

    Its gorgeous! I appreciate you all taking the time to go and redesign it make it so great! I am so excited for this new 8 week plan. TIU has come so far and I am so happy to be apart of it!

    • toneitupcom

      ahh! Thank you!! Excited to be on this journey with all of you girls!

  • Lindsay

    I haven’t received my updated plan yet. Who can I contact about this? Very excited to get my hands on it!!

    • Christine O’Leary

      it should be in the members email from last week!!

      • Lindsay


    • toneitupcom

      Email our customer service gal Stephanie! She’s awesome :) She can help you out and make sure you receive future editions too! xxxo

      • Lindsay

        Thanks, done! Can’t wait for the update!

  • tiu_happykarli

    I am so excited for the 8 week plan! The Bikini Program was awesome!

    • toneitupcom


  • Katie Horrell

    Pretty please make the perfect fit vanilla latte a new flavor of perfect fit that TIU girls can purchase online!! :):)

    • Guest

      I think there’s chocolate as well. The vanilla does really well in the baking recipes.

  • Alicia Ferris

    Will there be a tone it up challenge for those who don’t pay for the extras? Like the bikini series or love your body or fit for fall challenges?

    • Christine O’Leary

      i’m sure they will still post weekly workouts :) !

  • Joy Chara Tilliridou

    I kinda lost my way there.. gave up on my workouts and I don’t really watch what I eat. Basically, I had lost my motivation. But receiving the new plan, even though it’s the same, but with a lift, I feel motivated to start again!! I can’t wait for the challenge! I have everything printed out and I already splurged on Cyber Monday at the TIU store :!)
    K&K, thank you for keeping me motivated! I love you xoxo

  • B Jameson

    Loving the new updates to the plan and excited for the challenge in January! Wondering if there will be an option to purchase just the workouts as I didn’t need anything else that was a part of the bundle! Thanks so much for everything you ladies do!

  • Arielle

    I organized all of my plans last night into a 3inch binder with the page protectors and it is soooo beautiful. You can tell which pages I use a lot because the plastic sheet is sticky from cooking! There are some winners in the Superfoods edition :) The type A organization part of me was dancing all night. The plan design has come so far since I joined in 2012. They keep me energized to meal plan and try new recipes that I would have otherwise never tried because we didn’t eat like that growing up. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  • Kayla Anderson

    Is there a way to only purchase the workouts?

  • rileytiu

    The redesigned plan is absolutely BLOWING MY MIND!!! I love it so much and am so proud to be a TIU girl!! Can’t wait for the 8 week challenge plan…can you say best Christmas present ever?!?

  • Katie Horrell

    I have a question concerning the TIU Nutrition Plan. I love and use many of the recipes in the TIU plan, but I find the layout really hard to stick to for a few reasons:
    1) Extremely low calorie/low carb breakfast which is hard for me because I love oatmeal and fruit for breakfast (I eat 1/2 cup uncooked oats, a normal portion size)
    2) Low carb in general, which I have issues feeling sluggish and having low blood sugar if I dip too low in carbs. 1/4 cup of cooked grains is a very small portion for me.
    3) The overall calorie intake for the meal plan layout comes to around 1,000 calories (way too low! Correct me if I’m wrong…) and I want to lose 5 lbs max, and am mostly focusing on gaining muscle, which I know isn’t possible if my calories are too low.
    So what is the suggestion with these issues? I am in no way dissing on the nutrition plan, I just want to be able to follow it, or my own personalize form of it… but feel confused and discouraged with how low the carbohydrates and calories go.
    Thank you!
    xoxo Katie

  • Christine O’Leary

    I already have done some of the new workouts and I am obsessed! Thank you so much ladies!!! PUMPED for the 8 Week Plan!!! XOXO Christine