NEW Coffee with K+K ~ How to Bounce Back!



Whether it’s a weekend out with your girlfriends, the holidays, a celebration, time with family or simply a hectic work week, life happens! It’s totally normal to go through phases where you simply can’t make it to the gym… but the good news is, getting off track can actually be a good thing! Stay with us here… Having those off days can help you change your perspective to feel grateful for days when you do have time for yourself and that sweat session.

In today’s chat we’re telling you exactly what to do to avoid feeling guilty and help you get right back on track with your healthy lifestyle!

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  • Christina

    The more you fall off, the more you appreciate being on…THAT! Yes, its so so true!!!!

    • Benny


  • Irena

    I needed this one… Lately I’ve been on/off with workouts and I’ve been drinking less water than usually… I was trying not to blame myself for that but sometimes it’s hard… :) Thanks girls :) I’m so happy to be part of this beautiful community.. I would fall out months ago from working out and staying on track if I didn’t have TIU TEAM!! :))))

  • Jessica Myers

    I got quite off-track lately because I’m came down the THE WORST cough/sore throat/plague known to man, and could barely swallow/breathe, let alone do some HIIT — and now, coming back this week with a healthy body and regular workouts, I am even more grateful for my health, my strength, and my determination to feel so positive about myself. Thanks, ladies, this was a perfect video for this morning!

  • Benny

    I love love love these videos!!! :)
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  • Alexa

    I would love to see what you girls eat in a day, you should do a video about what you like to eat during the week~ such as step by step with your meals!:)

    • Mallory

      I second this!

      • Ali Cuthbert

        Agreed! Do this topic!

    • Karli

      Yes! Love this idea! @againstallgrain does a weekly digest and also posts on her instagram what she ate for breakfast, another day it’ll be what she had for snack..etc. It’s super helpful! Would love to see what K & K eat!

    • Mariah

      YES!!! I was thinking the same thing. I would love a video like that. Something similar to those What I Ate Wednesday posts. It would be so insightful. Great suggestion! :)

      • Dani Raz

        Also, what exact workouts they do in 1 week. I know they do more than our weekly schedule. ;)

    • DeeAnna Bates

      Yes do snap chats at ever meal !! Tabby would super helpful !

    • Rebecca

      yeees! <3

    • Laura D’Agata

      Yeah that would be awesome! Like to see what you girls eat in a day :)

    • Megan

      Yes! Exactly what I want to see. A “what we eat in a day” (for members only of course) and what their week of workouts and meals looked like.

      • Alexa

        Yes! This needs to happen!!!:)

  • Alexa

    Love love this video!!! I am so thankful to have you babes as such great trainers!!

  • Kristy Barnes

    I LOVE coffee with K&K!! This was great today, as I missing my 1st BootyCall in 4month and am beating myself up about it. I know I have been so consistent that it shouldn’t matter, but I don’t want it to be the beginning of a slippery slope!!

  • melissadicostanzo

    I want to here your perspective on getting back in shape post baby….I know neither of you are moms….YET!! But what are the best exercises to get back in shape quickly? Also are perfectfit vitamins safe to take if you are breastfeeding?

  • Madalyn T

    I love this! I’m having a sad day today, just so many things running through my head. Thank you for the distraction. Love yall!

  • Karli

    I like the idea of writing down the workouts for the week! Are ya’ll going to update the bikini calendars or maybe make a fun digital download? That would be awesome! Ya know, just pile on more stuff to do for us hehe ;)

  • Kelley Kilbane

    Where did Katrina get her sweaters? I love them in all the videos!

  • Tiana

    I would love to see what you guys eat in a day, maybe tips on starting a business? Love you guys!

  • Veronica

    Just what I needed to hear at the end of an excruciating week! I really appreciate these videos. I definitely have been on the plan for so long that while I do get off track now and then – perhaps more often than I’d care to – I am so anxious to get that time back when I can prep my meals and plan my workouts. I’d say my favorite thing to bounce back after being less active is to choose an activity I really enjoy, regardless of its intensity. Taking a long walk, a day hike, or a yoga flow class gets me back in the mindset gently without making me feel like I have to be at the level of endurance I had before the break.

  • Challene Shoun

    Thank you for sharing! I, now more than ever, appreciate that I can workout everyday nowadays! I have a really bad neck and lower back and when they go out, I can barely move. When that happens, I get so sad that I can’t work and love my body more. The last handful of years and I haven’t been the best to myself and I am working so hard now to make up for it. Thank you Katrina and Karena! I love you guys! PS.. Katrina, where did you get your beautiful sweater?! Love it!!

  • Mary

    What a beautiful perspective! Health is about positivity. When you start beating yourself up, it is no longer healthy! Thank you ladies for keeping that truth at the forefront of your message.


  • rohan_gulati

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  • Claire Tanner-Johnstone

    FANTASTIC video, I really connected with Katrina’s comments about putting ‘your time’ in a calendar. It’s something I’d forgotten I’d actually done in most of my really sucessful weeks and helped me bounce back this morning from a two week slump. <3

  • Emma b

    I would love to see a “day in the life of k & k” type video or video series. So we get to see the workouts you do, how you prepare your meals, how you fit in work and time with loved ones all into a day that we can watch and fully appreciate!

  • Ashley Rodriguez

    Could y’all do a chat about cardio at the gym? I decided to start doing the stair master for 30 minutes at least twice a week but then I feel guilty for not sticking to the weekly schedule. What are yalls opinions on the stair master more than twice a week? I also love HIIT workouts so then I find myself going back and forth between what I should be doing because if I don’t take a rest day or two my knee will start to hurt. Also, this video sure did help because I have been busy at work and just fell so off track I lost all progress. Its good to have reassurance that it does happen to everyone :)

  • Kristen

    You girls are such a great positive way to start my day. Thank you!

  • Christi

    You guys always seem like you’re in a happy upbeat great mood! Do you ever have days when you feel off and how do you handle those days and push through to keep up with everything including the healthy eating and workouts?

  • Dani Raz

    K & K!!!! PLEASE do a video on what to do once you reach your goal!!! How to maintain!!!! I recently reached my goal but then I was lost on what to do once I got there and gained some weight back. I just didn’t know how much to eat or how much to workout.