Coffee Chat with K&K ~ What to order at the Coffee Shop!



Who doesn’t love heading to the local coffee shop in morning!? Whether you love grabbing coffee on your way to work, or lingering over a latte is part of your weekend ritual, making your order #TIUapproved is pretty simple.

A lot of you have asked us what we like and what drinks on that long menu fit into a healthy lifestyle… and today, we’re telling you exactly what we order!

Next time you find yourself trying to decide what to order, remember that you can never go wrong with espresso, drip coffee, an Americano, or unsweetened tea. Adding a little bit of soy or almond milk is totally okay!

Avoid blended drinks, sugar free or flavored lattes. If you want something creamier, opt for a soy or almond latte and every once in a while a 1/2 pump of vanilla is fine too!


What’s your go-to coffee shop drink!? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • NixiV

    I love a (loose leaf, not flavored) chai tea latte with almond milk, and cinnamon sprinkled on top! so Yum!

  • Leann Sestak

    At work we have a Keurig, I have a reusable K cup that I fill with ground up coffee beans from my favorite local coffee shop and add almond milk with stevia. Saves me money, calories and the planet :)

  • Rebecca Marcus

    The video won’t work!!! it says it is private! :( I was really excited for the next coffee with K&K!!! please fix so i can watch!

    • Karli

      haha me too, i don’t want to fold laundry so i’d rather procrastinate and watch this ;)

  • Ingunn

    Every morning while i write my diary or read “the power of now” before my BC I have a double espresso with some heated almond milk and honey. So delicious and gives me the energy to give a 100% during my BC. ;) XX

  • Safarimaus

    When I walk into a coffee house, I order a cappucino every time. Cappucino is my favorite and better than a regular coffee with milk :-). I don’t like soy milk in the coffee or cappucino. It tastes always a kind of sweet. So I order my cappucino with regular cow milk.

  • Nicole Tuttle

    Organic Hawaiian drip coffee – black! It’s my favorite. I’ve been drinking my coffee black since I was 16 (which was a very long time ago). I can’t drink coffee with anything in it. I LOVE LOVE coffee!!

  • Elise

    :( can’t see the video :(

  • Mallory

    Says it’s private for me too!

  • Emily Lusk

    Is everyone able to watch the video? It now says it has been removed by the user on my end :(

  • Kerris Trienke

    Unsweetened matcha latte with coconut milk. SO good!

    • Kristin Abakin

      If it’s matcha from Starbucks, the powder they use is sweetened. It was so depressing finding that out! Lol

  • Rebecca Marcus

    LOVE these coffee with K&K videos!!! I seriously look forward to them all week. love you guys!

  • Kristy Barnes

    Living in a colder climate, there is nothing better than a warm coffee on a cold morning! I have to admit I am a Latte FREAK!! I love a creamy latte but I am allergic to soy, so I usually go for real milk, unless I can get almond milk. I should cut back, I am going to try just getting shots of espresso….maybe that will be just what I need?!

  • Karli

    YES! These are my favorite videos, keep em coming gals! For my coffee at home I brew one cup of dark organic Allegro Whole Foods Blend and add 1/2 tablespoon each of coconut crystals and organic grade B (super rich flavor) maple syrup with a splash of almond or coconut milk. As for the coffee shop, I’m still trying to figure that one out haha…right now I get a vanilla latte with 1 pump but I would like to cut that out all together since I never feel good afterwards. I love tea plain but I need something in my coffee so I might just start getting tea at the shops and having my coffee at home :)

  • Katie Horrell

    I’m so glad you did this video!! I’ve been wondering about this for a while now… I used to get the sugar free syrups but now I’m really trying to avoid them all together… But I wasn’t sure how to order or how many pumps to ask for. Is a 1/2 pump a thing?? I’ll remember this next time I’m at Starbucks if so :)

  • Jenna

    Starbucks offers coconut milk in the US and Canada now and soon almond milk in the US! Yay!!!!

    • Jenny

      It isn’t really coconut milk though. It’s virtually all sugar, chemicals, and water. :(

  • melissadicostanzo

    Katrina def sounded like yoda!

  • Julia Bianco

    It’s not usually on the menu, but every good coffee shop knows how to make one, but my favorite treat to get is a misto. I call it my “skinny girl latte on a budget”. It’s coffee with steamed milk, so you end up needing less milk than you would in a latte but with similar taste (and caffeine). Plus a grande at Starbucks is less than $3!

    • hayley

      Mistos are the Ialian version of a cafe au lait, by the way! Starbucks is one of the only places in the US that refers to them as mistos.

  • Britney

    I pretty much always get a cappuccino with almond milk :). It’s perfect!

  • Liana Haven

    My weakness is Cinnamon Dolce lattes. I always get it with skim milk, and I am trying to reduce the number of pumps I get because I know it is sugar-city in those bad boys. Otherwise I get a dirty chai or a plain latte! At home though, I just drink french press coffee black.

  • Emily

    I don’t drink coffee so I usually get half black, half green tea with a splash of lemonade (iced) love it and no sweetner.

  • Molly Meehan

    Half iced coffee and half black tea – unsweetened, from Starbucks. It is my new go-to!

  • Meghan

    Does anyone know where Katrina’s sweater is from ?! I’m obsessed!

  • Ruth

    my fav coffee is a soy Flat White, which is an Australian invention I believe :) Very occasionally I’ll have a latte, no sugar for any.