Coffee Chat with K&K


Good morning TIU Team! It’s time for a coffee chat!! As part of the Fit of Fall Charity Challenge, Karena and I are joining you for coffee to cover some of your most requested topics. Today, we’re delving into how to stay on track with your health and fitness goals while still enjoying time with friends, and loved ones. This is also great going into the holidays.  You definitely don’t want to miss this!

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  • Katerina Popova

    Love your K+K Coffee chats, thanks for creating it :) I was wondering, do you crave for sweets, I mean clean sweets? If you do, when is the best time to eat them? Also, what brand of coffee do you drink? I like to explore new things, usually get my coffee beans from local independent coffee shops or Counter Culture Consumption but want to try something else :) thank you <3

  • Madalyn T

    YAY! I love these so much! It is totally true that it’s hard sometimes, but it’s also true that your actions influence others. I have friends that have recently commented on my looks, saying how I look so good, I’m glowing, etc. I just tell them it’s a lifestyle change and they see what I eat and what I do, and I think that helps them too! Saying you “can’t” have something is also another thing that a lot of people do (I used to as well). I feel like when you say “oh I can’t have that” you are limiting yourself and setting yourself up for failure by feeling like you are “missing out.” That’s why I love the TIU team, community and plan so much, because it is all about balance. I indulge in an occasional treat and I don’t feel bad about it because I work so hard. And I never say I “can’t” have something. Instead, I just say “I’m good” and I’ll choose a better option. I love you girls and all of your inspiration, motivation and support! Thank you so much!!!! Xoxo

    • Sivi

      I could post exactly what you wrote ;)

  • DaniSnark

    It’s so true! I’ve had so many people (friends, family, and coworkers) ask me what I’m doing because I look so healthy and happy! I’ve even had a handful of friends message me and tell me that my workout posts on IG have inspired them to try Tone It Up and cook healthy tasty meals! I love it!!

    • Andrea

      That’s awesome:)! Keep up the good work and you are inspiring people all around you!

      • DaniSnark

        Thank you!! It’s definitely a really great feeling to both feel healthier and inspire others to do the same :) So grateful to the whole TIU team for getting me to where I am and pushing me to be my best self :)

  • lilmisscallahan

    I just enjoyed my coffee while watching you ladies! Love it! I really like the spritzer idea! xo

  • Chelsea Taylor

    great tips! I know so many of us struggle with family get togethers!

  • Elise

    I love that topic! At work is the place where there is always candy, cakes, muffins, donuts and I don’t really have a sweet tooth so I just use that haha. Or I ask for a smaller piece of cake when there are birthday celebrations. My family is really intrigued by what I eat LOL and they are always happily surprised when they come to my place and that I cook for them. My sister asked me for her birthday food that I eat and all vegetarian dishes or my sister in law got a taste of my kale salad and they just cannot stop eating it now! My best friend asked me to give her the recipe for the Portobello Mushroom pick me up she thought it was so good! And she is one judgy person about my fitness and healthy lifestyle (no offense taken, I love her and she loves me too we are different) But they feel so good after eating all our foods and they ask for more and want to come back :P I struggled a lot with eating out at first but now I feel like people know that I won’t eat this or that and are more open to it. Also I always ask: Do you want me to bring something? so if they are not planning on having something more Elise friendly they will let me bring it :D and that take off weights on their shoulder as hosts.
    I would love to learn more about spritzer recipes…I tried it and personally I found it blah. I love wine and I will continue enjoying it on his own, but sometimes if I want something lighter and now I don’t support alcohol like I use too (getting old!!! :P and I feel like my body is more sensible to it), what would you suggest? Could be a good subject for the Vlog … just saying :D
    Stay awesome! Love you xoxox

  • Diana

    Love you gals and these coffee with K&K! Kat, where did you get your sweater?? It is so cute! Love the shoulder cut outs! :)

  • Courtney Barron

    Thank you for talking about this topic I’ve been eating healthy and working out for the past 3 years and there are always those people who say your already skinny eat whatever you want! First of all I don’t like the word “skinny” it makes me sound to thin and frail which I’m not! I prefer “fit” we have all worked so hard for these strong healthy bodies why would we just want to throw it all away for a bunch of junk food. Although I do let myseld induldge every now and then always in moderation and let me tell you o appreciate that 1 brownie once a month so much more than if I had it everyday :) love the idea for a wine spritzer any suggestions on flavored soda water?

    • Brigette

      Courtney, have you tried SpinDrift Seltzer? I found them at Trader Joe’s in cans and I love it. No sweetners or artificial flavors just soda water with a hint of fruit juice.

      • Courtney Barron

        Thanks for the suggestion I’ll have to give it a try :)

  • Krystle

    Loved waking up to this! Thanks for the advice and excited for more k&k in my cup! <3

  • Andrea

    That’s a great way to explain why I’m not choosing a brownie!!! Thank you. I never would have thought of that. I would also like one of these to be on deeper details of meal prep. My fiance and I are trying to get into the habit of that so we don’t make grocery trips every other day.

  • Irena

    My country is known about loooong coffee breaks.. Like, when I go with my friends or boyfriend, we just sit down in one cafe near the sea and stay there for 2 or 3 hours… Hahaha.. I wish K&K make a longer coffee videos, because I simply LOVE THEM :))

    • Anja Hegelbach

      one could watch them for hours :) right?

      • Irena

        Yeah! They are so natural and cute ❤

  • FernandaR

    Oh my gosh totally something that was already on my mind, cause I usually either just have some of the healthiest options or for drinks bring my wine and soda water or my light cranberry juice but it’s sometimes hard cause at school I would just bring some yogurt and have a smoothie a natural one and then wait till I get home so its like Fernanda don’t you eat? And I’m like yeah I do, also the not so healthy stuff sometimes just not right now, so it can be hard to explain people might think or feel like something is not right cause you don’t eat the same but I usually go by I’m not having that right now so I don’t offend anyone but yeah… Its a little hard but totally worth it lol

  • Christina

    Im so glad you decided to make this a regular thing! xo!

  • Victoria

    Thanks for this video! I love the “I’m not in the mood for that” advice I have been practicing saying “I’m full, but thank you.” I would love to see a video about tips on how to get the right amount of sleep in a BUSY lifestyle. :)

    • Andrea

      Me, too!! That would be a great chat topic!

  • Sandy Arthur

    I would love to have you girls chat about what its like to run your business!

  • Anja Hegelbach

    I love the K&K Coffee Chat! More of it please. Woohooo

  • Jolene

    I love these videos! Side note: I NEED Kat’s sweater!! <3 <3 <3

    • Christie Ressel

      yes!! I’d love to know where she got her sweater from!

  • Sharon Muse

    I have a question about how Katrina’s mother lost 30 pounds so quickly? Did she follow the Nutrition Plan to a tee (or tea – I have no idea which it is:) or did she modify it? I am 47 and wondering if I can eat all that is on the plan or should I scale back as my metabolism is slowing down? Thank you and thank you for all the fun K & K videos, workout plans and videos – they are so much fun and effective as well!!

  • Andrea

    Great advice with the new coffee chat with K and K! Instead of opening up that dreaded convo as to why you’re not eating something bad, just say I’m not in the mood. Simple and won’t offend anyone:)!

  • faeryinloveinc

    Love the video. Where are your shirts from? So cute :)

  • Dani Raz

    Please discuss how to maintain your weight after you have reached your goal!!!!

  • Paige Hodges

    Love K+K coffee. It makes me smile and laugh :) I would like to hear about good timing for meals. How many meals do you eat a day? How many carbs, calories, and protein do you recommend a day? Thanks girls!

  • Yaara Leve

    Love these videos! And I love Kat’s sweater! The off-the-shoulder is so cute! Could you post where it’s from? I’d like to see you guys do a video chat of what a typical workout routine looks like for you on a typical week. Like–do you follow the TIU weekly schedule;go to classes; do you own thing? I’ve always been curious.

  • Jori Taylor Hodgson

    I love the idea of these coffee chats! I feel like I’m talking to you guys during these videos like a great big foolish person. I’m like agreeing and nodding my head ;)

    Anyway, I love that you said that it puts people on the defense because that is exactly what I have always said myself. I had yet to come up with a good way to address it with people during a get together. Before I found TIU I was doing all sorts of other things to loose weight such as different diets plans and during the holidays when I saw family most they would try to get a rise out of me by saying “Oh, Jori! Jeez, you’re always on a different diet. Just live a little. Have any of them worked for you? No. Just leave it alone and be happy.” It really bothered me. You try things to see what works for you. I felt like they were telling me to give up on my goals. I wasn’t happy and I was determined to change myself. I have now….no thanks to them. I still love them though :)

  • Mich

    Can you talk about how to maintain a habit? Like when you make a decision to start working out or cutting down sugar, etc, how to keep it going? I feel like i’ve been with you guys forever (i think 7 years!) yet i still haven’t been able to go down to my goal weight of 120. I’ve made it to 130 but that’s the most i’ve been able to do!

  • Amy Marie

    I would like to know in a K&K chat….. When r one or both of you going to get pregnant?! I can’t wait for it! Prego workout videos ;) woot woot!!

    • Tiffany

      I WANT THE SAME THING!!! A baby series would make my life

  • Sacha

    I also love cheese!! I try to limit it – I won’t eat things like cheese and crackers (because I will waaaay over-indulge!), but I will make some meals with it, if the recipe calls for it mixed in or sprinkled on top. Fresh parm in a dinner or even fresh mozz with tomatoes and basil are great choices. None of that processed sliced cheese ;)

  • Megan Powers Rivas

    The spritzer was a great idea! Tried it last night. Also, what are those cookies in the photo?!!!!

  • Sandy Arthur

    Since Karena and Bobby just got engaged (!!!!) could you beautiful ladies talk about relationships and how to keep everything fresh?? Also how is it working with your husband Katrina? Do you ever butt heads creatively? Does Bobby also work for TIU?

  • Sandy Arthur

    Since Karena and Bobby just got engaged (!!!!) could you beautiful ladies talk about relationships and how to keep everything fresh?? Also how is it working with your husband Katrina? Do you ever butt heads creatively? Does Bobby also work for TIU? That engagement was adorable Bobby!!! Can’t wait to go to the retreat next year if it happens again!!

  • Tiffany

    I want to know if we can still count HIIT as a mile? It’s not realistic for me to do an outdoor cardio workout every day so I supplement with HIIT. In the past challenges we’ve been allowed to do this but #100forcharity seems to imply that I can only count miles with which I use the charity miles app. Please help me :)

    • Jules TonesitUp

      they say that 10 minutes of cardio (HIIT, zumba, kickboxing, etc.) = 1 mile…bike and swim might have different measurements though!

      • Tiffany

        Hey! yeah, I know that has been true in other challenges. I’m wondering specifically about *this* challenge.

  • Elida Canelo

    I love these coffee chat videos! I would like to know when will the kettle bell and stability ball be available for purchase? They are so cute!!

  • Nancy

    Would love a Tone It Up coffee mug!! maybe next project??

  • Robyn Hadden

    I would love to know what yall do when you’re staring to feel run down, like on the verge of getting sick. Do you cut back on working out? Rest more? Change what you’re eating? I never know what to do when it comes to my workouts when I feel like I’m getting sick! Thanks! Xoxo