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As so many of you have experienced, the Beach Babe Program is made up of 8 ultra effective, bikini-worthy workouts to completely reshape your entire body! This is the ULTIMATE workout plan, ideal for getting into the best shape of your life for summer and beyond! This team has expressed so much positivity about these workouts and today we’re really thrilled to share them with you. Creating, filming and producing this program was one of the most difficult and challenging projects we’ve ever taken on and it’s so exciting to hear and see how successful this program has been for you!

If you’ve been thinking about joining our Summer Challenge, now is the perfect time! These workouts paired with the Bikini Program from the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan guarantee you’ll have the best, most fit sunny season ever!

From heart-pumpin’ interval training to total-body toning and booty lifting, waist cinching workouts— this program will leave you looking & feeling better than you ever have before.

Join us behind-the-scenes of filming Beach Babe 3 in the video below…

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beach-babe-dvd-program-toneitup ♥ Beach Bombshell - Want to feel amazing all over? This is your workout! You’ll feel the burn in your arms, booty, core & legs! That bikini is waiting for you…

 ♥ Coconut Core & Booty - A toning match made in heaven. Sexy abs and tight, beautiful buns are yours!

 ♥ The Ultimate BootyCall – A HIIT routine to remember! Join us for the most insane workout as the sun rises over the Caribbean sea.

 ♥ Beach Arms - The absolute best arms moves in one dreamy sequence. This routine is designed to sculpt gorgeous beach arms that will leave surfer boys doing a double take ;)

 ♥ Caribbean Kettlebell -  Unleash your inner sexy siren, because this challenging workout is not for the fait of heart. Prepare to be greatly rewarded for your efforts, babe!

 ♥ String Bikini - This one’s for all of our on-the-go gals. We designed the ideal fine toning routine to lift, tone, tighten and sculpt all those areas your fave suit showcases!

 ♥ Beach Ball – Improve balance, target your total body and work every angle of your core with this turbocharged toning workout! You will have a ball every time you press play!

 ♥ Beach Stretch & Release - Allow the benefits of your intense workouts wash over you with these lengthening, feel-good moves!


1. How to Get Started - This simple guide gives you everything you need to know to jump-start into your Beach Babe program!

2. 5 Tips for Sexy Abs – OH yes, babe! We’re revealing our tried and true secrets for a tight, toned tummy!

3. Our TOP Motivation Tips - An inspiring boost, anytime you need it









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  • Christina

    Eeek ! So exciting! I’m so glad my review was featured. I truly love that DVD so it’s that much more fantastic that I was selected. Thank you Tone It Up!

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      Congrats again! So proud of you!

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    Congrats winners!!!!

  • Tess Spackman

    So thankful to have my review featured! I am so inlove with this program and every workout on this DVD is AMAZING!! Could not be more proud to have you two as my trainers :)

    • Christina


    • toneitupcom

      Thank you so much Tess!! Happy you + Happy trainers ;)

  • Kimberly Fitch

    I have been on cloud 9 all morning since learning that my review of BB3 won. K&K thank you for creating this wonderful community. TIU is helping me to change my life. Thank you.

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      Thank you so much for taking the time to review Beach Babe 3!! Means so much to us :) xxxo

  • Paula

    seems like I will need to order this ! please visit my blog <3 <3

  • Christina

    Made my day too! Yay

  • Mariah

    Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you Karena & Katrina for making such an amazing DVD I absolutely love it! This was the very first Tone It Up/Beach Babe DVD I’ve had, and I’m sooo glad I got it! Your workouts are amazing! Thanks for creating such an awesome workout program for this community. Love you gals! :)

  • Laura Wynn

    aaaaaaaaa!!!! So exciting to see my video up there! Thank you K&K! This just made my day a gazillion times more awesome. <3

  • Katrina

    AHHHH!!! My video is up! :) THANK YOU!! I have been enjoying the Fit Fierce & Fabulous book and feeling SOO GOOD (and it’s just day 3 :) AND THEN this happens?! :D woohoo! I love the new book & the recipes inside ! omg ! And I LOVE BB3 – did the Coconut Core and Booty routine for my bootycall this morning… AND the ENTIRE 8 week Bikini Program is so amazing !! I want to just repeat it over and over again ;) Thanks for the AMAZINGNESS you ladies (and your team) come up with!!! – it inspires us all ! It makes us all work super hard, too :) xxo K

  • Melissa

    YAY OLIVIA!!!!

  • Iqlaas

    Hello Karena and Katrina!
    My name is Iqlaas. I want to order your Beach Babe 3.
    But there is one problem, I live in HOLLAND.
    My question is , Is it possible to order Beach Babe 3?
    All the best,

  • Cassie

    What beautiful, positive reviews!

  • Angela Johnston

    One thing I forgot to mention in my review is how happy I was to see the Kettlebell routine! I loved it!