We are SO excited to announce the 2015 BIKINI SERIES winners!

Katrina and I have spent the last week going through this team’s incredible submissions! We love reading your stories, watching your fun videos and seeing your gorgeous, confident smiles in every ‘after’ photo. Each and every single one of you have achieved so much. You’re stronger, more vibrant, excited about life and most of all, committed to your healthy lifestyle.

We are so proud of EVERYONE  ~ not only the winners below, but this team as a whole!! Throughout the BIKINI SERIES your daily check ins with healthy meals and completed workouts completely inspired us. This community of women is like no other. You are all WINNERS. You’ve won health, happiness and love for your beautiful body!

You all deserve the world, and with the help of our friends Grand Velas Rivera Maya, we could not be more excited to give a tropical dream vacation to these 3 incredible bombshells! 




“Tone It Up and the BIKINI SERIES changed my life this year by helping to give me back a life worth living. I battled Crohn’s disease for over a decade and it severely depleted my quality of life… at age 22, I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. Since then I’ve been through chemo twice, radiation twice, and had countless surgeries. Some days all I want to do is stay in bed, and admittedly, some days I do! But one day I discovered TIU and the BIKINI SERIES. At the beginning of this series, I could barely walk. Still, I was able to adapt TIU exercises to my level of fitness and build strength from there. Between seeing results, loving the lifestyle of the nutrition plan, and discovering the power of my sisters in the TIU community, I was EXTREMELY motivated to press on! I increased my flexibility, and I ultimately gained my life back!”



“It was an email from Karena and Katrina announcing the BIKINI SERIES that gave me hope. It was your voices during every workout that pushed me to keep going, because I wasn’t happy the way I was and if I wanted to change I had to PUSH. This community motivates and inspires me every day to make healthy choices. Never in my life have I been a part of something this special; a group of women who make an effort every day to build each other up. This program has changed me forever. I wish you could meet the woman I was 8 weeks ago and then see me today. Shining bright, smiling big. Then you would know. My boyfriend, family, friends and co-workers see it. Most importantly I SEE IT. I’m a new person.”



“Tone It Up improved my life by helping me LOVE myself and my body again.This BIKINI SERIES challenge was the first one that I committed to 100% and actually stuck to it. This challenge improved my life because I proved to myself that anything is possible!! My reward for this challenge is that for the FIRST TIME I can see my abs! They are just starting to peak through and I NEVER thought I would achieve that. I’m proud of myself for completing the challenge and having stuck to my goals. I have lost 6 pounds, gained muscle and I love every inch of myself.”

The three amazing girls above won…


valued at over $5,782

Grand Prize Collage




“I have never been healthier in my mind, body, and soul. I was able to lose weight, define muscles, wake up for 4:30am Booty Calls, and break plateaus. I treated my body with love and respect. I put on a bikini for the first time in years and I looked in the mirror and smiled with self-confidence!”



“I am so proud of myself and this team for everything we have accomplished during the BIKINI SERIES, and am so grateful to have found Tone It Up. I can hardly believe this is me. I actually feel good about myself! I am a smiling, confident, empowered woman. I’m a Tone It Up girl!”



“Eight weeks later and I am the SMALLEST I have ever been (a size 4)! I lost 12lbs and 8.75 inches! The best part, is that the drastic healthy changes on the outside now reflect the changes on the inside. I feel confident, beautiful and FIT! I even rocked a cheeky Maaji bikini for the first time in my life!”



 “My confidence shined and I actually felt like a true bombshell. The numbers were amazing to see I lost 10 lb over these few weeks, and lost so many inches all over. For me, it was more than a number, it was the non scale victories that turned me into a BOMBSHELL!”



“Exercising is now part of my daily routine. I know how to listen to my body and give it what it needs.  And now, I’m able to give more of myself to my husband, my family, and my students. I’ve learned to love and care for myself in a way that I never have before.”



“The BIKINI SERIES gave me confidence that extends further than my beautiful body. My work is better, I am kinder to myself, people notice a difference in my body… mention that I’m glowing, radiating light and positivity. I’ve lost 18 pounds, 11 inches…. I feel like I’m Brand New.”



“This challenge shaped me into the person I always imagined I would be. I feel stronger, leaner, healthier, more confident and able to take on anything. The Nutrition Plan completely changed the way I eat. The recipes make it simple to follow a healthy lifestyle consisting of healthy and whole foods. I own all three of the Beach Babe DVDs and the workouts transformed my body into the strongest and most toned it’s ever been!”



“Throughout this BIKINI SERIES I reached so many milestones…I finally reached a healthy BMI for the first time since I was 11 years old!”



“I just want to emphasize how much TIU has changed my life, not just physically but emotionally. I have my spark back! 8 weeks ago I never would of imagined myself up before my LPN shift to get in my Booty Call, but I did it! I never thought that I would completely change my eating habits, enjoy cooking, and put myself first every day before helping others but I DID IT!”



“Because of Tone It Up, I feel healthy, confident, happy, and strong! The emotional transformation I made from the Bikini Series is just as great as the physical. I am a fit, fierce, and fabulous bombshell.”

The 10 babes above won…

valued at over $311


The10 winners above will receive the following…




“Tone It Up has simply changed the way I think of not only my health and fitness as a whole but the way I process the image that I see reflecting at me every single moment.”



“I’ve learned SO much about how to optimize my results with my meals thanks to the amazing tips & tricks included in the plan along with the delicious recipes!”



“I put my faith in the #BIKINIPROGRAM knowing I was fueling my body according to the #TIUNutritionPlan and following the toning routines. I kept striving to reach my goals and hoped my body would follow along. And it did. It sure freaking did.”



“I have learned delicious new recipes, experienced workouts and routines to tone while losing weight, and also gained friendships and support systems. Most of all, I’ve learned to love myself for who I am.”



“I have abs for the first time in my life! Even more than that, I feel incredibly proud to have completed this challenge, and I no longer want to be like other girls, I want to be a stronger, fitter and healthier version of myself!”



“The success I saw during BIKINI SERIES was due to the Nutrition Plan. Having all eight weeks done for me kept me on track and really changed my outlook on food.”



“My hope is that women young and old view my journey and realize you can make changes to become the best version of yourself at any age, but the sooner you accept the challenge, the sooner your life will shift into your BEST LIFE EVER! The 8 Week Bikini Series gave me everything I needed to assure my success. I believe the Meal Plan was key for me personally!”



“I’m currently down 12 pounds and seeing muscle definition! The Bikini Series and Tone It Up Community have helped me re-define my life and determine what truly matters. I’ve gained confidence and self-esteem that I feared I may never get back.”



“I was able to find myself again during this BIKINI SERIES. It helped me re-establish my nutrition by following the Bikini Program, re-connect with myself by doing the PM challenges, and get a leaner body by following the weekly schedule workouts.”



“I have lost over 11 pounds and 21 inches. I now get up early every morning to workout, making clean meals. My kids are working out with me, we going on runs, we are all in the swimming pool, hiking and I can finally move my wedding ring!”

The 10 babes above won…


valued at over $215


Karena & Katrina

It’s never too late to change your life, change your body and to start living the happy, healthy, energetic life you’re meant to be living! Join the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan today!tone-it-up-nutrition-plan-program-review-900x548


  • Katrina

    CONGRATS EVERYONE!! It is so amazing to see all of your stories and success! I spy 2 #TIUseattle winners ;) (Chelsea and Tiffany ) YAY!! :D

    • Summer

      Yes!! So deserving. Gorgeous BOMBSHELLS!

  • http://www.mymidwestexistence.com/ Jessica Clemmerson

    Way to go ladies!! You all look amazing!! <3

  • Diana

    Congrats to all the beautiful ladies that won this year! Your transformations are so motivating and I am so proud to be a part of such a wonderful community of women! Thank you @toneitupcom:disqus!! xoxo @dianamfranklin

  • Sarah R

    Wow! You all look so amazing and happy in your after photos! Also, y’all have cute swimsuits! So happy for all of you! Awesome job; you totally killed it!

  • Marcie T

    Amazing! Congrats to the winners, you all did awesome!

  • Cassandra Di Mauro

    Congratulations ladies! You all put in some amazing work and it shows!!!! Enjoy the prizes :-)

  • rileytiu

    You’re all glowing, beautiful and strong reminders of what an incredible TIU Team we have!!! Big, big congrats to all of you! xoxoxo

  • Kaylee O’Neil

    Congrats to all those who WON, but also all the #TIUSisters out there. I watched so many submissions, and connected with so many amazing women… We are all winners because we completed this challenge and we took the step forward to make a change in our lives. We chose us! Congrats to EVERYONE who completed this challenge and was able to fall in love with themselves! I am so proud to be part of the #TIUCommunity and I can not wait for the rest of my TIULIFE to continue!

    • Brittany

      Very well said!!! I feel the same way!!! :)

  • https://superfitbabe.wordpress.com/ Cassie

    Congratulations to the gorgeous winners :D we all did a great job!

  • Kelly Shupe

    Congrats to all the winners and participants of this year’s bikini series!! I love seeing all the happy faces of the many women who’s lives have been touched and changed by TIU. I can totally relate! You are all beautiful and amazing!!

  • Anna

    Congratulations, beautiful girls!!

  • Stephanie Swaim

    Ladies, you are awesome!! Congratulations on all of your amazing progress! :)

  • Kelly

    Yay to the winners and to all of us TIU girls rocking the bikini series all summer long!

  • Krishna Patel

    Awww these posts and vlogs are so inspiring! I am so glad I chose to be a part of this community! Congrats you beautiful ladies!!

  • Alex

    An enormous congratulations to the winners, and to the whole team! I’m so proud to be a member of this community and I love seeing everybody succeed and reach their goals! Love you all, babes!!

  • karli_tonesup

    Woop woop!!! Congratulations to all the winners! Well deserved and very inspiring!

  • Paula

    congratulations girls! <3 you did amazing! <3 please visit my blog <3 <3 https://enjoybypaula.wordpress.com

  • Bailey

    This is so inspiring! A big congratulations to not only the winners but all the beach babes out there who completed the Beach Babe program!

  • Danielle

    If this isn’t motivation enough, I don’t know what is! Congrats ladies!

  • Madalyn

    Seriously amazing! Some of these made me cry!!! I’m so inspired and CONGRATS to every one of you beautiful ladies!

  • Tania Dejanira

    So proud of seeing all these stories and the transformations. I know how sentimental and inspiring this was first hand. I also submitted my story which was an amazing journey for me. I am sad I was not chosen so my story can also be shared w/ the rest of the community. At least all the people close to me has experienced first hand my changes and I’ve inspired more than one to also take charge in their lives to go for what they’ve always dreamed of. For me, it wasn’t about just losing weight,and toning up, it was letting go of pain that trapped me for years. Cheers to all the winners, and may your journey don’t stop here! Life changing for me and I hope for many others!!! I wonder if I will at least get a “thank you email” for my submission, I am even wondering if it was received. :( :( ANYWAY< HAPPY TUESDAY MERBABES! CONGRATULATIONS!

    • toneitupcom

      Hi Tania! We loved your story and were so inspired by everything you’ve overcome! Way to go girl!! xxo

  • Audrey Clark

    Such an inspiration!! Congratulations to all of the winners and everyone who pushed hard through those 8 weeks!!! xoxo

  • kp_Sparkles

    I would have loved to have gotten the results that they did. :( How do they keep up with the series? I have been wanting to restart the series. Afraid that I will fail again.

    • http://www.laurenliveshealthy.com Lauren Shaber

      Hi! Don’t get discouraged! Remember that everyone has different bodies & will get different results! I did the series and stuck to it about 95%. I wasn’t on the list, but I lost weight & inches. I’d recommend having an accountability buddy… it helps SO much. I also checked in on Instagram at the end of each day with photos of every meal I had. It’s tedious to take photos but you can’t cheat when you have to show your meals to someone. I’d also say set yourself up for success by making a plan ahead of time. Before the series, I told my boyfriend what I have to do for the next 8 weeks & asked him to help keep me accountable. I asked him to help walk the dog if it were after 8pm so I could get to bed early & told him that I’d be meal prepping every Sunday afternoon. We also went on walks together to get the miles in. I also did weight/measurements every Sunday with Set the Bar bi-weekly to help track results. Good luck!! I’m here if you have questions :) xo – Lauren (@laurenliveshealthy)

    • Julie Moses-Cleveland

      you can do it!!!!! honestly, this is the first series that i have ever pushed through, after belonging to TIU for 4 years…it really is a lifestyle change and it takes patience and perseverance! you can do it!!!!

  • Julie Moses-Cleveland

    congratulations, winners!!!! your stories are amazing! great work :)

  • Ashley Anne Schjoneman

    Congrats team!! You’re ALL amazing!!