This is IT… Week 8 of the BIKINI SERIES!

Week 8 Bikini Series Main Image

Let’s kick off the final week of the BIKINI SERIES challenge with a bang! Give every single workout your ALL and stay focused on fueling your body with healthy meals… because it’s all about finishing strong. Think of those quickly approaching beach days for motivation to jump out of bed and work that BOOTY!

This week we will also announce how to enter to win the BIKINI SERIES Grand Prize! This year’s prize includes an all inclusive trip to the incredible five diamond resort, Grand Velas Riviera Maya! Airfare, food, room service and drinks are all included!! Three of you will win this spectacular gift and you’ll have the chance to bring anyone along for the Caribbean vacation of a lifetime! To be eligible for the Grand Prize, you must be a member of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. All other prizes, including weekly  are open to everyone!

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You’re all doing so amazing that why stop HERE!?  Let’s all have a healthy and fit summer.  We’re starting an 8 week #BikiniProgram challenge on June 8th!

For all of you that have the 8 Week Bikini Program and Beach Babe DVD, we’re going to keep it going to stay fit all summer long!! We’ll be doing prizing and a grand prize too :) Stay TUNED! If you have our new book Fit Fierce and Fabulous, we’ll be incorporating the lifestyle challenges for the first 28 days using the hashtag #FitFierceFab! AND we’re of course continuing the weekly schedule… so we’re all pretty much guaranteed to have the fittest summer ever :)

Who’s IN!? Hashtag #BikiniProgram!!

Let’s GO WEEK 8!






Download your on-the-go PRINTABLE HERE! Just Right CLICK and Select “Save Link As…”

For all you babe following the 8 Week Bikini Program, today’s routine is your Beach Ball Workout!


You can also complete BIKINI KETTLEBELL

PM Challenge ~ 30 minute sunset walk!

Tonight's sunset had us dreaming of summer

Stroll through your neighborhood with someone you love. This is a really fun way to end the day while burning some calories!


✓ Abs & Arms!

MORNING BOOTY CALL ~ 20 minutes of high intensity cardio, your choice!

Take an early morning vinyasa yoga class, go for a run or choose from our top BIKINI SERIES cardio routines HERE!

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 11.19.44 PM

Tone your Abs & Arms!


Download your on-the-go printable HERE! Just right click and select “Save Link As…”

TRIPLE AB toning challenge




PM Challenge ~ Plan a #TIUMeetUp!

Reach out to your local #TIUgirls and plan an end of the BIKINI SERIES party for the weekend! Stock up on that rosé :)

Meet up 2

Wild on Wednesday



Find a set of stairs, or hop on the stairmaster at the gym for 30 minutes of cardio + booty burn! How about your STAIRMILL routine!?
You can also complete 30 minutes of your favorite cardio!




3 Moves To Tone Those THIGHS!

PM CHALLENGE ~ Be present!

Focus on enjoying the simple, beautiful moments all throughout the day!

Take time to stop and smell the roses… it will awaken your senses and bring you back to being present and in the moment. xxo ~ Kat



✓ Yoga


How about a do-anywhere HIIT?! Get ready for summer, bombshell! 




Download your on-the-go printable HERE! Just Right Click and select “Save Link As…”

PM CHALLENGE ~ Get ready to take your ‘after’ photo!

It’s so important to document how far you’ve come during the last 8 weeks! You’ve worked hard and dedicated so much to becoming your healthiest, happiest self yet!
Even if it’s for your eyes only… take that snapshot!
See our tips on taking the perfect photo HERE!



✓ TOTAL Body


Remember to take 30-60 second breaks between your HIIT sets! 



Download your on-the-go printable HERE! Just right click & select “Save Link As…” 


Give us 10 more minutes to sculpt that Surfer Girl Body! It’s time for Cowabunga!

PM CHALLENGE ~ Dessert time!

Tonight, indulge in your favorite, healthy dessert! We’re in LOVE with the Key Lime Bites from the 8 Week Bikini Program!!
One bite and you’ll be transported to summer heaven! 


Saturday & Sunday


Final Set the Bar Routine!
We want you to complete Set The Bar from Beach Babe 2. Compare your results from Week 1! 

See a preview of this routine below…




Take a moment to reflect on the past 8 weeks. You’ve shown yourself what you are capable of and now there are no limits to what you can achieve. Think about the challenges you’ve overcome and the changes you’ve made with the turn of every page!!

Now… get ready to be Fit, Fierce & Fabulous!!

Fit, Fierce & Fabulous is a 28 Day program that encompasses your Tone It Up lifestyle. It focuses on nurturing your beautiful spirit and teaches you how to step out to be that fierce and confident woman you deserve to be! In the book, we also share our heart-felt, personal stories and journey to Tone It Up. The program incorporates new workouts, lifestyle tips and daily spiritual challenges to transform your mind and body! This book is a perfect companion to your Tone It Up Nutrition Program (if you’re not a member, now is the perfect time to join!)  

  • Joy Chara Tilliridou

    I’M IN! #FitFierceFab #BikiniProgram !! Also, June 8th is a Monday but Day 1 on the Meal by Meal guide is Sunday. Soooo… we just do the meal prep and meals and start workouts on Monday?? Just curious :!)

    • kp_Sparkles

      Are we doing the bikini program at the same time as the book or after? Also, is the bikini program something different from the bikini series? because I was going to try to do the bikini series again after the book.

      • Joy Chara Tilliridou

        Well I don’t have the book yet, but from all the reviews I’m reading, it has something like the PM Challenges we get on the weekly schedule, but this time it is concentrated to make each girl feel like a beach bombshell :) The 8 week meal to meal program is supposed to be the same, and the girls did mention that if you did that, the workouts will also be the same. The will probably just change the weekly schedule a bit so pretty much, it will be like the bikini series with an ego boost :) I didn’t do the bikini series so I can’t wait to start this one !!

        • kp_Sparkles

          so is the meal plan the bikini program we were supposed to do with the bikini series this year? i thought that we were going to do the bikini series again after the book. i wanted to do that since I don’t have any dvds.

          • Joy Chara Tilliridou

            It’s pretty much the same, only it’s called Bikini Program :) Starting this Monday :)

          • kp_Sparkles

            so the bikini program is the bikini series, right? I was going to dot hat after the book monday. I am just kind of confused lol.

          • Joy Chara Tilliridou

            It’s the same, but different # (hashtag) and it has the addition of the book challenges :) It took me a minute too!

  • Shannon M Lort

    @ joy…..K and K mentioned before that each week begins on Sunday Because a week isn’t a week without food prep! :) so, FIT fierce starts on a monday though, but I would follow the workouts scheduled in the bikini program!

    • Joy Chara Tilliridou

      That’s what I thought and I’m pretty sure the girls will clear it our later on, but I’m so excited that I can’t wait!! :)
      Thank you Shannon ;)

    • kp_Sparkles

      The book states that it starts on a Monday, so I guess they are switching it up. I think they started this series on a Sunday though.

      • Joy Chara Tilliridou

        Thanks! I ordered the book but it’s back ordered so I didn’t have it in front of me for a reference :!)

        • Farah Langton

          You can also get it on kindle :)

          • Joy Chara Tilliridou

            That’s what I did :) I am waiting for the actual book, AND I downloaded it on kindle :) Thanks!

  • Angela Michelle Schwengler


  • karli_tonesup

    Yeah!!! So excited!!

  • Barbara Atencio

    SO sad that the bikini tries is almost over!!! :( But I am SO ready for this new challenge!!! Woooo! @babstiu

  • lisa

    I’m in for #fitfiercefab! June 8th starts my week vacation but I’m still going to do the workouts from the book!

  • Trina Balston

    New members only bundles? Need more multis and another jounral lol :)

  • Katie

    Hey ladies what happened to the monthly calendars? I loved having them as my laptop wallpaper!

    • Joy Chara Tilliridou

      Ooooh!! I used to love those, too, and I was thinking the same thing! But maybe they stopped them because we get the 8 week meal by meal plan now?

    • kp_Sparkles

      I miss them so much. i’ve been wanting a monthly calendar/workout schedule too. Like how blogilates does theirs so all we have to do is check the box when we get the workouts done. That would make it so much easier to follow along! they can do the weekly schedule normally and then also the monthly to print out. I personally love the picture ones and not pds. I like how you do them as wallpaper! :)

  • Cassie

    I loved this challenge so much! It really helped me get to know the TIU community and become stronger and fitter!

  • Tankesultan

    Finish strong, mermaids! :D

    • Kaitie Dolores

      THANK YOU @disqus_5FlQ22ZBCU:disqus !!

    • Samantha Melendez

      Thank you for making the schedules for us! I love all of them and it made planning way easier :)

    • kp_Sparkles

      I think I’ll use them for when I begin the series again (for myself) This july! Thanks!

  • Anna

    So excited to rock Week 8 with all of my BEAUTIFUL TIU sisters!! We got this, girls!!
    Xo, @tiugirlanna

  • Ashley Anne Schjoneman

    Yay for week 8!!! :D I leave for Florida in about 2 weeks!!! I get to finish the challenge strong and go on my vacay feeling sexy and confident! Last year, I went in the middle of the bikini series so this was beyond perfect timing!!! :D I’ll start Fit Fierce Fab after too!!

  • Juststopcrying

    Holy…that Monday morning booty call workout…super intense.

    • jojo1090

      I know!! I was dripping in sweat after hitty bitty bikini workout!

  • @tiu_katee

    We’re almost to the finish line, babes! Keep up the great work :)

  • Jessica

    #BikiniSeries check in…Absolutely love the HIITY workout, it gets me so pumped. Hope you ladies enjoyed your weekend xoxo

  • Madison

    Does anyone know why the app is not
    available anymore? Im trying to refer a friend and its gone!

  • Diana Fonseca

    such a lazy day for me :( i wasnt in the mood :s and i´ve been eating a quite more, what do i do to control my cravings?

  • Samantha Cooperberg

    im confused, when today tuesday for example it has the three booty workouts do we have to do one round of the workouts or 3 rounds as the printables say.

    • kp_Sparkles

      I think you can do one round of each if that’s all you want to do. you can do more if you’re up for it. :)

  • Samantha Cooperberg

    so when it says we need to do those 3 booty workouts does that mean 1 round of each one or 3 rounds of each one, same with the ab workout we need to do

  • Jessica

    #BikiniSeries check in…Hope everyone did their arms and abs today :) No new video today?? xoxo

  • Jessica

    #BikiniSeries check in…My favorite thing to work on is my booty and I enjoyed doing all the booty popping routines lol xoxo

  • jojo1090

    bikini yoga flow was incredible! Possibly my favorite from the whole bikini series! I feel like I need a whole TIU yoga flow series! Thanks @toneitupcom @karenakatrina #Bikiniseries #tiucommunity

  • kp_Sparkles

    I’ve been lazy this week. There’s hardly any comments. Are you guys doing okay for this series? This final week’s almost up!

  • brittany horrell

    week 8 is almost over and i am so glad that the fit fierce and fabulous program starts right after! I love participating in this program and community! get ready summer… here we come!!

  • Haley Closson

    I have a question, if anyone knows the answer I’d love to hear. I’m curious, what would be the best order to do this workout in? Would it be best to do the cardio first and then the mermaid toning or toning first and then the cardio? I just want to get the most bang for my buck with these workouts. If anyone has any insight for me I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m really looking forward to the new workout challenges coming up too!!

  • Rachael M.

    loved this challenge!!! the changes i’ve seen in my body are amazing!!! i can’t wait for the next one. ( i have to say if there wasn’t another one i was just going to redo this one )

  • christina olnils

    Thank you for AMAZING results, encouragement, drive, passion and dedication during the Bikini Series! You´re the best! <3

  • samantha

    anyone else a week behind in the bikini series like me? i’m finishing this up this week and wondering if anyone else is too! can’t wait to start the bikini program next week :)