Here We Go… Week 7! And the next challenge… ;)


Morning team! We hope you’re enjoying the long holiday weekend.  Take some time to think about all the brave men and women that have given their lives for this country.  Memorial Day is a day to celebrate our freedom and remember those that have made that possible.

We’re going into week 7 of the BIKINI SERIES!  For the next two weeks we want you to do whatever it takes to stay on top of your workouts, healthy eating and positive mindset.  Carefree days, blazing rays and adventure packed getaways are coming up, and this means that now, more than ever is the time to work hard and stay strong. Share your inspiration and stay motivated on Instagram with the hashtag #BIKINISERIES!

 This week’s workouts will challenge you, but it will be so worth it! Be prepared to amaze yourself!  

For everyone who’s asking what’s coming after the BIKINI SERIES ~ we’re going to do a Fit, Fierce & Fabulous Challenge starting June 8th! For all of you that have the 8 Week Bikini Program and Beach Babe DVD, we’re going to start that again too to stay fit all summer long!! #FitFierceFab will be more of the lifestyle challenges the first 28 days and the workouts are all in the 8 Week Plan! The bikini journal is perfect to stay on track :)

We’ll of course still post the weekly workout schedules too for everyone with daily workouts and challenges!

Who’s IN!? Hashtag #BikiniProgram & #FitFierceFab


Also, we have a new #Vlogforsummer up! It’s a sneak peek into our tour. We’re going to be posting a tour recap too! We loved meeting each and every one of you.  It was so cool to see all of you in person that we see check in everyday!  The number one question so many of you asked us was how we balance everything from running Tone It Up, Perfect Fit, traveling, personal life, working out ourselves and sleeping… well, we’re not really sure, haha!  We work over 70-80 hours a week on writing, filming and putting together programs, we have an incredible team at our HQ (many of you met them this week!), we work out about an hour a day and we travel a lot. We also work every Saturday and Sunday which helps spread everything out. We find balance by scheduling in workouts and we just try to make everything fun, no matter what we’re doing! You have to be able to laugh and have a good time even when things get challenging.  A friend said to me the other day~ you girls work so hard, but it’s not stressful because it comes from a place of passion. I’m not going to say it’s not stressful at times, but it’s true.  If you do something out of passion, it does motivate you to jump out of bed in the morning. Passion will drive you to do the craziest of things, but it’s because you LOVE IT! We’re so grateful we can even call this work, because we wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. This community is what keeps us motivated (and sane! haha!)  So thank you to all of you… as we continue to grow we hope to be able to offer you more videos on YouTube, workouts, fitness programs, tools to help you succeed, nutrition products, community events, meetups, tours and beyond! We just want you to be the healthiest and happiest you’ve ever been and to find others with the same ~passion~ as YOU! xx K&K



✓ Cardio & Toning!


Enjoy yourself today! Soak up the sunshine, relax and laugh!  Remember all of the brave men and women who gave this day to you… xx

Stars & Stripes Feature.jpg

MORNING BOOTY CALL ~ Wake up and work it out

Squeeze in your Stars & Stripes Routine. This is the perfect mix of cardio and total body toning.

Don’t have a jumprope? Perform jumping jacks instead!


Have 13 more minutes!? Tighten up your legs & booty!


For everyone on the 8 Week Bikini Program, pair this with Caribbean Kettlebell on the Beach Babe DVD!

Download your on-the-go printable HERE! Just Right Click and select “Save Link As…”

Sip on this Sassy Summer Fresca


  • 3 cup of seedless watermelon
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • Juice of 1 lime
  • handful of fresh mint
  • 1 packet of Stevia ~ if you like it sweeter

Blend all ingredients together, serve over ice, and enjoy! If you’re feeling festive, add a splash of rum or vodka to each glass! Cheers :)


✓ Abs & Yoga


Get ready to sculpt a sizzling summer tummy with your brand NEW BIKINI SERIES routine! It will be waiting for you first thing in the morning ;) You’re going to LOVE IT!


Lunch Break Cardio!

Moving midday improves focus, productivity and it’s great for your waistline! Even if you only have time for a quick walk… squeeze it in!

How about BIKINI CARDIO!? See more of your favorite cardio routines HERE!


Add arm toning moves with BIKINI ARMS!

PM CHALLENGE ~  Sunset Yoga!

End the day on a zen note by taking an evening yoga class!  

Prefer to unwind at home? You’ll LOVE Sunset Stretch from Beach Babe 2! This is an amazing, full length routine keeps you centered, strong & relaxed!


For a shorter routine, follow along with us for Sunset Yoga!

Wild on Wednesday




Blast calories and tone every inch of your beautiful body with…

Download your on-the-go printable HERE! Just Right Click and Select “Save Link As…”

Join us Under the Sea for 10 more minutes of TOTAL BODY toning! 


PM Challenge ~ Savor your Meals!

Truly enjoying the look and flavor of food is really important, and can help you stay satisfied longer. Tonight, serve dinner in the most beautiful way possible, using the best plates you have! Sit at the table, eat slowly and make it feel special. Do this even if you’re dining alone or it’s just you and your man :)


This challenge is from our newly released book, Fit, Fierce & Fabulous :)


✓ Cardio & Arms!


How about your Making Waves Routine!?

Go left to right so you alternate between cardio and toning, and make your way down the chart.

Making Waves Cardio Routine BIKINI SERIES copy

Next up: TRIPLE Arm toning challenge!




PM CHALLENGE ~ Make a list of 10 things you are happy about right now!

remember happiness


✓ Barre & Tone


Take a pilates or barre class this morning! 


Want to tone up at home!? Press play on your Beach Barre routine from Beach Babe 2!


You’ll also love the sculpting routines below!!



PM CHALLENGE: Make Sweet & Sassy Sips!

Make a big batch of healthy lemonade for the weekend! Lemonade is the perfect, refreshing beverage to sip on all summer long. For an antioxidant packed recipe without the sugar crash, take a look HERE!


Saturday & Sunday



Tonight, rock a sexy cat eye! Follow along with our Beauty Tutorial HERE! 



RUN A 10K!

That’s 6.2 miles towards #100bySummer  ~ You GOT this, babe!
Need motivation to build the endurance? Sing up for a race a few months from now!


  • Diana Fonseca

    i need a smaller version of the schedule, any help? :)

    • toneitupcom

      You might like the Tone It Up App! It shows the daily workout under “Sweat” :)

      • Taylor Overton

        A little confused! I’m following the 8 week plan and am unsure on if I am suppose to stick solely to the workouts listed there or do those along with the ones listed here as well?? Thanks!


        • Emma

          Hi Taylor – to be honest I take the 8 week plan as my absolute and sprinkle in anything from here too if I have time / energy. K&K produce this for people with varying fitness levels and I try to bear that in mind!

  • Stefania Rodriguez

    does quark work as the post-dinner meal in the 7 day slim-down?

  • karli_tonesup

    Yes! No longer sick and just found out we’re going to a wedding in June so time to really focus. Looking forward to the FitFierceFab challenge too. Love how Tone It Up never ends haha, like if I take a break like I had to this week I can just jump back on, no need to start from scratch like I used to for so many times before.

  • Cass

    Could you please clarify if we are on the 8 week bikini program do we do the workouts in the plan along with the extra workouts listed here? I am confused!

    • Kailyn

      The extra workout are supplement to what is the plan. If you want to (have time) to do all the workouts! Do them!! But I think the ones in the plan are all that they expect you to do! :)

    • VSfanTIU

      Those of us who have the 8 week Bikini plan only need to to stick to the workouts laid out there for us as it is a complete program. The ones in this schedule are more for people who don’t have the beach babe DVDs so that there’s still free workouts they can do everyday.

  • Christen

    OMG! Karena’s bathing suit in “Tuesday” is adorable!!! where is that from!!!?????!!!!

    • Anja Reber

      Would also love to know it! :)

    • Jennifer

      i think it is one of the maaji suits from 2 years ago

      • Christen

        Nah it isn’t maaji, they actually posted who makes it on one of the social media platforms today under a hashtag. But I can’t for the life of me find it again!!

        • Lindsay Dolan

          I saw that hashtag too…but when I went to the website I couldnt find the actual swimsuit! :(

    • samantha

      it’s by zingara swimwear, Karena posted it on Instagram yesterday. but i can’t find it for sale anywhere on their site or online, although there is a pic of it in their lookbook:

      i bet karena bought it when they were filming in Mexico a few months ago!

  • Christina

    Wednesday just may kill me between the weekly schedule and the bikini program! I know you girls work hard. I appreciate it so so much. Thank you for changing my life!

    • Emma

      I read ‘Thank you for changing my life, but daym son!’ lol!
      I hear you sister! :D:D:D

  • Stephanie Dell

    Yay so happy to hear about the Fit, Fierce and Fab Challenge! I’m glad that we can all use the book together :)

  • Christine Acevedo

    I absolutely love Karena’s bikini on the Tuesday tab! Where is it from?

  • Justine Petrie

    I was looking through the schedule while babysitting my nephew & every time a work-out came up he pointed out K&K’s tummies & told me he was going to tickle them one day! :-) So cute!

  • Joy Chara Tilliridou

    Ok ladies I have a question… I ordered my copy of #FitFiereFab but it’s not back in stock until June 1st and there is nooo way I will have it out here by the first day of the challenge. I’m assuming we need the book? Because I can order the kindle edition until the actual book arrives :)
    So we are doing the 8 week meal plan that we have for the #BikiniSeries, correct??

  • Joy Chara Tilliridou

    Same here.. I live in Cyprus and the book is back ordered :(

    • Lena

      I’ll be doing my Erasmus year in Cyprus pretty soon! :) I know totally random.
      I’m from Germany and Amazon also said the book is supposed to get here June 11th but I got it all of a sudden last week so don’t worry I’m sure it’ll get to you sooner as well :)

      • Joy Chara Tilliridou

        We can totally do TIU meetups :!)

  • Katrina

    I absolutely LOVED this post!!!! The way you describe your long hours, each week but it doesn’t feel like “work”…. Because it’s your passion !!! ah! I sooo wish I had a job like that :) You two inspire me to be more and DO more for my happiness! Thank you for this motivation!! I needed this <3 Yay for week 7 !!! So crazy we are almost to the end!! (and a little sad.. ! ) xxo

  • Tankesultan
    I´m feelin´it for week 7! :D

    • Sharon

      Thanks Beautiful

    • Diana Fonseca

      love it babe thanks :)

    • Laurie Zerumsky

      youre the best!

    • Lee S.

      Thank you thank you!! :)

  • Kristin McDermott

    Karena’s Tuesday bathing suit is so cute!!!! Where is it from?

  • Nikoletta Czank

    I saw the Bikini Cardio plan on the site (on Tuesday), and I do not understand exactly. Could you explain me? In round 1 and in round 2 what kind of move can I do? Thanks.

    • Christina

      If you run it this is how I do it. Full Throttle=Run!!! Medium Pace=jog
      Bikini Body intensity=Sprint!! Tone it down=a quick jog, not quite a run.
      now, that’s just how I see it. Really it leaves it open for you to tailor to your ability. You can do it on the elliptical, treadmill, or stairmill. Ive never done the stair mill so I don’t know how it would translate for ladies who do that.
      I hope that helps.

      • Nikoletta Czank

        Thanks Christina! :)

      • kp_Sparkles

        Can you do it with walking too? I’m not sure if I’m ready to run/sprint yet.

        • Christina

          YeS! Girl we all gotta start some where! Use ‘walk’ as your low intensity and just go up from there doing whatever you can. You can do this!

  • Paula

    have a lovely week girls! <3 <3 <3 please visit my blog! <3

  • Ashley Anne Schjoneman

    OMG I read that they are working on partnering with Target!! That would be amazing!!!! :) :)

  • Ashley Anne Schjoneman

    Love week 7 so far!! The workouts are kicking my butt! 2 weeks left!! :) Then Fit, Fierce, Fab!!

  • DaniMama_TIU

    Hey ladies! Besides Fit, Fierce & Fab, what are some new summer reads you’re looking forward to reading on the beach???

  • Jessica

    #BikiniSeries check in…Hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial day! Feeling good this morning, I did the cardio and toning plus the yoga and abs. Have a nice day! xoxo

  • Jacqueline

    Target closed in Canada :( I hope they find a Canadian partner.

  • Julie C

    Anyone know where Katrina’s blue and white bikini (in the intro) is from?

  • jojo1090

    does anyone know where Katrina’s pink top/dress is from in the picture for Wednesday’s workout schedule

  • samantha

    i’m confused about Wednesday’s workout… is it 30 mins of cardio, then bikini kettlebell, then under the sea, then lift & tone booty? what about the 8 week nutrition program’s workouts- where would we squeeze in beach bombshell and the mermaid workout? this can be so confusing sometimes! thanks girls :)

    • sdcounselor

      If you’re doing the 8 week it’s 30 min cardio, Beach Bombshell, bikini kettlebell and Mermaid

      • M

        Hey there! Thanks for clarifying! So, just to check, we take whatever the cardio from this page is, and then do whatever the days workout from the 8 week plan is?

        Cheers :)

  • M

    Hey everyone! Does anyone know whether we follow the workouts in the weekly schedule or if we stick to what is in the 8 week Bikini Nutrition Plan if we have it? Im so confused as to which one to follow, coz they often dont match up!

    Thankyou!!! xoxo

  • Jenique

    Just finished this workout and feel great! really proud of myself for pushing through it all!

  • Joanna

    In case anyone needs help with how to do the toning moves for the Making Waves Routine today (Thursday), Katherine write it all out in the comments section here: So helpful!

  • Jessica

    #BikiniSeries check in….I feel the burn, Had to catch up with WEDNESDAYS AND Thursdays workouts xoxo

  • kp_Sparkles

    Why aren’t there anymore printable calendars?
    they were so cute :) I think you should do a monthly calendar and add the weekly schedules to it so we can spend less time writing down the schedule each week. Just a thought :)

  • Fee Musterfrau

    Does anybody know the name of the songs in THE MERMAID?? the music in this video just makes me reakky happy everytime I do the workout! ♥

  • Diana Fonseca

    i am one of the girls who can buy tiu products :( i wish i was able, but no money. The schedules are great thou, how diferent are those from the actual beach babe dvds?