Premiere of the 2015 BIKINI SERIES!

Here’s a sweet, Caribbean-rimmed taste of what’s to come…

Your most memorable, sizzling HOT summer of a lifetime is just weeks away!

The BIKINI SERIES challenge happens just once a year, and YOU DON’T want to miss it…  you will be in the best shape of your life! This challenge is about preparing for a summer you’ll never forget. Imagine yourself feeling confident, strong and like a mega babe! Yup, that’s YOU!

The BIKINI SERIES challenge officially starts in less than 1 WEEK!! The 8 weeks of the BIKINI SERIES will be jam-packed with NEW fat burning and toning routines, a set workout plan sure to transform your entire body, MASSIVE doses of motivation, tons of prizes and… a brand NEW special edition of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan coming out for members later this week!! Hold on to your surfboards… this is going to be HUGE.

There’s no better time to join the plan… and we have over 30% in savings right NOW on bundles!

If you haven’t signed up for the BIKINI SERIES, SIGN UP BELOW!!! 

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Sign up with above and we’ll send you some amazing things to get you started… right away!!

✔ An EXCLUSIVE VIDEO with 3 secrets we’ve NEVER shared before!

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8 Weeks of daily challenges & motivation

FREE Weekly Workout videos on

Weekly Prizes & Grand Prizes to Playa Del Carmen!

EXCLUSIVE Workouts with your NEW Beach Babe DVD :)

*** An 8 week, meal by meal Bikini Guide that comes with your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! Members of the plan, be on the lookout for this incredible new edition THIS WEEK!  Just before the BIKINI SERIES kicks off! 

Share this pic and ask a girlfriend to join you for the #BIKINISERIES!  The two of you could WIN and go on an all-inclusive trip to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico at the 5 diamond hotel Grand Velas Riviera Maya! 


  • ioanna tsap

    What an amazing video!!!!!! Love you girls!!! Thank you for everything!!! Can’t wait for the meal plan!!!!!

  • Jennifer Anne Milles

    Still haven’t recieved a confirmation email :( I try every day and check spam….I hope it works by Monday. So excited!!’

    • Phi

      I got an email telling me that there was a problem and to try again.. It worked the second time..

      • Jennifer Anne Milles

        I got that email too. I’ve tried it again a million times since then. Still doesn’t work…freaking out lol!

        • toneitupcom

          Hi Jennifer! Will you check you spam and junk folder? What email service do you use?

          • Jennifer Anne Milles

            Hi, yes, I’ve checked every time and it’s not in the junk/spam. I use Comcast. It’s I do receive your other emails, order confirmations, etc.

  • Katrina Lindsay

    Cannot wait for this series!!! Already have my bikini bundle and I’m ready to go!!! :)

  • Heather

    Still haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation for my members only bundle and I ordered it the first day. Looks like I probably won’t have my journal to start the bikini series. So disappointed… I spent a lot of money on that.

    • Kim

      Make sure you email! They are super responsive and mine came 2 days after the shipping confirmation! There’s still time!

      • Heather

        Yeah I emailed yesterday so hopefully that will help out…. I’m sure they’re pretty backlogged with emails so giving it a few days lol

    • Jenn

      It’s only Tuesday. No need to be gloomy.

      • Heather

        Right. But I live in Minnesota and it usually takes a while for packages to get here from the east or west coast

        • Liz

          I’m living in Europe and also haven’t got my delivery note. Think it won’t be here until Monday. :(

        • ashley rebekah

          hey! Minnesota TIU girl here too!

        • Andrea Lundstrom

          Minnesota TIU girl here as well:) has anyone received the download link for Beach Babe 3?

      • Kristen

        She isn’t being gloomy. She is a customer who made a purchase and would like to know when that purchase will be sent to her. I’m in the same boat and am hoping to get a shipping confirmation about my bundle (which wasn’t cheap) soon.

        • Jenn

          Hey, I wasn’t insulting anyone. She has a sad face on her post and said she was “disappointed”. I interpreted that as sadness/gloom. I guess I should have added a smiley or LOL to my comment.

    • Lara Gephart

      I just got my shipping information this morning (I also ordered on the first day) so hopefully you get it today too! It said it would be here by April 13th and I live in Illinois :-)

      • Heather

        Oh good to know! Thanks!! :)

    • toneitupcom

      Hi Heather! You should receive it soon!! If you don’t receive a shipping confirmation in the next few days, email us at! xxo

      • Heather

        Thank you!! :)

    • Shirley Salerno Camilleri

      I didn’t get mine either and I ordered about 10 mins after the email went out….I don’t even have a confirmation shipment email yet so don’t feel bad…I don’t think I will be getting my order on time either…. :( so disappointed after spending all that money…

  • Tasha Gehling

    Ahhh can’t wait!! <3

  • Voosey

    Super excited! Bought the BB 3 DVD and the mesh t-shirt! I got it in a medium as, by the end of the series, I’m sure to fit into it. Thanks for this, girls! Good luck to my fellow TIU friends!!!!

  • Judestm

    Waa! I am SO excited! First time I will fully commit to the bikini series And already found my bikini series partner yaay!

  • karli_tonesup

    This will be my first Tone It Up challenge/series and could not be more excited! Love all the energy you gals and this team have put out there. Can’t wait to get my bundle and the meal plan!

  • Jessica

    I cant wait to start the 8 week challenge. Wish i could purchase the dvds just expensive; (

  • Ally

    I ordered my Beach Beauty bundle on Sunday. I hope it get’s here before the Bikini Series kicks off! Cannot wait!

  • Sabrina Marie Paniagua

    Does anyone know of a FB group for the Bikini Series?

  • Cassie

    I am soooooo excited! You guys are amazing!! :D

  • Katrina Stevens

    The 8 week plan will have a vegetarian/vegan version, right?

    • Andreah

      I hope so. All the recent editions have had a vegetarian/vegan version. So, it probably will.

    • Christi Mackey

      I’m sure it will, most the others editions have

  • Ashley

    Are you required to buddy up to be eligible to win the grand prize? I don’t have a buddy :-/

  • Kayla

    I’m really confused about what’s currently included in the Member’s Only bundle! The picture doesn’t match the description, and there is one point that says the journal is included and another saying it’s not. And the price is the same as originally! Can you girls clear that all up?

    • Vanessa Phelps

      They sold out of the Beach Bombshell bundles and sold out of the journals, so the Beach Babe bundle no longer includes the journal

      • Kayla

        Okay thanks! I guess I just don’t understand why the price wasn’t lowered if it doesn’t include the journal anymore.

        • Vanessa Phelps

          Because they substituted the journal with their socks and lip glosses and vitamins, which were only on the Beach Bombshell bundle before

          • Kayla

            Thanks for clearing that up! :)

  • Missy Desiree

    So excited!! Will be checking in via instagram @classyhippie60fit

  • Chantal

    Hi ladies, I know you’ve probably seen this question a hundred times, but really hoping to know if you are filling out orders as you receive them.

    For those of us who ordered the bundles on the day of (or on the same hour) we received our emails, I think we pretty much ordered them mostly for the journals so we’re really keeping our fingers crossed that that was taken into account before they ran out! Thanks for all the work you do!!!

    • Julie

      I purchased the member-only bundle when the picture included a journal. Now I am not sure if I will be receiving it.

      • Ashley-Marie

        Hey ladies, I just received my shipping confirmation from them and it lists the 8-week Bikini Series Journal, so check your emails! I also bought the bundle (within an hr or 2 of them sending it I believe), so at least from my end it looks like they are honoring that. Hope that helps! =)

        • Julie

          Thanks Ashley-Marie, I will be patiently waiting… I purchased mine last night. Hope I get it!

        • Chantal

          Thanks :) I’m trying to sit tight since Thursday, but I’m so excited (and apparently impatient). I know a lot of girls who ordered faster shipping got their’s. I’m in Canada + only got the $5 shipping so I feel like I must be last on the list :'(

          • Julie

            I’m in Canada too. I opted for faster shipping and forgot about the currency exchange with our dollar being so low. I am also impatient, but so very excited!

          • Shirley Salerno Camilleri

            Julie: You got the option for faster shipping? Really? I didn’t have a choice but the $5 bucks…wish I saw the option I would have selected that one instead….Im concerned I won’t get it in time…I don’t even have a confirmation shipment email yet…do you?

          • Julie

            No shipment e-mail yet, but I will post something on here once I receive confirmation!

  • Megan

    I still haven’t received my confirmation email either :( And I haven’t received the email saying something is wrong and to try again. It’s just been silent ever since I tried to sign up. I’ve been checking my junk folder each time as well. Is there something else I should be doing? I use gmail if that makes any difference.

  • Katie

    I’ve signed up so many times and still haven’t received a confirmation email. I got the email to try again and still nothing. I’ve been checking my spam folder and no luck :( I use gmail and I get all the other newsletters, etc.

    • Tiffany Nunnally

      Mine did this too!! I can’t seem to get the confirmation email either. And am so confused!

      • Katie

        I finally got a confirmation email! I signed up with my work email instead of my gmail and got the confirmation right away. There must be some glitch with gmail

  • Lyss

    Android App?

  • Sara

    Is there any special equipment I will need for the challenge? It’s my first and I’m super excited! Looking through the results from last year really have me motivated!!! :)

    • Cristine

      You will be needing dumbbells (they suggested two sets of different size dumbbells for when you become stronger and in case you want to do drop sets), kettle bells (also suggested two of different sizes), yoga mat, resistance band, and a stability ball. This is my first as well so goodluck to us! :)

      • Sara

        Great! Thanks!

  • stef

    Now that the journal is out of print, are you going to print it again?, or maybe make it available as a $$ PDF download,
    I saw there is no calendar available with this Bikini series because you created the journal. Could it be possible for example to get it for a limited time before the start of the series?, when we purchase another digital download,
    i.e $$ Beach babe download DVD + $$ (journal PDF) as it seems to be a useful tool to the bikini series. Just a thought.
    And for people who bought the bundles, hoping to get the DVD + journal…, maybe they could get this PDF send to their email as they already paid for the print version.

    • Shirly

      I bought the beach babe bundle hoping to get the journal, but it was out of stock. I’d be just as happy with a PDF version to use for the Bikini Series.

      • Joann

        This is a REALLY great idea. I hope they go for it!

    • nc185

      I’d easily pay for a .pdf version.

      • lindsey


    • Caro_TIU

      Hey Ladies :)
      I made a TIU calendar at the beginning of the year, because I needed something that could fit weekly schedules, goals, meals, workouts, miles and my school work !
      I know it doesn’t have all the small fun notes and stuff, but I thought maybe it would help :)

      It has the whole year, which encouraged me quite a bit not to just quit after a challenge :D

      I really hope the journal comes as a pdf though :D

      • stef

        Thanks for sharing Caro…yes lets hope we can have access to the journal, it will help everybody commit to the bikini series ;)

      • kp_Sparkles

        That’s so cute!! I wonder why TIU deleted my comment about making my own journal.. Someone did lol.

  • Countryqueen

    Is the 8 week “Bikini Guide” the same as the Bikini Series Journal, since it has all the meals/workouts planned out ahead of time? I know the journal was supposed to replace the monthly calendar, so its a bummer that its completely sold out!

    • Lyss

      I emailed and asked if the journal had the workouts in them and I was told it did not. Not sure if I was given the wrong answer, but that is what they told me

      • Katrina Lindsay

        I have the journal and it does not have the pre written workouts in it. It does have a workout space where you write your workout and check off what you did. :)

        • Countryqueen

          Oh ok, thank you! I guess I was confused as to what the journal actually had in it, especially since it was such a hot-ticket item!

    • toneitupcom

      Hi! The 8 week Bikini Guide is not the same as the journal! It’s a new update for members of the Nutrition Plan & it’s coming out this week!!! xxo

      • Countryqueen

        Thank you for your reply! I guess I confused the two :)

  • Jori Taylor Hodgson

    I have been vegan for years and years and recently started eating meat again. I honestly cannot decide if being vegan/vegetarian or eating meat is more expensive, especially when also feeding my family and kids as well. I want to purchase the nutrition plan but I feel so bogged down by picking vegan, vegetarian, regular, gluten free, etc. Budget is a big deal for me right now (as with most people) and without knowing what the recipes are like, I am nervous to purchase just one. Can you change which one you buy later on?

    • toneitupcom

      Hi Jori! We’re totally here for you! Email us at with any specific questions about the plan you may have. If you currently eat meat, it sounds like the regular nutrition plan is perfect for you!! xxo

    • karli_tonesup

      Hey Jori! Yeah definitely email them, they’ll help you out. I was the same way when I purchased it. I went ahead and got the regular plan and I’m glad I did. You can definitely go meat or not meat with that plan, they explain how to do it and it’s pretty easy to slim down your grocery bill with it! Hope this helps!

    • Heather Smith

      Hi! The regular is probably the best choice if you’re not sure. If you are vegetarian or vegan you can easily substitute certain ingredients for others!!

    • Jaki

      Hi Jori! I agree with emailing TIU to discuss what’s best for you, but thought I would also weigh in with my experience. I was vegan when I bought the Nutrition Plan, but I decided to go with the vegetarian plan. I knew what to substitute for vegan, so decided the vegetarian plan would be my best option so that I could decide what I took out and replaced with in recipes. This worked really well for me! When I started eating meat again, I just added meat to certain recipes. However, I decided to change my plan to regular, as I wanted to see the recipes as they originally designed them. I often eat vegetarian, so I happily amend the recipes to suit what I want to eat – with meat or without, with dairy or without. It’s super easy to do that whilst still eating to the plan and getting the most out of it.

      I hope this helps!

      • Jori Taylor Hodgson

        Absolutely it does! I was thinking about doing that with the vegetarian as well. It’s just harder to have meat-filled recipes and try to make them veg than it is to have veg recipes you are trying to make meaty ;) So good point!

        Do you find that the vegetarian recipes have a ton of ingredients that really rack up the price per meal?

        You mentioned that you changed to the regular nutrition plan, I didn’t realize it was possible to change. Or did you buy the regular after already purchasing the vegetarian one?

    • Christi Mackey

      I switched from the regular plan to vegetarian : they charged $30 for the switch

  • Emily Loveless

    hey tone it up, can you provide info on K&Ks bathing suits? SOOO cute!

    • Courtney

      I have a feeling that the suits they’re wearing are custom made Maaji swimwear. I’m a swimwear buyer and the prints can be found on current Maaji suits (like the cute pineapple print you can see on this suit… ) but those exact suits were not part of the line :(

    • Merri

      I think they mentioned those are the suits they designed with Maaji for this year. I bet they’ll be in the shop for this summer.

  • Lindsay Shoe

    I am so so excited for the 8 week Meal Plan. That purchase of the TIU Nutrition Plan I made in 2011 has paid off tenfold! (Maybe even 1000fold!) Bundled is supposed to arrive tomorrow, got my Bikini Buddy. I’m ready to rock!

    • Christi Mackey

      Ahh me too, I’m like is it Thursday yet?!!??!?!?!?

    • Sarah Smith

      Agreed! So SO excited they’re doing that for the members!!

  • Cristine

    I still haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation so I’m still waiting :) I also hope that I’m able to get the journal since when I ordered the member’s only bundle, journals’ weren’t sold out yet. But anyway, have a good day ladies! :) AND I’m excited and a little nervous for the Bikini Series because it is my first time doing it lol

    • skabazzle

      I’m the same way! I ordered mine on Friday 4/3 before the journals sold out but I haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation at all.

      • Cristine

        Let’s just hope that we receive our bundles with the journals and in time for the Bikini Series :)

  • kp_Sparkles

    That video made me ready for summer :) I hope there is an April calendar to print out this month :)

  • Bethany

    Love the music in the video!! Must track it down… :)

  • kateCoLa

    How are y’all accessing the digital downloads? I bought a bundle last week and I received an email yesterday saying it shipped but I still don’t know how to access the DVD online. I e-mailed their customer service but haven’t heard back yet.

    • Cristine

      You should be receiving an email that says “Your Tone It Up Download is ready,” just click that and you should be able to download them. You also may wanna check your spam folder if you haven’t yet.

      • kateCoLa

        Thanks! I found the e-mail, I just overlooked it somehow. :)

        • Cristine

          Good! And you’re welcome! :)

  • CCB88

    Great video! Would really love to know what all the songs used in your videos are. They are just so light and feel like summer. I listen to “In the Water” all the time to get me ready to workout or when I run. Just a though…I know I’ve seen many ladies ask for them too. :)

  • christine

    i don’t see a place to sign up for the bikini series 2015

    • TIU_SherSher

      That’s what this whole post is about. Look at the very last graphic. Click on it and it will take you to a page to simply submit your email.

      • christine

        Thanks I got it!

  • Shirley Salerno Camilleri

    I bought the Bombshell bundle about 10 minutes after the email was sent on Thursday….I was lucky enough to be at the computer when the email came through….on Thursday…still no shipment confirmation….I don’t think it will get here on time…Im in Canada…sooo heart broken about it…first bikini series ever and thought I could use that journal….fingers crossed…. :(

    • Guest

      Same boat! I bought a members-only Stunner bundle Friday morning at 7 am, got an order confirmation, but then never got a shipping notification either. Now I’m seriously concerned that my order never even was received. :'(

    • Alysha Currie

      I think there is a possibility that we may not get an email with tracking as I know when items are shipped via the US postal service to Canada there often isn’t tracking. I know other girls have also mentioned that they received their bundles but never got an email with a shipment confirmation so perhaps only those who chose the express shipping received tracking numbers. I wouldn’t worry, I’m sure it’s on it’s way :) When I have ordered stuff in the past from TIU it usually took 1.5 weeks to get to Victoria, BC.

    • Jennifer

      i am in that same pickle too ladies!
      i bought the bundle got my confirmation and no shipping info. the whole point of the journal is for this 8 week bikini series. i have email the customer service countless times and have not heard back. Im really disappointed. they should have planned this better so that everyone was fully ready to start this series. @toneitupcom:disqus

  • Amanda

    I have been trying to sign up for the bikini series but I have not yet received a confirmation email. I did, however, receive the email saying that it failed. I have tried several times since then and still have not yet received anything. I use gmail and have been checking my Spam folder with no luck :(

    • Claire

      I had issues with my gmail accounts too. I finally got it to work using my office email which isn’t where I want to get everything but oh well.

  • Allison

    Did I read that members are automatically signed up? Or did I dream that? :)

    • Christi Mackey

      haha, its true, we are automatically signed up :)

  • Jennifer Wolfe

    I ordered the Beach Babe Bundle on Saturday and it was listed as still having the journal. Will that still be a part of the order or no?

    • Cynthia Stutsman

      i am wondering the same thing… i emailed but haven’t heard back

      • Jennifer Wolfe

        Just got my shipping infor and it said that it had the journal.

  • lcase

    Received mine today!! Got the member bundle with the journal. Yay!

    • Tashi Lhamo

      When did you ordered yours? I ordered mine on 4/2, but I didn’t get any email saying my order have shipped or any tracking # :(

      • lcase

        Ordered Thu, Apr 2, 2015 at 5:04 PM. Did the USPS Upgraded shipping. I never received a shipping confirmation or tracking number. It just showed up today. I live in CA about 1 hr from Manhattan Beach so probably why I received it today.

        • Tashi Lhamo

          Oh ok. Thanks for the reply :) Maybe I’ll get mine in few days. I’m just being impatience

          • Cynthia Stutsman

            i ordered mine on the 3rd and am getting nervous that i won’t have it time…if you order it regular shipping….does anyone know how it comes? UPS? Fedex?

  • Kimberly Goldston

    Just received my tracking number for my bundle, can’t wait. I am so excited for this Bikiniseries to start.

    • Cynthia Stutsman

      did you order it via regular shipping?

      • Kimberly Goldston

        I wasn’t given another option so yes it must have been regular.

  • Sandrina Dingleberries

    Heyyy ladies! I am super excited for the bikini series =D Do you have to purchase the nutrition plan to win the trip to Mexico?

  • Kristina

    Will the grand prize be working the same as previous years? Must be submitted with a partner? What if I don’t have a partner and what if my biggest support comes from a family member?

  • Christi Mackey

    Even though pregnant this summer: I will be rocking this bikini series! So excited to see all the transformations!!

  • Jaclyn Hill

    I love your video for this challenge, so tropical and the colors are so vivid… I value that soooo much plus of course you guys “rock the casbah”!!!! Fan for life darlings! xo

  • Christen

    I’m really excited for the series! Ordered on Friday so hopefully the bundle comes soon so I can start prepping in my journal :) I emailed customer service as well since I didn’t receive a shipping notice, hopefully all is well for everyone and we can all be ready together!! :)

  • Brenda Canas

    Oh man… 3 years ago I did my first Bikini Series with you girls and that was the start of my amazing new healthy life! I’m still very grateful to have been a runner up winner in 2012. I’m excited to see what’s up your sleeves this year (it’s always a delightful surprise) and go through this year’s Bikini Series! Woohoo!!!! :D

  • Megan Martineau

    Does anyone know what song is in the video?? :)

  • Marie

    Signed up for the Bikini Series. Completely new to TIU. Not even a member–yet. Does the Bikini Series come with 8 weeks worth of recipes/nutrition plan or does that need to be purchased separately? Anything to help get this excess baby weight off…

  • Charis Abrams

    I have a major question?! I don’t have money for the nutrition plan because I had to quit my job in order to be a donor for my mom Who needs a liver transplant. We are trying to do this 8 weeks bikini series, and are super excited, but is it possible to make progress without the nutrition plan? ?

  • Raw Kitty

    Wondering if you don’t purchase any of the bundles are you still able to participate and receive workouts and other info. What are the limits/requirements?

  • Tiffany Smidley

    Does anyone have a screenshot of what was included in the members only bikini series stunner bundle? I ordered mine on 4/3/15 and I only received tattoos so far. I got another shipping email tonight, but the list of items didn’t include the journal, which was the only reason I ordered the bundle, and some of the other items were incorrect. I did email them tonight.

  • Hannah

    Hi TIU! I downloaded the progress sheet– what are we supposed to log next to Love Pushups, Starfish Situps, etc? It’s not clear if we are tracking heartrate for these/min. or counting how many we can do in x amount of time. Thanks for your help!~

  • Marxie Antonov

    If you are taking the bikini series challenge free, are you still supposed to check in by posting?

  • Allison


    I was wondering if the bikini that Katrina is wearing above by Maaji will ever be made available.

    Thank you !