Ready for an amazing Music Mix for the #BIKINISERIES!? I made all you bombshells a playlist with a variety of songs to motivate you through your workouts :)  Find me on Spotify at ‘Katrina Scott‘ and you’ll see the latest ‘BIKINI SERIES Workout Mix, Spring 2015!’ Karena and I will be making more playlists for yoga, chill weekends and beach days!

our-favorite-gear-tone-it-upFirst, I’m going to make a confession… I’ve actually left the gym right after getting there because I forgot my headphones! Never did I let that happen again though. I now keep extra headphones in my car and gym bag… that’s how much music makes or breaks a workout for me. When I used to teach a lot of workout classes in college and Boston, I would take playlist making very seriously… it was almost as important as the classes that I created!  Some people said they came back just because they loved the music so much.  I’m the same way… give me a good spin class with a killer playlist and I’ll be back. Blast amazing music in yoga while we flow and I feel empowered.  

You’ll notice that Karena and I added a music on or off setting to both Beach Babe DVD 2 & 3  so you can set up your own music! We want you to be able to blast whatever songs pump you up too! We have a bundle right now that includes both programs as digital downloads! See it HERE

What is your favorite song right now??

Scroll through the playlist… there are over 75 songs right now!

I’ll be adding to this playlist in the days to come… and I would love to hear your favorite songs too. Comment below and I’ll add some of your songs!

Happy BIKINI SERIES!! Woot woot! Can’t believe it’s finally here :)



PS~ if you haven’t signed up for the BIKINI SERIES, it’s not too late!! Sign up HERE and be on the lookout for your new workout tomorrow… The Mermaid! You’re going to love it!

  • Alex

    YESSS! I get so excited when I see a new music playlist posted! One song I’m loving lately is the Tove Lo – Talking Body (Gryffin Remix) I think you will LOVE it.

    • Katy

      Love this song too!!! :D

    • Julie Marie

      Me too!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    LOVING THIS MIX! Thanks girls!

  • @tiu_char

    as “overplayed” it may be…. i still love uptown funk. so 80s/michael jackson-like… makes me want to strut!

    • Delia

      The Instant Party remix of Uptown Funk is fantastic!

  • Holly Burch Miller

    New playlist day is always my favorite! Music makes my soul dance! I’m a 60s – 90s kinda gal. Give me a throwback day and I’ll jam wherever I’m at, every time!

  • Amanda Williams

    What You Know by Two Door Cinema. I get so excited when you ladies make a new playlist!!

  • Maureen

    yess!!! Thanks K&K!!! Needed some new tunes this is awesome!! oxoxox

  • Cassie

    Lately I’ve really been jammin to How Bad Do You Want It by Sevyn Streeter, and I’m so excited for more in the series!

  • Courtney

    Yay for a new playlist!!! :) BUT… I wish I could figure out what the song from the Beach Babe 2 DVD is! It always gets stuck in my head but I don’t know the name of it! LOL

  • Kay Wynarsky

    “Jealous” by Chromeo is a must for me! Also, “Run” by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and “Rollercoaster” by Bleachers is amazing for cardio!

  • Leslie

    Katrina, I am obsessed with the new Skrillex and Diplo song “Where Are Ü Now”, it’s amazing. You should definitely check it out! Mellow but upbeat at the same time. Also, Intoxicated by Martin Solveig & GTA is a great Dance-It-Out song!

  • Brittany

    I am SO the same way with music! And I keep headphones at work, at home, in my car, in my gym bag and in my purse. :) I hate forgetting music! Especially when I have to be on a machine. And I’ve had nightmares about forgetting music at home when I’m teaching a class. ;)

  • Sara Jane Workman

    I love love the new mix!!! :) one song that really gets me moving and feeling super confident in the gym is that “Booty” song by J.Lo and Iggy…oh man, especially on legs/booty day ;)

  • Countryqueen

    I’m a country girl…but I LOVE your playlists (sometimes you need something a little crazy to stay motivated)! Thank you for taking the time to create this for us <3

  • Kristen

    Hilary Duff – Sparks, so fun!

  • Cindy Vickers

    Thanks Katrina for the Playlist….I’m lovin’ the first song “Beach Day.” Just added Spotify to my computer and my phone. I’m having fun with Day #1 of the Bikini Series!! <3

  • Courtney Sarah

    Sweat – David Guetta ft. Snoop Dogg, this song has such a good beat it just makes you want to move

  • rachelconn

    Thanks Katrina, love these mixes! One of my favorites to work out to is Hot Chip, they have a new song “Huarache Lights” that I’m loving!

  • Emily

    Cheerleader-Felix Jaehn Remix Radio Edit by Omi
    Run Run Run by Dragonette
    Young Blood by Bea Miller
    Overload by Life of Dillon

  • Cindy Jew

    Near you by Jean Tonique – I’m obsessed right now!

  • Susanne Brands

    War by Kensington, it makes me give just a little bit extra!

  • Liana Haven

    Just started spotify and I love the playlist! I was just thinking I needed some new tunes to workout to and this is perfect :)

  • stef

    Hello k & K, I was reading your post and saw this, “We have a bundle right now that includes both programs as digital downloads! See it HERE”

    did you just create a bundle with DVD2 and DVD3 as digital download? or are you talking about the big bundle at $195 in the shop?

    • Christina

      Im pretty sure they are meaning the 195 bundle.

    • lindsey

      Its the $95 bundle

  • Bethany

    So excited to work out to your playlist! Here are a few favorites: Say what you will (Auto Body), On the fence (Milo Greene), Somewhere else tonight (Mansions on the Moon), Begin again (Purity Ring) :)

  • Christina

    My favorite song right now is UpTown Funk! I will dance my ass of in the car or where ever when that one comes on.

  • Christina

    Oh, and an old fave to get you moving, or keep you going, 2 Legit 2 Quit-McHammer!

  • Sarah

    Synesthesia, High Dive and Maps for the Getaway by Andrew McMahon. Everytime I hear them I think of tone it up! Thank you Katrina!

  • Diane

    Yay love you guys! Can’t wait to listen!

    Hopefully you guys will post the Mermaid routine tomorrow early enough for a Bootycall for us East Coasters!


  • Katie Dries

    I second Sparks by Hilary Duff!!

  • Guest

    Here are a couple songs that keep me going at the gym:

    Forever (feat. Will.I.Am) – Electric Daisy Carnival, Vol. 2 (Mixed by Wolfgang Gartner)
    Calabria 2007 (Club Mix) – Enur
    I Can Only Imagine – David Guetta
    Flower – Moby
    Higher Ground – TNGHT
    California Soul (Diplo/Mad Decent Remix) – Verve Remixed, Vol. 4

  • Guest

    Here are a couple songs that keep me going at the gym:

    Forever (feat. Will.I.Am) – Electric Daisy Carnival, Vol. 2 (Mixed by Wolfgang Gartner)
    Calabria 2007 (Club Mix) – Enur
    I Can Only Imagine – David Guetta
    Flower – Moby
    Higher Ground – TNGHT
    California Soul (Diplo/Mad Decent Remix) – Verve Remixed, Vol. 4

    Lights (Bassnectar Remix)

  • Ari

    I am loving Lovelife: Dying to Start Again for my workouts!

  • Lara-Rose Duong

    O my gosh! I love that there are curated playlists by Tone It Up. This community rocks :)

  • Alicia

    I always like “Where Them Girls At” by David Guetta featuring Nicki Minaj and Flo Rida. That always puts me in the mood to get movin’!

  • Running ‘N’ Reading

    Thank you, Katrina; this is amazing!

  • kp_Sparkles

    I LOVE your bikini!! :) Those colors are great!

  • Jaclyn

    Katrina, I totally get it! Music makes a huge difference! I LOVE running to Cut Copy, especially the song Lights and Music.

  • Hannah

    Michael Jackson!!! Uptown Funk, Meghan Trainer’s Dear Future Husband, Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off!!!!

    • Julie Marie

      T-swift isn’t on spotify to speak of anymore :(

  • Emily

    Music is such an important part to any workout routine. Can’t wait to try this playlist!

  • Ashley Anne Schjoneman

    Love all of the playlists!!

  • Kate

    A recent favorite of mine is “Worth It” by Fifth Harmony, but a classic is Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Could Happen”! #bikiniseries #TIUteam

  • Sylwia Wojsław

    Xzibit feat. Young De – Runway Walk I love it :)

  • Kelcie Grace Collins

    Thanks for sharing the playlist! Listening now at work!

  • Habitude Fitness

    I can NOT workout without music either!! I would totally leave the gym if I forgot my headphones. I might come right back or do a home workout (I didn’t say skip a workout!). Great playlist. Thanks!!

  • Jessica Clemmerson

    Can’t wait to listen to the mix! Thanks! :)

  • StacyAnn

    I love working out to DJ Earworm’s United State of Pop 2014 mashup. Also Daniel Kim’s Pop Danthology 2014. Check them out on youtube.

    • StacyAnn

      I forgot Pop Danthology 2012 is a great mix to work out to too.

  • faeryinloveinc

    I love all of your playlists! I’m really bad about keeping up with new music trends, but you always choose things that I like and make me feel motivated to exercise. I really like the idea of different playlists for yoga and relaxing as well as running. Thank you!

  • Zazzy Brown

    I have been obsessed with King by Years & Years and Whistle (While You Work It) by Katy Tiz! xx

  • Joanna

    Yay thank you!!

  • Korina Aviles

    Love all the TIU playlists! Listening to the new bikini series now :)

  • Meg

    I love making playlists, especially for workouts. I definitely can’t workout without my tunes! Also, when I need motivation to get off my booty for a workout, listening to my playlist motivates me to get out the door to the gym!

    There’s a few songs that always make it on my playlist time and time again: Freakum Dress by Beyonce, Hustlin by Rick Ross, On to the Next One by Jay Z, La Funky by Destructo & Oliver, Blow the Whistle by Too Short, Geek Out by Wallpaper. & E-40, and DIrty Talk by Oliver. A few songs that are new to my 2015 playlist: Do It by Tuxedo, Number One by Tuxedo, Crave by La+ch, and Now by Bassnectar & Rye Rye, Boneless by Steve Aoki, Chris Lake & Tujamo.

  • Erin Schmidt

    I am obsessed with Problem by Natalia Kills right now.

  • Christine Nelson

    One of my newest favorites is “Honey, I’m good” by Andy Grammer – very cheeky and fun :)

    • Astrid

      Love that song!

  • Julia Reardon

    Holy Guacamole. Thank you for this mix. I don’t have much time to find new music myself. The speech in the third song is so inspiring!!!

    • Julie Marie

      I loveeeee spotify!!! I have found so many good songs on there that I would have never found on my own. Check out fitness magainze’s playlists too for some good ones!

      • Julia Reardon

        Thanks for the suggestion. Thats sounds like a great way to get some new tunes to work my booty to. :-)

  • Rachelle

    Waves by Mr. Probz!

  • Casey King

    Anything and I mean anything that Tove Lo sings! Her music makes me pumped while working out

  • Elisa Looby

    Black Eyed Peas – My humps. I love when it comes on during a booty workout :-) xx

  • lindsey

    Thanks for the playlist! Its awesome, will be rocking out to it during my bootycall tomorrow! I am the same way with my headphones, can’t work out with out music

  • smktiu

    Undressed by Kim Cesarion! Such a great hit.

  • Emileegracee_tiu

    Tush by ZZ Top is pretty fun cardio song, anything classic rock : ) I also love Yellow Flicker Beat by Lorde- listen to the words! So so good, Nothing Left to Say by Imagine Dragons is a great running song! I love music!!!

    • kp_Sparkles

      Omg Tush is my favorite song ever!! I go crazy for that song lol :)

      • Emileegracee_tiu

        haha I know me too!! I just went and saw billy joel in concert and out of no where one of his guitar players just starts playing and singing tush! so good

        • miss kj

          So jelous you have seen billy oel live he is one of my all time faves!! I like throwing Red hot chilli peppers on for a workout.

        • kp_Sparkles

          so jealous of you! lol. Sounded fun :)

  • Kristie Schanamann

    Yessss! Good workout music is crucial. W(h)atch-a Clarity by Mashup Germany always gets me pumped no matter what mood I’m in!

  • Astrid

    Been loving Gold by Sir Sly and Believe by Mumford & Sons. Also been jamming to Jason Derulo’s Want to want me

  • Melanie Berger

    OctaHate by Ryn Weaver, Habits by Tov Lo and Trouble by Iggy Azalea! ❤️

  • Josh

    I love this mix, thank you!! I would really really like the song added that you use in all your intro’s with the bikini series. That melody gets me pumped up and I want to use it for my alarm song.. please let me know which song it is!! I can’t find it :) Thank you!!!

  • Lindsay

    This playlist has just about everything but you’re regretfully missing anything by Beyoncé! No playlist is complete without Queen Bey in my opinion. I’d add Countdown, Bootylicious or Get Me Bodied. And since we’re all powerful and strong women, perhaps Run The World? Since we all know we do ;-) Thanks for sharing this with us!

  • Jenna

    LOVE this playlist!! So happy Barbra Streisand was included – one of my favourite Bikini Series :-)

  • Candice Holbrook

    I spend wayyy to much time perfecting my gym playlist, I probably edit it every day so I never get bored working out! I have Spotify and I like mixing up Katrina’s playlist with a few of my favorite songs. Right now I have a few jams up my sleeve – ‘I’m So Sorry’ by Imagine Dragons, ‘Ignition/Do you..’ Mashup by Phoebe Ryan, ‘Doo Doo’ by Troy Ave, ‘Alright’ by Logic (feat. Big Sean), and ‘I Don’t Like It, I Love It’ by Florida & Verdine White. My friends always make fun of me because of my VERY diverse music selection, but hey it makes me want to work out just so I can listen to my favorite songs!

  • Celesta Forgy

    I love the music in the Bikini Series preview video… I think you are using for all of your videos now, what is it?!

    • Julie Marie

      shazam it

      • Celesta Forgy

        My Shazam couldn’t recognize it :(

    • Betty

      I think that K & K said that the song was written exclusively for TIU…They mentioned it in one of their recent posts! :)

  • Angeli L Henkle

    My fav songs for this year are:song from movie frozen,let it go,song – all about the base,and Taylor Swift shake it off.

  • Diana

    Add ‘Lean On feat: Mo & DJ Snake’! It is my favorite workout song right now!!

  • Samantha Wiles

    I <3 "I Follow Rivers" from Lykke Li – such a great song for workouts :)

  • Christina Burdge

    DJ Snake and Aluna George- You know you like it And Krewella- Alive

  • Sandi

    I´d love to hear the Heartbeat Song from Kelly Clarkson. It helped and motivated me so much during my Bikini Cardio

  • MsDinoGal

    How fun! Thank you!

  • Jess

    I really love Jess gyln hold my hand