Motivation Monday: BIKINI SERIES Check in Winners!

New Vlog is up!  #VlogforSummer :) We’re just checking in real quick and talking weekly prizes, grand prizes, #100bySummer and why Kat should never be allowed in an Uber again….

We want you to give the BIKINI SERIES your all this week!

We’re keeping you fired up to stay on track throughout this entire BIKINI SERIES challenge by gifting check in winners each week! Oh YES! Make sure you continue showing us your healthy meals, completed workouts and inspirational tidbits with the hashtags #BIKINISERIES & #TIUTeam!

Every Monday we’ll be announcing the winners and the next week’s prizes…

For week 2 (that’s this week!), check in winners will receive the following amazing prizes…


Week 2 Collage Bikini Series (2)

 Sending a HUGE congrats to last week’s awesome check in winners!

Week 1 Bikini Series Winners


 Make sure you claim your prize! If you see your name above we’re gifting you the prizes below! Please email, with your full name, social media handle & best shipping address. Please also title your email, “Bikini Series week 1 winner.”


Week 1 Bikini Series Prize Collage

Week 1 check in winners will receive… 

Want to know how to check in!? Watch the video below…

How to Check in throughout the 8 week BIKINI SERIES Challenge:

1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel! You’ll be the first to know when a new workout video is live!

2. Show us your healthy meals, completed workouts on social media ~ Instagram, TwitterFacebook & in the Community. We also love seeing you support, encourage and inspire this team! Be sure to use hashtags #TIUTeam & BIKINISERIES! We love this team and we’re online looking at your check ins daily!

This year’s BIKINI SERIES Grand Prize includes an all inclusive trip to the incredible five diamond resort, Grand Velas Riviera Maya! Air fare, food, drinks and fun are all included. Three of you will win this spectacular gift and you’ll have the chance to bring anyone along for the Caribbean vacation of a lifetime! To be eligible for the Grand Prize, you must be a member of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. All other prizes, including weekly  are open to everyone!

Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 6.11.50 PM


  • Brittney

    Congratulations ladies!!!

  • Pixie in Pumps

    yayyy! Congrats ladies! Coola Suncare is THE BEST!

  • Christine Nelson

    it’s really disappointing that those who aren’t nutrition plan members can’t be qualified to win the vacation… :(

    • toneitupcom

      Hi Christine!! Everyone is eligible for weekly check in prizes ;) Just show us your completed workouts & healthy meals on Instagram & twitter with hashtag #BIKINISERIES! And remember, do this for you… you’re SO worth it!! xxo

      • lilyelle

        So if we only post check-ins on the community, we’re not actually entering to win? I don’t have a separate TIU instagram account and don’t want to post those to my personal instagram account. I’ve been loving the community! Please confirm whether our entries still count there, thanks ladies :)

      • Nora

        Is checking in on instagram and twitter the only way to win, or is using the community enough?

      • Marine

        Hey tiuteam. I also wanted to know if international tiu members were eligible for the weekly prices or is it just to complicated with the shipping? Thank you

    • Solid_a

      I agree. My girlfriend bought me the nutrition plan as a gift so I don’t get the emails because she didn’t think it mattered. She forwards me the email.

      • toneitupcom

        Hi Christine! We can definitely get you on the list!! Have her email us at with all your info and we’ll switch it over. xxo

    • Irena

      That’s true.. I can’t afford it and I’m really into this working out and eating healthy. But well! Let’s do this for ourselfs!! It’s important that we feel like a winner after all (even though a vacation in Mexico would be a perfect gift :)))

      • Christine Nelson

        I completely agree and understand where everyone is coming from – it just quite frankly makes me sad that i’ve lost 70 pounds with the help of K&K but am unable to participate in some prize winnings just because i’m not a plan member… i wish i was! but nonetheless i love K&K and just wish us non plan members wouldn’t be left out sometimes :) but i understand, and will continue to work on the best me I can be – thanks for the responses and good luck to all the plan members out there – that is a vacation of a life time!

        • Jacqueline

          Congrats on the 70lbs. I hope you bought yourself something nice after!

        • Irena

          I’m so happy for you girl!! Stay strong and healthy! You did a great job so far so continue to be in love with healthy and k&k workouts! :***

  • karli_tonesup

    Awesome! Congrats to the winners, keep up the good work and inspiration!!

  • Anke Huber

    wow <3 so cool! Go on rocking it! Congrats :*

  • karli_tonesup

    Quick question, do we have to post on all the social media sites to qualify or is Instagram and the TIU community good enough? Thanks beach babes! Keep up the awesome work!

    • MsDinoGal

      I was wondering the same thing. I only use the community because I don’t have time to use every single social media tool. :)

    • stef

      Yes please could you tell us the best way to check in, is the community enough? or do we have to do instagram and twitter too? Could you clarify? thanks

    • karli_tonesup

      I’m guessing the more sites we post on the better so I think along with Instagram (which I only do daily) I’ll add in the TIU Community and maybe throw in a Facebook check in here and there. I’m such an old fart though, I have no clue how to use Twitter haha!!

      • Liesl

        haha I can relate–I have an Instagram account but I don’t get it. Like you have to upload your photo to another site? It seems a lot of work, so I look at others’ posts on there but don’t post anything of my own. I check in mostly on the TIU Community

        • karli_tonesup

          Hi Liesl! Instagram is my favorite way to checkin, do you have the app on your phone? That is the only way you can upload a picture for your account, you can check it on a computer as well and comment but not post any pictures, only on your phone. Hope that helps!

          • Liesl

            I have the app–how do you upload pictures with it?

          • karli_tonesup

            so you click on the middle bottom button once you have the app open and from there you can either take a picture to upload OR click on your photos on the bottom left and choose one from your phone library. Then hit “next” at the top right corner, “next” again (unless you want to do some photo editing with the bottom buttons) and finally write your caption and hit share :) Sounds complicated haha but it’s pretty simple once you get the hang of it! I’m @karli_tonesup if you want to follow eachother!

          • Liesl

            Ah I see. I think I had an image on my computer I wanted to upload and that’s why I couldn’t directly upload. I still find it silly you can’t directly upload from the computer and can only do it from the app. But thanks from the info!

          • Brittany

            Hi Liesl! Another great way is to google “Instagram tutorial videos.” There are lots that will walk you through how to use Instagram! (I love Youtube video tutorials!)

          • Liesl

            Ok, maybe I’ll try that some time. I have googled Instagram help and found the info even more confusing. But videos might make things more clear since I could actually see what people are doing.

      • Brittany

        Haha. You’re not the only old fart karli! I don’t really have a Twitter clue either!!!

      • Jacqueline

        My twitter usage is pretty much limited to when I hit share on Instagram and then I click the also share on twitter

        • karli_tonesup

          Oh duh! How have I not thought of that, thank you haha!

  • Anna

    Oh my goodness, AMAZING prizes!! Thank you for giving us such great motivation, Karena and Katrina!! This Bikini Series is the BEST one yet!!!

  • Mariah

    If you win one of the weekly prizes are you disqualified from possibly being a Grand Prize winner? :(

  • jackieprivitera

    Congrats to week 1 winners!

  • robyn w

    Are residents of canada or other countries beisdes the USA eligible for the grand prize?

  • Nashely Mtz

    Congrats to all the winners!

  • Ashley Anne Schjoneman

    Congrats to the Week 1 winners! You’re all amazing! :)

  • Myriah Cohen

    I have no idea if I’m signed up for the Bikini Series. I tried to, but i never received a welcome email, which I thought we were suppose to receive. And then I tried again, and no email… I have no idea.

  • Melissa Ann Goult

    Is the grand prize only open to US members thanks

  • Chelsea Taylor

    Congrats to all Week 1 winners!!!

  • Rachel Keener

    Can we still be entered into weekly winning if our IG account is private??? I keep my private for work related issues but want to be eligible. …

    • Marie Masters

      They’ve said before that you can’t have a private account because your #’s won’t show up and they can’t see your account. You could always make a separate TIU account? That’s what I did.

      • Rachel Keener

        Thanks … I would but I have to keep my social media accounts private for work purposes so that wouldnt work. ..

  • Erica Olson

    Congrats ladies! You deserve it!

  • Brittany

    I LOVE TIU Vlogs! More more! ;)

  • Cassie

    Congratulations to the winners! :)

  • kateandoli

    Sooo…. I did it! I signed up for the nutrition plan. I’ve been seeing such great results since I started the #bikiniseries and it only makes sense to keep that going with the nutrition plan! Also, this way I have a chance to win the grand prize. And mark my words, ladies! I will be one of your winners!!! :)

  • Guest

    Where can I buy the tone it up trucker hat? I love it!

  • Guest


  • Erica

    Where can I buy the tone it up trucker hat??? I love it!

  • Megan Porteous

    I love COOLA!

  • Chrissi Dii

    Hey toneitupcom, is there a possibility that vegans get a replacement for Elli Quark?