Motivation Monday: Chelsea’s Story!

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This week is about giving your body SO MUCH LOVE! We want you to focus on nourishing yourself with nutrient packed foods and feeding your mind with kind, positive thoughts! We’re all getting ready to GLOW come Saturday!

To inspire you to give this final stretch your all, Tone It Up Team member, Chelsea is sharing her amazing story! We’re truly inspired by what Chelsea has accomplished in just a few months. Her gorgeous smile and rock-solid determination will give you the drive you need to finish strong!


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Tell us about yourself!

Hi team, my name is Chelsea. I was born in California but raised in Seattle. The SUN is always calling to me. I am a true Cali baby at heart! I graduated from Washington State University with my Early Childhood Education and Family degree and I currently teach Head Start. It’s a preschool incorporating health, nutrition, and parent involvement for low income and homeless families.

Your transformation story is amazing. How long was it between your before and after pics?

I took my first picture in mid November, 2014 when Katrina, my TIU Co-Worker started teaching me about Tone It Up.   I bought the Plan on Cyber Monday (DEC 1st)! My After Picture is  July 28th,  2015.

What was your biggest inspiration to finally make a change in your life?

My main inspiration to finally make this change in my life was to be happy and healthy! I have hid behind food, and used it as a stress reliever. I use to say “DESSERTS is STRESSED spelled backwards.” I was not happy. I was on medication for my high anxiety, acid reflux, and IBS and I was only 25! I was entering the second half of my 20s, the most beautiful part of my life ( fun things are about to start: becoming a bride one day, being a bridesmaid, parties, girls nights, and being healthy for my future children). I tried over 15 times (since I was 13 years old) to lose the weight and failed every time.

What goals did you set for yourself in order to make a change?

I did not set a weight loss goal for myself because I just wanted to feel better and to be happy. I set small goals each week, this way they were always reachable! When I looked too far into the future I got overwhelmed. I wanted to eat M1-M5 every day and not snack or cheat; I wanted to complete 1 workout a day, no matter what. Within the first few weeks the weight was really coming off so I set harder goals, such as getting in Booty Calls every weekday and running on my lunch break, which all started during the Love Your Body Series.

How did you find out about Tone It Up?

I am getting emotional writing this because I am so grateful for Katrina, my TIU Co-teacher. One TIU Community member can make the biggest difference on a person’s life, just by being themselves and inspiring others! I was sick every day because of the food I was eating, lack of working out, stress, and anxiety. I was pretending to be happy and she saw the real me hiding behind it all and inspired me to change my life!


How did you keep yourself motivated to keep going?

I never want to go back to the old me. I think about how horrible I used to feel, how sad, and how now, I’m a new happy me! This gets me running, up for my Booty Call, and eating Lean, Clean N’ Green. I never want to go back to the old me. I only want to move forward with this healthy lifestyle I am living! There is little motivation needed now that I finally know how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.21.00 AM

Did you have any setbacks along the way?

My only set back was getting sick for a week and trying to learn how to “eat healthy while being sick.” I had a lot of miso soup! I handled holidays and birthdays amazingly. I am so proud of myself for making meals from the plan, like bringing baked goods with me so that I could eat delicious treats that were TIU approved!

How has following the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan contributed to your success?

I need food to taste good. Otherwise I don’t enjoy it and it’s not worth eating. I had no idea how to cook healthy, delicious food. But everything  in the TIU Plan is not only delicious to me, but also to my family and boyfriend! The plan taught me the do’s and don’ts, so that I could also easily make my own recipes too.


Share your fave healthy foods and snacks!

I love KIND bars with a glass of unsweetened almond milk; that is one of my main go-to snacks! My all-time favorite dinner is the Spinach & Cranberry Turkey Burger from the Nutrition Plan. If you have not had it you are missing out!

How do you treat yourself while staying on track?

I love to drink tea, it feels sweet and I am very satisfied with my apple and peach teas at night! BUT a few nights a week I like to have dark chocolate coconut ice cream! I just had my birthday and I made the flourless chocolate cookies into a big cake. I am still nibbling on that BUT NOT EVERY NIGHT!


What advice would you give someone who needs motivation and encouragement to get healthier?

Running, exercising, and eating delicious, healthy meals will become fun and a challenge you look forward to as the weight comes off! You become proud, you stand taller — people think I’m taller but I am actually just not trying to hide anymore. Don’t look at the Finish Line, just focus on the first step, the first day, and suddenly it’s month 3 and you’re down 30 pounds with 15 new friends!

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned about yourself during this journey?

I thought that the physical journey was going to be the hardest but it’s the mental that is harder! When your body changes so fast and you look so different, in a positive way, it’s hard to see yourself in that bright light because you still feel “big and unfit.” The TIU Community has built me up on my hard days. I needed guidance and counseling and I am so grateful for their loving and kind words!

Where can we find you!?

On Instagram @TIUchelseamarie_gray and on Twitter @cmgchelseamarie.

Success Story Chelsea Tone It Up


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  • Karli2007

    Wow way to go Chelsea! Super inspirational, keep it up girl!!

  • Haydee Garcia

    wow :D awesome work Chelsea! Im so proud to met you and I would love to see more of you :D

  • kp_Sparkles

    This person is very inspirational. I wish I could add her on my TIU community profile :) I am volunteering at head start and would love to be a teacher. I am just not doing so well with the nutrition part.

  • Jill @ Champagne for Everyday

    Another super inspirational story!! You ladies are incredible for helping these gals make such huge changes, not only in their bodies but in their minds! Stress control is so important to getting and staying fit, good on you Chelsea!


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  • Ashley Summers

    Holy Moly! This is an absolutely amazing transformation :) Enjoy your new life Chels!!

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    Wow!! Thanks for telling your Inspiring Story and the best part is you’re from my area. ;) Congratulations!!

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    What a great transformation Chelsea! Your story is so inspiring~ You are happy, radiant, and beautiful in your transformation photos. Keep up the GREAT work!

  • Heather Smith

    Congratulations! I am so happy for you! I follow Katrina on instagram and she is such an amazing, wonderful, strong, and positive person. That sounds silly to say because I don’t even know her personally, but I highly recommend everyone to follow her as well!

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    Spinach & Cranberry Turkey Burgers FTW!!

  • Rebecca

    Wow!! What a transformation!!

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    Chelsea’s making goals week by week is such a strong point! If anyone is scared taking everything all at once, breaking it down step by step can be JUST as effective and long term! Congrats on your story, Chelsea! You look incredible!

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      i agree!

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    Thank you Chelsea!
    Keep up this new lifestyle!

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