Weekly Schedule~ Love Your Body! #100byVDay


There are 3 weeks left until Valentine’s DAY! There’s so much time to reach your goals and complete your #100byVDay miles! This week we’re adding tons of miles while focusing on that lower body ~ get ready to tone strong legs and beautiful BOOTY!

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If you haven’t signed up for this challenge yet, find the details on the Love Your Body Challenge HERE.

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Each week we are gifting 5 check in winners with the prizes including our exclusive Tone It Up Birchbox and more! Show us your completed workouts, healthy meals and motivation @ToneItUp and with the hashtags #TIUteam +#TIULoveYourBody for a chance to win!  Share your workouts, repost routines from @ToneItUp and inspire others to be healthy too! We announce 1 winner Monday through Friday!  Be sure to check your Weekly Schedule each Sunday to see what the upcoming prizes are!

Check in on Instagram or in the TIU community @ToneItUp for a chance to WIN!

We also just announced the Love Your Body GRAND PRIZE! See details HERE! 

This week we are gifting 5 check in winners with the prizes below! Show us your completed workouts, healthy meals and motivation with the hashtags #TIUteam + #TIULoveYourBody for a chance to win!  Share your workouts, repost routines from @ToneItUp and inspire others to be healthy too!

  • The Perfect Fit Multivitamin~ we take two a day for our hair, skin, nails & METABOLISM!
  • Beach Babe Lip Balm
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Week 1 LYB prizes


✓ HIIT Cardio + Legs & BOOTY!


Count each 10 minutes as 1 miles towards #100byVDay! Remember to take 30-60 second breaks between your HIIT sets! 

To download your printable~ right click this LINK and choose ‘SAVE AS!’

Untitled 3

Toning: Love Your Legs & BOOTY!

Download your on-the-go PRINTABLE HERE! Just RIGHT CLICK and Select “Save Link As…”

PM CHALLENGE: Lay out your workout clothes for the week ahead

A whole lot of Pink & Red @VSsport workout clothes for the #LoveYourBody Series!!!! ❤


✓ Cardio & ARMS!

MORNING BOOTY CALL ~ 3 miles towards #100byVDay!

Run, elliptical, jog or DANCE those miles!

15 minutes of all out dancing = 1 mile! Listen to your NEW Music Mix HERE!


Complete Bikini Arms from your Beach Babe 2 DVD! If you don’t have the DVD yet, choose an arm workout from the FITNESS section HERE!

This routine targets your biceps, triceps, shoulders for strong arms you’ll be proud of. See a preview below…

Order your DVD or download your digital copies of the Beach Babe DVD here!

Just a few more arm loving moves…

Download your Printable HERE! Just Right Click and select “Save As Link…”

PM CHALLENGE: Show us your healthy #TIUApproved dinner on Instagram!

Keep it Lean, Clean & Green, babe! How about one of the new Quinoa dishes! See your new recipes HEREQuinoa Crisp Collage

Wild on Wednesday

✓ K E T T L E T O N I N G!


 K E T T L E   T O N I N G!

Get ready for an intense 35 minute, head-to-toe sculpting routine that will leave you radiating with a post-workout glow! I designed this kettlebell routine to target every angle of your core, sculpt your inner & outer thighs and lift that BOOTY!

New to using Kettlebells? Start with 10-15 lb and work your way up from there. If you don’t have a Kettlebell, use a 10-15 lb dumbbell instead. See my other beginner routines HERE


*** This routine is completely follow-along and does not include a printable ~ there are so many moves, it would be over 20 pages long! ;)  Complete it in your living room or find an empty fitness room at your gym and ask a girlfriend to join you!

Later today, ROLL it out!

These foam rolling moves will really help decrease soreness tomorrow! Not only do these moves relax your body, but just like with sports massages, foam rolling is a great tool for athletic performance too!


PM CHALLENGE: Enjoy a glass of Rosé!

It’s #WineNotWednesday!
Find our favorite, Tone It Up approved rose cocktail recipe HERE!


✓ Arms & Abs

MORNING BOOTY CALL ~ 2 miles towards #100byVday!


Toning: Abs & Arms

This workout is one of our favorites to do when we’re traveling, after a run or at the end of the day when we only have 20 minutes to do something effective and fun!  Do it whenever you want a great burn!

Love Your Body Arms & ABS


Treat yourself tonight! Take a bubble bath, relax and unwind. 



✓ Tone Up FAST!

Wear RED today!

Bright colors help you feel bold, confident & FIERCE! 


MORNING BOOTY CALL ~ 20 minutes of cardio, your choice!

Short on time today!? Complete this do-anywhere Tone It Up in 30 routine! 

Download your printable HERE! Just Right Click & Select “Save Link As…”

Saturday & Sunday

✓ Fun & Run!


Try a new local studio or get outside for your workout!  Whether you try a new yoga studio, spin class or you go skiing or snowboarding, make it an active Saturday!

We loved trying out Soul Cycle last week!  Did you see our latest vlog?  Watch it here!

FullSizeRender (2)


Complete your 5K challenge run! 3.1 miles towards your #100byVDay Challenge. Learn more about it HERE!

Show us where you run on Instagram with a #TIUSelfie!!

Too many things to do after work... but I still laced up my sneakers & made myself go for a run. 5 miles later

  • Amanda Armstrong

    when are you two going to have new workout video?

    • Tamra Rainone

      I think they’re really busy right now (re: book tour planning, they just did their Shape photoshoot, meetings, etc), maybe we’ll get some new ones for the Bikini Series!

      • Amanda Armstrong


  • BeachGirlTIU

    Thank you so much for getting the schedule up extra early, it’s perfect timing for my Monday 4am bootycall in Sydney xox

  • Lisa Villaume

    Thanks for uploading this early – I can be ready for tomorrow’s mornings workout in London xx

  • Mara Wilson

    Thanks for the schedule so early!! A few things that I would love to see you from you ladies are tips for going out to eat, a resistance band work out AND tips for following the work out schedule and nutrition plan when you work nontraditional hours. I am a nurse who works 12 hour shifts 3 days a week and sometimes find it hard to fit in the workouts and even meals! Advice would be great! <3

    • Jenn

      There is one short resistance band workout – the String Bikini workout. (FYI)


      • Mara Wilson

        Oooooh thanks!!

    • Ashley Patterson

      Mara do you have the nutrition plan? If you do, the Fall “Back to School” edition has some great tips for jobs with nontraditional hours :) If you don’t let me know, I’ll look it up for you :)

      • Mara Wilson

        I do, I will check it out! I kinda skipped over that one BC it seemed geared towards college students. Thanks for the tip!!

    • Teja

      Ik what you mean- I’m in health care, as well, and it can become complicated trying to do the meal planning and workouts.
      I usually have Sundays off, so I meal plan Saturday night, shop Sunday then clean and portion out whatever I can.I keep it simple- fish for protein, and lots of vegetables.
      Make juices for a few days, and on a day/half day off, I make more or reassess how the week has been going.
      I usually do a stretching routine for a bootycall 3x/w. I pass my gym on the way home, so I do try to get in there a few times a wk. For me, it become a way to relieve stress, and keep the cortisol levels in check

    • Jessica Luna

      I am a nurse too and I find it difficult to fit workouts in on the days that I work. What I have started doing is the toning portion in the morning before work (this has actually given me more energy throughout the day!) and after work ill either do yoga or try to fit in at least some miles in. As far as the nutrition plan goes, it is impossible to eat as often as they recommend while at work, but bringing your own food and snacks is definitely key. If you make time to go to the bathroom during the shift, you can make time for a quick snack.

    • Jessica G
  • Andrea Mesterbasic Zgonjanin

    Omg this is so awesome!

    • Samantha

      Does anyone know how many miles the KettleToning video counts for? I would love to know mile equivalents for most of these work outs…:)

      • Nadia

        It does not count for the miles! :)

  • jojo1090

    Sounds like a great week! Is kettletoning considered cardio as well as toning?

    • VSxTIU

      No it’s not under their cardio workouts for their YouTube playlist nor in their cardio list under fitness

      • jojo1090

        Oh okay, thanks. On the app I saw kettletoning under cardio so I was just wondering.

        • VSxTIU

          Oh sorry I don’t have the app yet (android) that’s great then :) x

  • Karen

    :D Thank you for creating these schedules

  • jojo1090

    What do you girls do when you are behind in miles?? I would double up but I just don’t have the time!

    • Jenn

      Just keep going after Valentine’s Day until you hit 100…? That’s what I do. Just keep plugging along!

      • jojo1090

        Makes sense! I just really wanted to try and do it by vday but life just takes over! Thank you!

        • VSxTIU

          10 minutes of HIIT workouts is 1 mile. I do HIIT the beach 2 which is 4 miles. Or 1 hour of zumba or kickboxing is 4 miles.

  • Laura

    Question – Is Friday 20 min cardio PLUS the toning video (30 min) or is it just one thing?

    • phemfit

      20 minutes of cardio, but if you’re short on time do the toning video only.

      • Laura

        The printout from the toning video makes it seem like its a 30 minute routine thought. So that wouldn’t be shorter.

  • Amy O’Conner Guggino

    I keep seeing the nutrition plans spiral bound in pictures, are these available to order?

    • Katherine Thousand

      I’m pretty sure they are not, but I went to my local printer and they were happy to do it for me :) It isn’t super cheap, but worth it (in my opinion!) because my iPad always goes to sleep in the middle of cooking lol

      • Amy O’Conner Guggino

        Thought about doing that, I will check on it, thanks.

  • LizL3monad3

    I accidently threw out my BB2 disc #2 … I forgot it was stuck in the old player! oops.

  • Jessica

    I love this weeks schdule

  • lcase

    Cant wait for phemfit’s weekly!!

  • MistyandTerry Williamson

    just finished my full body workout! really pushed myself today and did a few extra reps! Time 49:22 and boy im going to hate life in the am :) now onto my lunch smoothie! #TIUloveyourbody

  • MistyandTerry Williamson

    curious…are their any nursing moms out there doing the meal plan?

  • Abigail Moore

    If I don’t have the Beach Babe DVD yet, how many times should I go through the videos that are posted?

  • Jessica

    #TIULoveYourBody check in…Missed Mondays workout but I doubled up again today and did HIIT cardio, legs and booty and arms, So tired lol Keep up the good work ladies x0x0

  • Laura

    You girls rock! I would love to see kettle toning with kick boxing! Live, love, tone it up. I am always so excites for the video workouts and I feel so amazing after each one. Thanks for sharing your beautiful talent and lives with us!!! Xoxox

  • Meghan Aloisio

    Hey K&K and the Tone it Up Team- I would love to see a TRX workout! I know you have been gifting the machine and doing some workouts on your own and I would love to see a Tone it Up TRX workout :-)

  • Jessica

    #TIULoveYourBody check in….What day is it?….It’s Hump Day! lol kettletoning is just what I needed to wake up, Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. x0x0

  • Robin

    I don’t have the Beach Babe DVD, can someone tell me what the Star fish is for tomorrows workout?

  • Jessica

    #TIULoveYourBody check in…my legs and booty are sore from yesterday and now my arms and abs are too lol but I love it, hope you do to xoxo

  • Emily Storms

    I am so glad that some of you have mentioned managing the plan as a nurse. I am a nurse as well, working 3-4 12 hour shifts a week, and find it almost impossible to stick to the plan. I meal plan and bring all my food/snacks to work, but have a hard time getting a good workout schedule down. It’s inconsistent and chaotic! Any tips for what you ladies find most helpful would be great!