The Fall Edition of your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan~ PERFECT for Thanksgiving!!

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You can have it all, this Frisky Fall!

You’re going to love every bite of your Fall Edition of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan.  The recipes are perfect for Thanksgiving and the holiday season!

Karena and I put together our favorite autumn inspired dishes and are so excited to share them with you!  This time of year is so special. From crisp mornings, blazing orange sunsets, pumpkin flavored everything and beautiful changing leaves, this season can truly be seen and felt!

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Thursday’s Member’s Only Newsletter will include a Gluten-Free & Vegan Plan!!  Stay tuned :)

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Tweet: I'm in LOVE with my new #FriskyFallEdition of my @ToneItUp Nutrition Plan!

I’m in LOVE with my NEW #FriskyFallEdition of my @ToneItUp Nutrition Plan!

Prepare yourself for over 50 pages of vibrant NEW recipes filled with nutritious, seasonal ingredients that the entire family will love! There’s nothing like a stack of pumpkin pancakes in the morning or apple crisp from the slow cooker. Share the delicious taste of autumn with your loved ones and girlfriends. We promise these recipes will fulfill all of your chilly, fall day cravings. We even featured an entire section of scrumptious recipes created by this Tone It Up Community!


tone-it-up-fall-planWe look forward to hearing how much you LOVE this NEW Edition!  All the recipes are bursting with fall flavors that will be perfect for a healthy holiday season too :)

We also can’t wait to see your photos, selfies with your plans and feedback on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook!  Hashtag #FriskyFallEdition~~~ We’ll be looking!!! 

Happy Holidays :)

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  • Stacee Tweedlie

    I’m so excited about all these recipes! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and my fiancé and I are closing on our first home in two weeks, I can’t wait to try these in my new kitchen! The zucchini fritters look delicious!!!

    • toneitupcom

      Congrats! How exciting!? You’ll be able to cook some of these delicious meals in your new kitchen :)

  • Amber Valentin

    All the new recipes look delicious! Can’t wait to start trying them, but I can’t decide what to try first! Thanks K & K for the new update!

  • she_bytes

    I haven’t gotten the email yet!! :(

    • toneitupcom

      keep an eye out! The emails go out in waves :) Check tomorrow morning if you don’t have it in your inbox or junk folder, email us and we can help you!! xxxo

      • she_bytes

        Wooo!!! I got it!! Thank you :)

  • Allison Buttarazzi

    Everything looks amazing in the new fall update – I can’t wait to start cooking! Especially the pumpkin soup and turkey roulade, yum!! Thanks K&K – nice work!! :)

  • Ashley Anne Schjoneman

    Seeing this made me want to purchase the plan even more than I already wanted to! Ahhh!

  • Cynthia Zalewsky

    Very excited about the new Fall Edition! I took a quick look at it; however I am a bit confused. I thought my link was supposed to be vegetarian and gluten free; however there is quite a bit of wheat products as well as fish and meat. The email stated this was an entirely gluten free plan and for vegetarians, but it is not. Perhaps I received the wrong link? Is the vegan plan coming on Thursday entirely gluten free? Will I be able to download that as well in the member email?

    • Jenn

      This edition is not entirely gluten free (you’re right – the email did say that), but lots of the recipes in it are gluten free. I think it’s pretty easy to recognize which ones you should skip. As far as being vegetarian, the email says to download this one and then “make substitutions to your liking,” so I don’t think it was intended to be a vegetarian edition. But I think Thursday’s edition should work for vegetarians!

      • toneitupcom

        Hi @cynthiazalewsky:disqus and @jenniferpinkertontalmadge:disqus!! The gluten-free alternatives were actually supposed to be included in the recipes and they weren’t! We’re sending out the Gluten-Free plan tomorrow in the Member’s Email~~~ be on the lookout!!! xxo

        • Cynthia Zalewsky

          Awesome! Thanks so much!

        • Jenn


  • Rebecca

    I was wondering if these recipes are for maintenance or not as I don’t see little icons stipulating which meals the recipes are good for.

    • Myvieww

      I agree! one of the best things about making TIU recipes is the heart indicating the times it should be eaten!! Where are the icons?!?! :s

      • toneitupcom

        The recipes are labeled Breakfast M1 (morning glory), Snacks which can be for meals 2 and 4 (remember your meal 4 guidelines), and the slowcooker recipes can be for meals 3 and 5 (dinner). Desserts are in moderation :) Hope this helps!!

        • Mel

          I’m glad I read this, very helpful! Thanks chicas!

  • Jenn

    I will take a bowl full of the Kekoa stew! #kittyinaslowcooker

  • Joy Chara Tilliridou

    I didn’t receive mine :( I am a member, too. Help?

  • Loes

    Looks great! But where is the heart indicator? Is there going to be an update with these icons?

  • Sarah Smith

    Lovvvvinnng this ladies! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this plan! I am just LOVING it and can’t wait to put a few of these on my menu for next week!!!!! That pumpkin smoothie is calling my name :)

    • toneitupcom

      it’s so yummy!!!!

  • Kara

    So excited to try out these recipes! Thank you K&K! Also, last edition there was an option to purchase a bound copy of the edition. Is that still an option or was it just a one time thing?

  • laura

    I accadentially deleted the email somehow, is there anyway i can get it sent again?

    • toneitupcom

      look in your deleted inbox or look in the community at under the members only group! You can also email customer service if you’re still having trouble.

      • LeahMacVie

        where does one look in the ‘members only group’? Still can’t find it and I searched my inbox high and low for this email- cannot find it.

  • laura

    where is the discussions part of the community? Sorry im technologically challenged ;p

    • toneitupcom

      On Go to the top where it says groups~ Members Only Group and inside Discussions is at the top. We’re actually working on this page to improve the navigation :) It’s not you, it’s the layout that is pretty difficult!! xxxo

  • Stacy

    Hi Everyone! I have been very curious about the TIU nutrition plan for quite some time now. I have been hesitant to purchase it because I’m not sure if it’s family friendly. My main concerns are cost $$$ and if my kids (4 & 2 years, and 4 months) will eat the meals on the plan. We already eat fairly healthy, but could definitely do better! Plus, I would love to tone up my post-baby body! Any opinions on how it would work for a young family on a budget? Thanks!

  • Renee

    How long do I cook the Craving Pizza Party slow cooker stew?

  • Roseann Edwards

    Hello was wanting to join the program but I’m having a hard time making a decision on which to choose with best results.. I love the protein drinks already. Any advice would be great!!