Behind the Scenes and your Weekly Schedule ~ #HolidayHunny Style!


We’re BACK!!!  We feel like we’ve been MIA, but really it’s because we shot all day, every day this week!  AND wow…. you are all in for it! We have a huge surprise coming very soon that we’ve been working on for almost a year!!!! You know we always have something up our sleeves for you and we can’t wait to let the cat out of the bag… MEOW!  Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter, because that’s where we’ll be releasing the surprise :) You’ve been a huge part in this project too!!  Sign up here…

See some of our Behind the Scenes Pics…

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 9.34.59 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 9.35.08 AMOn set working on something HUGE for the @ToneItUp Team!!!

We are loving all of your #HolidayHunny check ins already!  There are over 14,000 just from this week… now if that’s not powerful than we don’t know what is!!! This hashtag is so we keep each other accountable and healthy all the way to 2015!  We have prizes and rewards coming all season long, so keep checking in.  Be on the lookout this week for the #FriskyFall winner announcement too!

holiday hunny

A lot of you have decided to complete your 100 mile challenge by Christmas! That’s just a little over 2 miles per day. We want you to stay on track through the holidays so that you start the new year feeling your absolute best.

What is the 100 mile challenge and what counts as ‘MILES’? Read all about it HERE!  We share tips, workouts and what it’s all about.

We’ve seen a few charts on instagram being created and we love that!!  You girls are the absolute best, because you’re always creating things for this team.  Our Tone It Up girl Christie, @christieros made these charts to track your mileage progress! :) Download the high resolution images below…
Holiday Hunny Christmas Miles Charts

Download your 100 by Christmas chart HERE! Just Right Click and select “Save Link As…”
Download your 150 by Christmas chart HERE! Just Right Click and select “Save Link As…”

Okay hunnies… you ready to kick some holiday BOOTY this week!?



Morning Booty Call ~ 2 miles towards #100byChristmas with your choice of cardio!

Find our favorite routines HERE!

When you wake up, set the the day right with this energizing morning move from your Beach Babe 2 DVD! 

Follow along with your video to work your booty, quads, core and improve balance. For the full workout, download all 9 amazing fine toning workouts HERE!

Anytime today sculpt your entire body while you get your heart rate up with your Holiday Hottie routine! Complete the routine below 2-3 times through! 

Download your printable HERE! Just right click & select “Save Link As…”


✓ Arms & Abs

Morning Booty Call ~ Wake up your body with a 30 minute jog around your neighborhood.


Next up, we’re toning Abs & Arm with these two routines…

Complete this routine 2-3 times through!

Download your PRINTABLE HERE! Just Right Click and select “SAVE AS LINK…

Go through the moves below 2 times through! 

Tone It Up Holiday Waistline slimmer printable JPG

Download your PRINTABLE HERE! Just Right Click and Select “Save As Link…”

Wild on Wednesday

✓ KETTLETONING & Foam Rolling

Morning Booty Call ~

K E T T L E T O N I N G    W I T H    K A T R I N A

This will leave you feeling tight, toned and unstoppable!

Get ready for an intense 35 minute, head-to-toe sculpting routine that will leave you radiating with a post-workout glow! I designed this kettlebell routine to target every angle of your core, sculpt your inner & outer thighs and lift that BOOTY! YUP… I pretty much can’t do a workout video without making you girls get yourbooty burnin’ ;)


 New to using Kettlebells? Start with 10-15 lb and work your way up from there. If you don’t have a Kettlebell, use a 10-15 lb dumbbell instead. See my other beginner routines HERE


*** This routine is completely follow-along and does not include a printable ~ there are so many moves, it would be over 20 pages long! ;)  Complete it in your living room or find an empty fitness room at your gym and ask a girlfriend to join you!

After this full body sculpting routine, stretch it out with a foam roller! This will help a lot to reduce soreness tomorrow :)

Not only do these moves relax your body, but just like with sports massages, foam rolling is a great tool for athletic performance too!


✓ Running & Abs

Morning Booty Call ~ Run it out for 3 miles. You’ve GOT this!!


Complete the circuit below a total of three times! These are our BEST core tightening moves to define your midsection!

Watch your follow along video below and check in with us once you complete all three rounds!

Download your PRINTABLE here! Just RIGHT CLICK and select “Save Link As…”


✓ Work that SURFER BODY!

Morning Booty Call ~ 2 miles towards #100byChristmas!



Sculpt from head-to-toe with your Surfer Body toning playlist. You’ll be looking like a #HolidayHunny in those body hugging sweaters and cocktail dresses. Find it HERE! Complete each workout one time through.

Tonight, enjoy a delicious #TIUApproved dinner! Make it special by lighting candles and placing flowers on the table :)

  Beautiful Dinner that's TIUApproved

Saturday & Sunday

✓ Yoga & Running!


Start the day with a reviving yoga session! Head to your local studio or complete one of these routines at home.

Morning Yoga



Run it out, #HolidayHunny! Complete 3 miles towards #100byHalloween!

Tonight, prep your healthy Tone It Up approved meals and snacks for the week! Check in with a picture to inspire the rest of the community to stay on track! #TIUTeam


  • Tamra Rainone

    Wonderful! Thank you so much for all that you do, ladies! You inspire me so much and I’m hoping this will put me in shape so that I can look fit and fab for the next TIU Retreat! <3

  • Ashley Anne Schjoneman

    Love it!!! Can’t wait to hear what you’ve been cooking up K&K! <3 Also excited to see the FriskyFall winners!! Such an awesome week ahead of us!!!!

  • Christina

    I cant wait to find out what you all have been up to! The suspense is killing me!

  • Melissa @ Treats With a Twist

    Excited for this week! Edit: Sunday you have it saying #100byHalloween when it should be Christmas :)

  • Susie Park

    This week seems like a run heavy booty call week.I’m on my period buy I know ill definitely be trying hard this week to finish all my runs strong.

  • Krystal Chasez

    Where I live is cold and windy, how do people manage to get up and go
    for a run/walk in cold, windy weather.. If there is a trick behind it, I
    can’t seem to figure it out.

    • Veronica

      They have workout gear specifically for cold weather but I think it can get pricy…

    • Vaitiare Lejeune

      I can’t workout outside lol it is waaaayyyy too cold for me..although I live in Florida so it’s not as bad as other places but I’m from Hawaii lol I’m not used to it but anyway to get my miles in I just do workouts inside with warm clothing to really sweat. I love Blogilates cardio workouts I just to them like 3-4 times for a half hour or 45 min workout then whatever toning moves are on TIU. I also do cardio workouts like cupids cardio and do the first moves where you are supposed to run with a jump rope it is really intense.

    • Chelsea J. RD

      I’ve decided this year that I am NOT going to get a gym membership and instead do my workouts at home and out on the frigid trails. My solution has been to invest in some good-quality cold weather running gear. Thick running leggings, underarmor (or the like) long sleeve shirts, and running gloves really help. Also, this year, I added a light rain jacket to my cold-weather workout gear, and I found that it was the absolute best windbreaker I’ve ever had. Wearing sunglasses can help to keep the wind from drying out your eyes. Also, keep a tissue in your pocket for those runny-nose-in-the-cold kinds of days. :) Hope this helps!

      • Krystal Chasez

        Thank you!

      • Karen

        Can you recommend running leggings and a jacket to wear in the cold? I live in NY, and there are days where it gets chilly. Wondering if UA’s compression LS shirt is a good layer beneath a jacket too.

        • Chelsea J. RD

          I have an Under Armor long sleeve women’s compression shirt, and I love it. It doesn’t ride up at all the way other some other compression shirts tend to do. I usually do a compression long sleeve under my Marmot light rain jacket. Works like a dream here in the chilly PA winters. :)

          • Karen

            Thank you Chelsea! Much appreciated :)

    • Deborah Rosier

      I wouldn’t mind the cold so much if it was pitch dark outside. Unfortunately, I don’t feel it’s safe in the dark that’s why I had to join a gym to have access to a treadmill in the fall/winter months.

    • Melissa

      I live in Toronto and it’s already getting cold. I find the trick to getting out and doing something outdoors – even if it’s a walk – is to
      a) Bring a buddy – it’s usually my boyfriend so you have someone to talk to.
      b) Pick a super warm sweater to layer under a vest or your jacket and make that your workout sweater.
      c) Make sure you have an iPod that’s loaded with awesome music to distract you from the cold – if you don’t have a buddy!
      Hope that helps!

  • Jess

    Feels sooo good kicking start this week Vegan & work outs :) Got our 5 years together & 5 months wedding anniversary on the 18th got to look my best! <3 Thanks karena & Katrina xx

  • Nicole Jauregui

    Hi girls, I always order the Chai Latte with lactose-free milk when I go to Starbucks, since it’s the only drink I like. How many times a week can or should order this drink? I’ve always wondered if it’s too fatty, since it is made with Chai syrup. Thanks!

    • MsDinoGal

      Having worked at Starbucks, I can tell you that the chai flavoring is pretty sugary. Have you tried getting a steamed milk (with or without tea) and then adding cinnamon and nutmeg from the bar? A lot of the warmth comes from ginger too, so you could carry a little powdered ginger with you. I keep a bottle of encapsulated ginger at my desk. It’s really for motion sickness and upset tummies, but I like to pop open the capsules and flavor things with it!

      • Nicole Jauregui

        Thank you so much for this information! Truly helpful =) from now on Chai Lattte’s will be my cheat meal.

        • Alysha Currie

          The sugar content is very high (42 grams for a Grande or almost 1/4 cup of sugar). I also love my chai lattes so on the off chance I go to Starbucks I ask them to add half the amount of chai or ask for steamed milk with a chai tea bag in it (just how they would make a london fog but with chai). Of course as you mention, you can always have it as a cheat meal. Everything in moderation right!

          • Nicole Jauregui

            Thanks Alysha! I’ll give your suggestion a try. Everything in moderation. Too bad though, I don’t drink coffee. I hope I like the steamed milk with the chai tea bag option.

          • Melissa

            I’m not sure if PUKKA is in the United States but if it is I would definitely recommend you to pick up a few flavours and have that as a warm treat. it’s organic tea with amazing blends so the flavours are incredible AND their guilt free. Add a little lemon and/or honey or cinnamon and they’re absolutely delicious. I like all the flavours and usually find them at Whole Foods but sometimes you can find them at HomeSense (in Canada) or Marshalls.

          • Nicole Jauregui

            Wow, love this community. Thanks for the advice! Everyone has recommended pretty much the same, so I will definitely go that route. Thanks!

      • Ashley

        I have been getting a grande chai tea (as in the teabag) with a little nonfat steamed milk + 2 pumps of sugar-free vanilla. AMAZING! And very much like the chai latte that I also love, not to mention a lot cheaper.

        • Nicole Jauregui

          Thanks Ashely for the advice! Yup, everyone is suggesting the same thing, so I’m going that route. Chai Latte’s once a month as a cheat meal ;-)…Thanks!

    • Lauren M.

      Sadly this is the worst drink in the menu in regards to nutrition. Here’s a great substitute: chai tea misto– basically it’s half steamed milk half hot water flavored with a chai tea bag instead of syrup, add your sugar of choice. This is a great healthy swap and money saver for you at Starbucks.

  • Allie

    Is there a way to get the 100 by Christmas template so you can mark off days on your phone??

  • karskeezle

    can anyone tell me whether the toning videos such as sleek and slender abs, holiday cocktail dress workouts, etc also count towards the miles? Or is it just Cardio based workouts? Thanks!

    • Taryn O’Hare

      It’s just cardio based or HIIT workouts that count towards miles.

      • karskeezle


    • Katie Melton

      Sometimes I do a round or two of HIIT and then I go through the Holiday Cocktail Dress workout at a faster pace than usual immediately after the HIIT which keeps my heart rate up. I count both as miles, but only if I’ve kept my heart rate up. If I can’t honestly say I kept my heart rate up then I don’t count it.

      If you’re doing the toning workouts without any sort of HIIT or cardio right before and you’re doing them slowly/taking a lot of breaks, I would say no it doesn’t count.

      • karskeezle

        Thank’s Katie, that was very helpful :)

  • Krista Lynn

    Did you post who won the week 8 prizes?

  • Katie Melton

    K&K: I have a challenge for YOU!

    Beautiful trainers, my request is a yoga flow video at a pace that matches up with the sound of the waves behind you! Even when you’re on the beach, there’s always motivating music over your workouts videos, which is usually great! However, sometimes when I’m watching your videos I wish I was there at the beach so I could hear the rhythmic crashing of the waves to keep me centered and in touch with my breath. Perfect for yoga!!

    I challenge you to do a yoga video that is timed with the sound of the waves. This will be a challenge for your sound guy, too. ;)

  • Brianna

    I’m new to TIU and I’m a little confused as to how it works. Am I just supposed to follow the workouts that are set for each date?

  • Jennifer

    I was wondering if the kettletoning video counts as miles towards the 100 by Christmas?

    • Christina

      I don’t think so. Its a toning routine.

      • Karen

        Does Friday’s Sufer Body toning playlist count as miles?

        • Christina

          I don’t believe so. I think its all classified as toning.

  • Christina

    Ok I refreshed my page over and over again, so its not my computer being wonky….Under kettletoning on Wednesday, is the Holiday Hottie video lol. Anyone else see this?

    • Christina

      And now its fine. I swear my computer is making me go nuts! lol

  • Karen

    I’ve read the page as to what counts towards miles but was confused when I saw that Friday’s schedule (Surfer Body Toning Playlist) counts towards miles. Or Did I misunderstand it? Was cardio was suppose to be done on top of Surfer Body Toning? Sorry I get a little confused counting mileage. :/

    • Christina

      Yes, do cardio on top of the Surfer toning. They say to try for 2 miles on that day. Surfer is toning, so Im pretty sure it doesn’t count towards miles. Hope that helps!!

      • Karen

        Thanks Christina! Took a rest day from running and thought it would be ok because of the schedule plus my knee was acting up during my run yesterday. Anyway, Thanks again! :D

        • Amy Pawlukiewicz

          I’m pretty sure that some of the toning counts towards miles. Maybe K&K can chime in on this just to confirm?

  • Debbie

    Is there something to put on your shoes for winter outdoor running so that you don’t slip on ice or snowy roads and or sidewalks?

  • Angeli L Henkle

    I hate this cold weather,but reading every ones comments has inspired me to get back out side & back to walking.I have walking DVDs too. This weather just really bums me out, but all your stories have cheered me up.Thanks I needed it.So glad I have the tone it up community & Katrina & Karena in my life. You are my rainbow in the rain.