Frisky Fall Fitness Challenge ~ Weekly Schedule & Update :)


We hope you’re all having an amazing Sunday! Did you see all the excitement on instagram today??  You might want to check it out here :)   Make sure your sound is on!

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Did you watch the video!?  Okay, we may have been pacing around the house like nervous wrecks!!  Our fabulous Tone It Up girl, Kathrina’s boyfriend asked us to help out in surprising her with a proposal at brunch today and we gladly said ‘of course’!! We’ve seen pictures of them and they’re so adorable.  So we posted this video at 9am.  Well, Kathrina must have been just enjoying her waffles for 45 minutes as we pressed refresh every 5 minutes… okay, every 1 minute!!  Along with 2,500 other TIU girls!  Haha, okay fine, they were probably celebrating and enjoying the moment, but seriously it was so amazing to be part of their day.  AND SHE SAID YES!  Johnathan and Kathrina~~ You’re such an amazing couple and we wish you a beautiful future together as husband and wife!

tiu-boyfriendsThis community of women supporting women is pretty amazing, but sometimes we don’t give enough credit to our TIUboys~~ so here’s to you guys…  Thanks for making us Perfect Fit Pancakes in the morning (even though we don’t share), for doing Beach Babe workouts with us in the living room, for carrying around our girly printables at the gym and for doing sunkissed abs with us… also thanks for making sure our dinners are TIUapproved, for supporting us with our constant goal setting and TIUchallenges, for being the first to ‘like’ our workout check-ins on instagram (and for occasionally photobombing them), for humoring us and pretending you’re excited for quinoa and kale (and brussels), waiting at the finish line with a coconut water, for eating Lean, Clean & Green when all you want is a pizza, for dealing with piles of yoga pants and endless laundry, for picking us up when we’re down (and agreeing to join us for a couple TIU workouts), for knowing something from will always cheer us up, for encouraging us to surpass our #100by goals, for understanding that we love being  part of something and for loving us when we’re grouchy and need a TIUapproved cocktail (and for pouring)!  Also, cheers to all of our TIUhusbands for watching the kids when we need to workout or want to go to a TIUmeetup…. OH, last, but not least, for joining us on our BootyCalls (even though it’s not what you thought it would be ;).  TIUboyfriends, #TIUhusbands #TIUfiances and beyond… you are awesome and you don’t go unnoticed!!

To all of our single gals… make sure your future partner in crime knows what’s up ;) 

(yes, we just browsed through all of your #TIUboyfriend & #TIUhusband posts!!)


Also, these incredible TIU MeetUps happened this weekend  in Boston, Arizona, Texas, Hawaii and even Australia!  If you want to plan a #TIUmeetup, go to our groups page in the community at or check out your local hashtag on instagram- #TIUyourcity or state :)  You can post a local event, studio, restarant, race or get-together!

If you haven’t checked in with us this week, we just launched the Frisky Fall Edition of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. It’s bursting with 75 amazing recipes to guarantee a toned, healthy and delicious autumn season!

You will LOVE every bite…


Karena and I put together our favorite fall inspired dishes and are so excited to share them with you!  This time of year is so special. From crisp mornings, blazing orange sunsets, pumpkin flavored everything and beautiful changing leaves, this season can truly be seen and felt!

You definitely don’t want to miss out on this AMAZING NEW Edition! If you’re not a member of Tone It Up, join today!! As a member of the plan, you receive all future Special Editions like this one for free along with weekly newsletters, Q&As, member spotlights and more!!!


Download your October Motivation Calendar HERE. Just right click and select “Save Link As…”

October Motivational Calendar from Tone It Up!

This week we’re gifting 5 #FriskyFall check in winners with the following Tone It Up essentials: the Tone It Up Yoga Mat / The Beach Babe Wrap Bracelet (in WHITE!) and the beautiful 18 K Gold Seahorse Necklace!

These week’s winners are…

Please email us your name, address, shipping address AND social media handle to Please title the email: “Week 6 Frisky Fall Winner”

You ready for this week!? It’s going to be amazing! Especially with Tuesday’s new routine… check in with #FriskyFall!  Let’s do this!!!


✓ Abs & Arms!

Morning Booty Call ~ Rise & Run with 3 miles towards your 100 by Halloween challenge!

Not a runner, but want to be? Take a look at our Tone It Up 3 part Running Series HERE!


Straight from Karena’s living room into yours, this is your Frisky Fall Arms & Abs routine! 

We love pairing ab defining moves with arm workouts… it’s the best combination. This sweat session incorporates the best dual-toning exercises to work your arms, waistline and obliques. And, it also includes plenty of bonus moves to improve posture and balance

 Download your printable HERE! Just Right Click & Select “Save Link As…”

PM Challenge: Take one step forward!

Think about one thing you’d want to improve on this week. It can anything from getting to work on time, getting up for that booty call every morning or making a commitment to staying positive even if things don’t go as planned. Make this a small, but manageable step. Write it down and focus on it all week!


✓ Full Body with your NEW Kettlebell Routine!

Today’s NEW FRISKY FALL Routine will leave you feeling tight, toned and unstoppable!

Get ready for an intense 35 minute, head-to-toe sculpting routine that will leave you radiating with a post-workout glow! I designed this kettlebell routine to target every angle of your core, sculpt your inner & outer thighs and lift that BOOTY! YUP… I pretty much can’t do a workout video without making you girls get yourbooty burnin’ :)

New to using Kettlebells? Start with 10-15 lb and work your way up from there. If you don’t have a Kettlebell, use a 10-15 lb dumbbell instead. See my other beginner routines HERE


*** This routine is completely follow-along and does not include a printable ~ there are so many moves, it would be over 20 pages long! ;)  Complete it in your living room or find an empty fitness room at your gym and ask a girlfriend to join you!

Feeling energized!? Add your INSANE cardio routine to your workout.

Remember to take 30-60 second breaks between your HIIT sets!  Complete the foam roller routine after :)

Untitled 3

To download your printable~ right click this LINK and choose ‘SAVE AS!’

PS- if you’re unsure what ‘Plyo Lunges are… we did them in your 40 minute HIIT workout in your Beach Babe DVD!! It’s where you’re in a lunge position, soft knees at about 90 degrees… controlled and with force, explode up and switch legs and land softly on your feet.  Your front foot should be flat and facing forward and your back toe should be down (heel up) and acting as a stabilizer.

*** Also, if you’d prefer not to run, you can do the cardio on a machine or on the stairs! Keep the intensity levels and modify the moves so they’re best for YOU! :)

PM Challenge: Check in with a photo of your #TIUapproved meal!

We love seeing your delicious, Lean Clean N’ Green meals!

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 5.24.51 PM


The Walnut Crusted Salmon from your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!

Check in with us in the community at!

Wild on Wednesday

✓ Cardio & Yoga!

Morning Booty Call ~ Start your day with 30 minutes of cardio, your choice!

Feeling sore from yesterday’s intense Kettlebell routine, take it easy with a light jog or morning walk!


Later today, stretch it out with Yoga…

 You’re going to feel relaxed and grounded as you stretch out your entire body!

PM Challenge: Make Space!

Create just a little bit more space in your life for your health and fitness goals. It could be as simple as clearing a drawer in your dresser so you have more room for workout clothes. Maybe it’s creating a toning area in your bedroom, or giving yourself more counter space in the kitchen for prepping healthy meals.


✓ Full Body RUSH Workout!

Morning Booty Call ~ 4 Rounds of your RUSH Workout!

We’re throwing it back to this amazing cardio & toning duo! You’re going to LOVE it…

Download your printable HERE! Just RIGHT click and select “Save Link As…”

Add some arm defining moves with Bikini Arms from your Beach Babe 2 DVD!

Follow along with the preview move below  to work your biceps, triceps, core and improve your balance! Order your DVD HERE!

PM Challenge: Manifest Your Reality with Visualization!

Visualization is KEY to reaching your goals and making your dreams come true… we practice it every day!

Tonight, spend 10 minutes in a quiet spot, with eyes closed visualizing yourself being exactly where you want to be as if you’ve already reached your goals. Imagine yourself making progress everyday. Visualize yourself happier, more confident and carefree. Visualize yourself  in control of your day: what you feed your body, how you react to daily situations and how much you smile.



✓ Double AB Challenge!

Power through this double AB challenge!

Even if some of these moves feel challenging, just imagine your strong, sexy core!

First up, BIKINI ABS!  

Want to jam out to your own music during the workout!? Click HERE for the music free version of your BIKINI ABS routine!

Download your on-the-go printable HERE! Just Right Click and select “Save Link As…”

Next up: Sleek & Sexy Abs!

 Download your Printable HERE. Right CLICK and Select “Save Link As…”

PM Challenge: Go Somewhere NEW!

Go somewhere new this weekend! Try that new coffee shop, or hip new restaurant. Check out a new spot and bring girlfriend! Take a selfie and hashtag #TIUselfie to show us where you end up.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 5.27.14 PM


Saturday & Sunday

✓ Sassy Saturday & 5K Challenge!


Try a NEW fitness class, yoga studio and activity with girlfriends! Maybe make it a TIUmeetup!? Plan one with the hashtag #TIUmeetup and #TIUyourlocalcity or state.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 1.03.41 PM



It’s here… your weekly 5K challenge!

After 7 weeks of cardio, toning and weekly 5K challenges, you should be noticing a lot of improvements in your stamina, strength and how you feel while running! We’re so proud of this amazing team!!

Let’s keep going, and be sure to check-in afterwards with a post- run photo on Instagram or Twitter! 

Today’s challenge is to run, walk or jog a 5K at your own pace. Use your phone or a stop watch to see how long it takes you and record your time. Share your progress with the hashtag #TIU5K & #100byHalloween

K&K feet walking

  • Ashley Anne Schjoneman

    Yay! Week 7! :) The prizes for this week are amazing! Fingers crossed! We got this ladies!!! <3 #FriskyFall

  • Melissa @ Treats With a Twist

    I can’t believe its already week 7! Woohoo! Everyone is doing so well!!

  • Heather McCormick

    Hey are there miles associated with the RUSH routine? Or should we do miles on top of the routine?

  • Mara Wilson

    I’m trying to organize a Sioux Falls #tiumeetup! My instagram is mzobrist!

  • Emily B

    Thank you for posting early again this week! Really helps me plan my week from the UK :)

    • Sff

      Yes Thank you!!! I get up really early on the East Coast, so it is really helpful to know by Sunday night what my week will look like. Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

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    Thanks for the early post – I’m in the UK as well and the early post helps me stay on track and on schedule xx

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    Yes thanks again for the early post. Makes my Monday Morning a little more normal :)

  • Allie

    for tuesday, are we supposed to do the 40 min kettlebell routine PLUS insane cardio?

    • Amy Pawlukiewicz

      I had the same question – seems like a lot :)

    • Sweaty Jain

      yes I would say do the kettle ball first and than cardio after :) as its always better for your muscles to do any type of high intensity cardio post weights

    • toneitupcom

      Only if you feel up for it Allie! Listen to your body ;)

  • Deb

    How many times are we suppose to do the arms and abs routine on Monday?

  • Shansen

    yes agree from Australia – thanks for the early post this week! It’s Tuesday night here so I’m hoping the Kettle Ball routine goes up overnight so I can do it as my Wed am workout :)

    Also – is there something the can be substituted for the kettle ball or is it a must have item for the workout?

    • Sweaty Jain

      You can totally use weights too! I have before, just make sure they are a decently sized weights 8-12 lbs

    • Jamie

      I used a milk jug with water in it. 1 gallon of Water weighs just over 8lbs.

  • Chelsea J. RD

    Where is the new kettlebell routine for today?

    • Maddie Paradise

      Does anyone know where it is? Figure anything out?

      • Chelsea J. RD

        I looked on YouTube and couldn’t find it there, either. :(

  • toningitup

    For the insane cardio, where do y’all perform this? I would go to the gym or the running path but I would feel stupid with people watching me perform the second part in the middle of the gym or on the running path.

  • Chelsie

    How long of a wait should you have before the kettlebell routine and the cardio? I just now see we were suppose to do the cardio, not sure my body could of handled the cardio after the kettlebell routine I felt like jello ….. LOL This is my first day of starting the program.

  • c.ray

    Does anyone know if there is going to be a winter challenge? I came in late on the frisky fall challenge and I am new to the whole program. Would love to do a challenge from start to finish and track my results.

    • danangerr

      They usually start a Love Your Body challenge in the new year :) Similar to Bikini Series and Frisky Fall but it aims towards Valentines Day! :)

  • Jessica

    #FriskyFall check-in….Today i needed to catch up again and go ahead since this weekend I have out of town plans so I started out with the full body rush workout then double ab challenge and relaxed with yoga! I had such a stressful day so coming home to me ToneItUp workouts really helped get out my stree. have a good weekend girls xoxo

  • Amy Pawlukiewicz

    For the Friday ab routines, just one time through for each of them (that’s plenty, lol, just want to make sure I’m doing it right!)