Frisky Fall Fitness Challenge ~ Week 4 Schedule!

WOW!!! The Tone It Up Retreat was incredible and absolutely mind-blowing, to say the least.  Katrina and I are overwhelmed with gratitude and love for this entire community!! We’re speechless (literally we have no voices left) We just made 300 new girlfriends from all around the world and can’t wait to do more :)

~We not only love and appreciate every amazing woman who joined us in Newport Beach, but every single one of you ~

We love this ENTIRE #TIUteam, and your presence was here!

This week is filled with some AMAZING prizes, NEW Frisky Fall workouts and recipes!! Stay focused on your goals by following each daily challenge and keeping all your meals Tone It Up Nutrition Plan approved! And of course, continue checking-in. Every photo you share motivates this entire team! #FriskyFall

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This team is killing it with your daily challenges! This week’s #FriskyFall check-in winners are…

If you see your name above we’re sending you the Special Edition Lace Trim Boyfriend Sweatshirt, (please include your size), the Tone It Up Keychain, a Beach Babe Lip Balm 3 pack, 5 packets of delicious chocolate Perfect Fit Protein and a blender bottle!

Please email us your name, address, Sweatshirt SIZE,  shipping address AND social media handle to Please title the email: “Week 3 Frisky Fall Winner”

Week 3 prizes


✓ Total Body & BOOTY!

Morning Booty Call ~ Go for a 30 minute run!

Run away from your house for 15 minutes, and then run back. Show us where your run! #FriskyFall

Sunset run ÷÷

Next up, toning! Work your legs, thighs, booty, shoulders & core with the two toning routines below. Complete each routine 3 times through.

Download your printable HERE! Right CLICK and select “Save Link As…”

Follow along below for a team favorite BOOTY sculpting routine…

Download your printable HERE. Right CLICK and select “Save Link As…”

PM Challenge: Make plans with another Tone It Up Girl! Even if it’s just a FaceTime date…


The connections made among this team of incredible women is one of the most amazing things we’ve seen. If you’ve just started following, explore the hashtags #TIUTeam & #FriskyFall. Our Community is also a perfect place to find TIU girls in your area!



✓ Brand NEW Arms & Abs workout!

Wake Up with your Sunrise Routine…

This beautiful routine from your Beach Babe 2 DVD awakens your mind and revives your spirit…

Follow along with this preview move below to work your booty, quads, core and improve balance.

Order your copy or download the digital workouts today! Order your Beach Babe DVD HERE!

Next up: Your NEW Abs & Arms Routine

You’re going to work your arms, waistline & obliques!

Get ready to sweat, tone and have a blast…

Download your printable HERE! Just Right Click & Select “Save Link As…”

PM Challenge: Check in with a photo of your #TIUapproved meal!

We love seeing your delicious, Lean Clean N’ Green meals!

Healthy Lunch from the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!

Chicken Salad with Greek yogurt, lemon, celery, almonds and herbs. Served in a bed of spinach!

Check in with us in the community at!

Wild on Wednesday

✓ Hump Day HIIT!

Morning Booty Call: HIIT it!

Complete the routine below and add 1.5 miles to your #100byHalloween challenge! Want to step it up!? Jam out to your own music and repeat the entire workout for a 30 minute HIIT!!! OH YES! ;)

 ~ This video is follow-along style and does not include a printable ~

Want a sexy tummy? Add the moves below after completing your HIIT routine! This short & sweet routine can be added to your workouts daily! Complete 3 rounds

Download your PRINTABLE here! Just RIGHT CLICK and select “Save Link As…”

PM Challenge: Make your favorite Perfect Fit Protein recipe!!

Protein is essential for lean, toned muscles!

Need inspiration!? Take a look at these amazing recipes! Share your delicious creations with us on Instagram & Twitter with the hashtags #FriskyFall & #PerfectFitProtein

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 4.43.25 PM


✓ Run & Roll!

Wake up your gorgeous body with a 3 mile run!

Count your miles towards your 100 by Halloween challenge #FriskyFall


Later today, roll it out with your Frisky Fall Foam Roller routine!!

Not only do these moves relax your body, but just like with sports massages, foam rolling is a great tool for athletic performance too!

 PM Challenge: Positive vibes!

This is your chance to shift a frustrating situation. If there is a relationship with someone that isn’t sitting right with you, let’s shift that energy! Write down 3 things that could be appreciated about that person. Force yourself to infuse positivity into a less than ideal situation… and see what happens! 


✓ Frisky Friday!

 Start the morning with your Frisky Fall routine!

Add 3 miles to your 100 by Halloween challenge!  


The BEST AB WORKOUT ROUTINE! We promise you’re going to love the way you feel after completing this routine!

If you are wondering how much diet plays into having abs… it’s all about nutrition! If you’re on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan you know that ABS are MADE during your Tone It Up workouts, but revealed with your plan!  

♡ Nutrition & Fitness go HAND in HAND ♡





Download your printable HERE! Just Right Click and select  and choose ‘save as’

PM Challenge: Unplug!

Tonight, turn off your phone, computer and television. Instead, focus on spending quality time with loved ones, reading a book or taking a candle lit bath.

Saturday & Sunday

✓ Sassy Saturday & 5K Challenge!


Choose any activity you love and share it with friends! It can be anything. Perform one of THESE routines together or take a local fitness class! Show us how you’re staying active on Twitter & Instagram with the hashtags #TIUSassySaturday & #FriskyFall



Every week during Frisky Fall we challenge you to complete a 5K on Sunday Runday ~ that’s just 3.1 miles.

Today’s challenge is to run, walk or jog a 5K at your own pace. Use your phone or a stop watch to see how long it takes you and record your time. Prepare to see yourself improving and getting stronger in the coming weeks! Share your progress with the hashtag #TIU5K & #100byHalloween


  • Caroline Champoux

    Thank you so much for the weekly schedule it makes me so happy every time!

  • Sophie

    Do you do the workouts after the morning booty call or later in the afternoon? I don’t have much time I’m the morning except for about 30 min for the booty call

    • Rebecca O’Donnell

      Sophie you can do the toning workouts later in the day no problem. Booty call is meant for the mornings so keep it up!

    • christinaeli

      K&K recommends getting your entire workout done in the morning, but simply getting in the workout at all is better than nothing. If all you can do is the 30 min booty call now then that’s great, and maybe you can work your way up to more in the morning in time!

  • Molly

    Does anyone know what could be causing pain in the back of my knees? it is usually the worst after I run, but I can feel the pain almost all of the time.

    • Emily B

      It could be as simple as wrong fitting shoes, or something more serious. You could try going to one of those shops that watch you run on a treadmill and advise you? x

  • Lyndsey

    when you guys do one round of the frisky fall full body…are you doing 40 reverse lunges (20 for each side) or just 20 (10 on each side?) same thing with the squat and plie punch

    • Aniek Van Damme

      I did 30: 15 on each side! (it says 15 to 20 reps, I only do 15 so I can take more weights) It says something like “repeat for each side” I think that means you can only count one on each side as 1 rep total.

  • Jacque

    Hi everyone…. here’s the week 4 schedule. I did it really quick, sorry… but it’s at least something! Enjoy! keep moving, keep busy, keep active!!!!

    • Nashely Mtz

      Thank you! This is awesome! ;)

  • Ally

    This is a printable to track the Frisky Fall weekly challenges. It’s the same as the one before only Halloween themed. :) I hope it’s useful!

  • Ally

    This is a printable to track the Frisky Fall weekly challenges. It’s the same as the one before only Halloween themed. :) I hope it’s useful!

  • Sarah

    what’s a good substitute for the morning sunrise routine? would love to buy the dvd but not in the financial cards right now. loving this weekly schedule!

    • Magdalena

      There are yoga videos on their Youtube channel, like Bikini Yoga. There are also tons of other yoga routines posted by other people on youtube.

  • Brittney

    For yesterday’s full body routine – the suggestion says to run 5mins between each move – is that a suggestion for someone only does 1 round?

    • Christina

      I was confused by that as well. So I only did it 2 times through, but did run each time.

  • Paulette Burgos

    I want to know what shoes they have on? The Nike ones..

    • Vicky

      They are both wearing New Balance shoes, hope that helps!

  • Paulette Burgos

    Does anybody know the shoes they are wearing on the follow along HIIT video?