SUMMER SIZZLE! 2014 Edition ☀


It’s a smile. A kiss. A sip of wine ☀ It’s SUMMERTIME!

SURPRISE!!!! Your NEW, 2014 Summer Sizzle Edition is out!  If you’re a member of the ToneItUp Nutrition Plan, you know all new digital Editions are free as part of your membership! The Summer Sizzle includes 60 delicious recipes that go with your lifestyle and plan.  This update includes 30 NEW recipes filled with fun flavors, inventive twists, tasty juices and decadent treats. This new edition will satisfy your tropical cravings and sweet needs while keeping your waistline bikini ready all summer long.  You’re going to FLIP over all of the entertaining recipes too :)  Fill your summer with BBQs, picnics, beach days and nights with friends and family.  Join the TIU team today!

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Your Tone It Up NEW Summer Update includes 60 delicious recipes that will leave you feeling light, satisfied and energized.  We added 30 brand new recipes that you will LOVE~ they’re perfect for summer picnics and entertaining!

Fruity, NEW summer breakfast recipes to start your day
Trail Blazer bars for when you’re on-the-go
Flavorful Senorita tacos
  Delicious dips, sauces & drizzles to use on summer salads!
Easy to make wraps, rolls and grilling recipes
Filling, NEW lunch & dinner recipes to enjoy all season long
 Beautiful, healthy party pleasers perfect for summer get-togethers
Sweet treats including mini fruit tarts, chocolate bon bons & more!


~And of course, added to your favorite Summer Sizzle Edition recipes~

♥ Juice shot recipes for glowing skin, detoxing and tons of energy!
♥ Perfect Fit Ice-cream recipes ~ raw, vegan, gluten free and AMAZING!
♥ Zesty, summer fiesta entrees
♥ Fun, Sexy Summer Cocktails!
♥ Fresh soups, filling wraps and tasty dips

We created this Edition with this entire team in mind. There are so many recipes that are gluten free, vegetarian and use fresh, raw ingredients!

It’s time for fresh flavors and fun snacks because there’s nothing like a summer night spent with your favorite people! In order to keep you thinking of sunshine and good times throughout the entire year, Karena and I decided to mix things up with new creations. By combining the best produce the season has to offer, fresh greens, fragrant herbs and sweet fruits we came up with this Summer Sizzle Update — each recipe bursting with flavor and vibrant color!  We added a TON of entertaining recipes, perfect picnic dishes and sizzling superfood treats!

Nutrition Plan Members, check the MEMBERS GROUP in the community!!! We posted your NEW edition there!!  You can also check your email inbox~~ Your NEW Summer Update is waiting for you! ;)   If you don’t receive it right away in your inbox, email, but first check your spam and junk folders.  You can also download it from the community in the Member’s Only Group.

Remember, all new updates and new digital editions are FREE for members of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!

A lot of you have requested printed copies of your plan!!! We’re offering the Summer Sizzle Edition exclusively printed and bound!!! We’re testing it out to see how many of you want us to send you one for your kitchen and easy access to recipes!! Check your email to order your printed version!!

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Happy 4th of July!! xxxo K&K


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  • Helen

    I love it!

  • Jori Taylor Hodgson

    I have been dying to get the nutritional plan! One day….

    Does anybody know when they’re going to restock the bikinis? I have been checking back every day to see if they have my size in Blue Kauai and/or Coral Reef but they have run out and haven’t restocked for a while.

  • Ashley

    K&K, you’re amazing! I loved the Summer Sizzle edition from last year (the romaine veggie tacos!!!! the mango popsicles!) and am so excited to make recipes from this update.

    And I hope the new bikinis are restocked soon! I want the Blue Kauai for my Bikini Series reward/birthday present to myself.

  • Christy Vincent

    I haven’t recieved an e-mail yet with my updated edition :( has anyone else had this problem or do I need to download it from the community??

    • Sandrine Choiniere

      I have the same problem :( … I assume it will be in the next email..?

      • Christy Vincent

        I hope so! I am so excited for it! :)

    • Jennifer Flood

      You may have to use the search feature in your email to find it, but if you haven’t seen it yet, just download it from the community. It is really awesome!

  • Shamira West

    I am super excited about the Summer Sizzle Plan!

  • Samantha

    The Summer Sizzle edition was issued by email to on July 1. I had to use the search feature in my email to find it. Super excited about starting!!

  • Habitude Fitness

    Chocolate bon bons?! Yes please! I am going to sit outside on the patio today, soak in a little sun, and scroll through this new edition!
    Been following these girls for years and love watching the growth and success K&K have obtained. They are just seem like the kind of girls you want to be friends with! I use so many of their moves in my own personal training and group ex classes, and cook from the nutrition plan every week!
    TIU is a top source for me. I am loyal and can’t wait to #summersizzle!! How Fun!

  • Betsy Nash

    Needing some suggestions – I am ready to finally order and commit to the TIU Nutrition plan but I cannot decide which one to order. I am leaning towards the GF vegetarian – I currently don’t eat a GF vegetarian diet but I have in the past and I would like to do so again. But I wonder if the plan would be easier for me if I just did the Regular version, after all I have to cook not only for me but also for my meat-and-potatoes husband and toddler. They might be more likely to enjoy some of the recipes if I did the Regular plan.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated – anyone know specifically how easy it is to adjust either one either way? For example, if I got the GF vegetarian how easy is it to modify to include meat and grains/wheat? Are there suggestions with the plan to modify or do I need to order the exact plan I intend to follow?


    • Laura

      I am typically around 85% vegetarian and am wondering the same thing. I am leaning more towards the regular and then change things up as needed but it may require too much manipulation to the recipes….too many delicious options!

      • Jennifer Flood

        I would go with the vegetarian plan and you can always add some meat to a dish if you wanted.

    • Adriana

      I have the pescetarian version, so I don’t know if this will be helpful but it seems a lot of the dishes are Asian inspired cuisine which I wish I had known before I bought the plan because my stomach does not tolerate that style of food. Lots of mushroom, eggplant, coconut, some egg and tempeh (none of which I eat- I don’t eat meat either). So, the food looks good I just can’t make most of these dishes for myself. I’ve had better luck finding similar or better recipes elsewhere to be honest.

    • Jennifer Flood

      I have the pescetarian version of the plan, and there is hardly any recipes that call for ingredients with gluten in them to begin with. If you are wanting to include meat and grains/wheat I would get the gluten free vegetarian plan and just make the additions you want for the time being as you are transitioning to that kind of diet. Adriana is correct, there are some Asian inspired recipes in the plan, but there is also a great deal of flexibility. The recipes can be viewed as a jumping off place for inspiration. As long as you are following the plan guidelines, you can modify them to suit your own taste. I find the food in the plan to be amazing, and my husband enjoys the recipes as well.

  • tiu_nici

    I didnt receive the Update:( pls help me:(

    • jennifer ronquillo

      It’s under the members only Discussions Thread :-)