Motivation Monday Music Mix!


Who’s ready for an amazing week!?

We’re kicking off this Monday with some new motivating BIKINI SERIES jams! Music is really important to us~ it motivates us so much during our workouts and pumps us up for summer. This playlist includes a few of our favorite songs to get you excited and prepared for the launch of your BIKINI SERIES ~ in less than one week!  

PS- who loves this song Latch, by Disclosure!? It gets us every time…

Blast your NEW Motivation Mix as you follow along with the fitness challenges in your Weekly Schedule. Find it here!

We also have an incredible surprise coming tomorrow on! Stay tuned!
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What are your favorite songs right now!? Let us know with hashtags #MotivationMix #TIUTeam & #BIKINISERIES


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  • Courtney OKeefe

    Buzzcut Season is my favorite song right now ♡♡♡

  • Amy J

    How do i find this playlist in the spotify app?

    • JenniferN

      I can’t find it and I think I’ve tried everything lol

      • Sigrid Sassypants

        Click the play button above and Spotify will pop open either in a new window or a new tab. Sign in or sign up and you can listen to it. You may also be able to search for Katrina Scott and find it that way.

        • JenniferN

          It worked this morning. Yesterday it kept linking me to her profile on spotify and all the playlists were there except this one.

      • Sarah Smith

        If it’s not working, it only took me about 5 minutes to build it myself, fyi!

    • Karen Kubitz

      You click on the link that says “spotify click and follow us here” it should take you to the songs. You also have to sign up to spotify to have access.

  • hillary erin

    LOVE Disclosure, Latch!!!!! ♥♡♥

  • Merit Maiste

    My favourite of the moment is Glory and Gore from Lorde. Thanks girls for making a cool #motivationmix

  • Meghann Wallendorf

    Not my flavor of music, but I’m all about “Happy”! I’ll have to create my own playlist for the Bikini Series :D

  • Janine Paul

    Yeahhhh for Robert Smith making an appearance up there

  • Rachael @Exactly As We Are

    Totally just jammed this while getting my workout in…Obsessed!

  • Sarah Smith

    Love this playlist! We used it today for the Honeymoon Ready Workout!

  • Nicole Nel

    According to Spotify, it’s not available in South Africa :(

  • Ashley Marie

    I love the spotify playlist! So excited for the series this year!!

  • Breanne Nicole Flynn

    Latch by Disclosure…. I’ve been itching to choreograph a dance to it since last summer!

  • Diandra H

    Yea…totally just downloaded the Playlist on a CD then saw I had 12 minutes left, so I added some faves from the Summer 2014 mix :) Found some great discoveries on those mixes!