Love Your Body Grand Prizes & MORE!


We’re so excited about today’s Wild On Wednesdays announcements! In the video below we talk about Love Your Body Grand Prizes and how to enter to win.

love-your-body-nutrition-plan-edition-super-food-edition-2GRAND PRIZE!!!

20 Love Your Body Grand Prizes include…

LYB Prize Collage

How to enter the Grand Prize Giveaway?

Keep your check ins coming on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & on the Community for the remainder for the challenge! Come February 14th, send us your story about how the Love Your Body Series helped you to!

All submissions must include:

  • Your full name
  • Your shipping address
  • Your email
  • A short testimonial of 300 words or less! This challenge was all about setting up 2014 as your best year ever, and we want to hear all about it! How did the Love Your Body Challenge help you? What did you achieve in the past 7 weeks? How do you plan to continue your healthy lifestyle?
  • Your favorite recipe and workout! If you’re a Tone It Up Nutrition Plan member, how did it help you reach your goals?
  • You must include 2 photos. Before & after photos are optional.

All entries must be in by 11:59 pm PST on February 21st. We will be announcing winners on March 7th! Email your entry to :)

SUPER IMPORTANT: Entries must be less than 300 words so we can read all of them and so it’s fair for everyone. Pictures must be well lit. Please include your face in at least two of the pictures! We want to see those smiling faces! You can submit your success photos- before and after photos or just photos of you succeeding in 2014 :)

Please submit your story in an EMAIL- no attachments (no word, excel, or notes- we recommend drafting them in Word first and THEN pasting them into an email.  Attach photos in email.  Do not paste onto document.  Thank you!

We’re also excited to announce the upcoming release of a LIMITED EDITION run of Perfect Fit Multivitamins ~ The Perfect Fit for Her.

So many of you have asked for recommendations on daily multivitamins and we’ve formulated the absolute best for this community! This multivitamin is designed to support a healthy metabolism and optimum health, whether you’re on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan or simply looking to give your balanced diet a boost. We’ll be releasing more information soon, but you definitely want to be one of the first 1,000 to sign up for early notifications to get the heads up when it’s available for purchase. These are going to disappear in a flash! Enter your email address here to be the first to know when they become available. This is the Perfect Fit for YOU!

The Perfect Fit for her!

  • Jen Buskohl

    Can’t wait to see the new apparel!! Love you girls!!

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    xoxo Jessi

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    Just a big thanks to you K & K …You make my day- everyday.. If I am feeling tired from my two kids I just wake up get my coffee and watch a video or check my email and there you set my drive once again to not be lazy today!!! Get up & TONE IT UP… XOXO

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  • Elaine Glynn

    K and k I love what you do and how much you inspire so many people around the world. I am a member, 52 years old and at least 4 stones overweight. I would love to see a beginner series of exercise videos aimed at people who do no or little exercise. Alot of the exercises are beyond me such as spiderman pushups or could you do alternative or modified exercises along side the exercises. I would so love to join in but struggle currently with my fitness level and abilities. Thank you so muchxx

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  • shanice

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