Behind the Scenes of the Love Your Body Series™!

The Making of the

L♡VE Your Body Series™!!

It’s more than just fitness… it’s discovering a confident, fit & fierce YOU! 

This video is an inside look of the making of the Love Your Body Series.  It took a couple months of planning and seeing it all come together was incredible~ See below for more pictures and our entire team :)

Watch the video here~

During the Love Your Body Series™, your favorite routines have been the Total Body, Kettlebells and Yoga!  Oh and the feedback on 10 Ways to Boost your Confidence was amazing!! See all of the Love Your Body workouts HERE!

We realized how powerful this series was last year.  So many of you wrote in with success stories, sharing that it wasn’t so much the physical changes that surprised you, but the way you carried yourselves, the way you viewed your body, your confidence and how this challenge made you feel like you could take on the world and achieve anything you set your heart to.

You became empowered and dedicated to your health and happiness!

This year we took this series to the next level.  We wanted the sets to feel like us… our style and vision.  We designed our personal workout rooms with our good friend Kim from Alley Couture.  She knows us so well and our styles and she brought the rooms to life!  She’s one of the most talented people we know.

This was the final product of the Love Your Body Launch~

Katrina edited it until 4am and I remember she kept calling me saying…. you’re going to LOVE this!  I did.  I couldn’t believe it!

The sets are romantic with pieces from our homes and perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Karena~ Edgy chic; urban style with black accents, pops of hot fuchsia with a rustic feel.  She’s really great at making ‘spaces’.  I don’t know how to describe it, but she’ll put a chair in a corner of a room, then a side table, some books and a candle and then she’ll hang a light over it. Voila! It’s really nice and inviting. I’m always asking her advice on how to put things together.  Kim created brick walls for her backdrop. See the video below from the day before the shoot when Brian, Stephen and Leckrone were painting the walls and building the set!

Here’s Karena’s latest bedroom design~ any Toned Up fans recognize it!?  When we moved out, she kept the bed (as many of you know, she picked it out for the house) and she added her own style to the room.  This candelabra has been with her for years!


Katrina~ I would describe my style as beachy chic; romantic, soft with some french accents. I love creams, pale pinks and ROSES! We have a chandelier above our bed that Kim found at an antique store.  Brian painted it white :) The walls on the set look like my bed~ they’re tufted with flowery pillows.  You’ll see in the picture below that my favorite shell painting from my grandma is the inspiration behind a lot of my decor.  Karena and I will do more home decor posts!


More Behind the Scenes pics :)



Thank you Brian, Leckrone, Kim and Stephen for building the set!


There were some pillow fights :)

A huge thank you to our Tone It Up Team for making this come together; Kim Colladay for designing, Daven Mayeda for making us feel fabulous and our friend James Mills & Tim McCombe for directing and filming… the red camera and the lighting- all of it was insane!  Your team is the best!  Thank you Brian, Leckrone and Stephen for building the sets and hustling for 3 days straight and Stephen for editing the workouts. Also, a special thank you to our friend Scott McFarlane for creating this Behind the Scenes Video!!

We are so grateful to have such genuine, creative and innovative movers and shakers in our lives!  It’s so true that nothing can ever come to life without collaboration; people who believe in your message that work together and make it HAPPEN!


We can’t WAIT to see your success stories this year!  Seeing all of you do the workouts each week, practicing all of the tips we send your way and encouraging other members is what motivates us to create these challenges.  We this community!!

Have you seen the Grand Prizes!?  See them here~ GRAND PRIZES

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  • Kirsten Price

    Absolutely in love with every single detail of this series. The sets are BEAUTIFUL, the workouts were my favorite so far, and you can really see the entire team’s work efforts into this incredible series. Thank you isn’t enough! We love you girls! xoxox <3

    • Tone It Up

      The feeling is mutual :) xxxo

  • StacyAnn

    So cool! Glad I found you gals this year. You should do a kickboxing video. That would be awesome! Keep up the videos. Will there be a new challenge soon? I don’t know what to do after this.

    • Tone It Up

      BIKINI SERIES 2014 coming SOON!

      • StacyAnn

        Count me in! :)

        • Rohanna Wildon

          Me too!!!! Love you guys seriously motivate me everyday for a happy fit life! Thank you! Love all your videos and food ideas! So yummy

      • Shirley

        Can’t Wait!!

      • Rohanna Wildon


  • Sarah

    Is it just me or did it seem like there were still some routines from that shoot that haven’t been released yet? I saw boxing gloves!

    • Tone It Up

      That was part of the “try it” challenge on the calendar! Try something new like boxing :) We booked a class at equinox!!

  • Atara

    This set was so beautiful. It was like working out to a movie- the movie you chose, the workouts, so much detail! THANK YOU for your standards! You ladies and team are setting the bar high!

    • Tone It Up

      Thank you Atara~ we appreciate the community for recognizing all the hard work and details that go into these challenges! It motivated us to keep going!! xxxo

  • Taryn A

    Loved watching the behind the scenes. Looks like you girls have a blast no matter where you are and no matter what you are doing. Love it!! And I loved this whole series. This is the first one I’ve followed and I am looking forward to the next one. <3

  • LeahMacVie

    Wow there is so much that went into these videos- Love the behind the scenes look. Excellent work to everyone!!

  • Candace

    I am just getting back into working out and I love how many resources that you guys have available!! Is there a “best of” page where you list your tried and true workouts? I’m so limited on time I want to make sure I get the most bang for my buck!! I run 3-4 times a week but I definitely need some strength work in the mix. There are so many videos and workouts here, which is wonderful, but so confused on where to start. Any thoughts??


  • Krista Sahlin

    I LOVED seeing this after watching all of the videos for the past few months. You girls are SO fun, and I had such an amazing weeks. Thank you!! Question though…. That Venetian Floor Mirror… hubba hubba… I must know where you got it from. OMG want that. HAHA!!

  • Shirley

    Love the video and seeing behind the scenes. You have no idea how much this series and your workouts have been a lifesaver to me. I have run for the last 8 years but an injury to my hip in September kept me from my favorite cardio. I love the videos and have been able to do most of the moves without it bothering my hip so THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

  • Kelly

    You guys should all so SO PROUD of yourselves for this series!!! So amazing :))) I feel so great and inspired after following it! Thanks TIU team.

  • Angeli L Henkle

    Thanks for sharing:)

  • Raquel Ott

    Love it! Also love y’alls bikini tops! The cheveron pink and white is adorable! Where can I get that?! keep up the good work!

  • Michelle Mannchen

    Love the pillow talk video and the whole series! I’ll be by my best friends next weekend and we’ll have a glass (bottle) of wine and talk about our 25 questions! Your ideas to inspire us all are just beautiful! Thank you for everything! xoxo

  • Kelly

    Loved this series!!!! Absolutely love you girls and you make me SO motivated. New to the community, I’m curious if you ever discuss what workout clothes you wear. I see the VSX sports bras, do you love them?! Do you wear their workout pants??

  • Ashley Shea

    When are you announcing the winners of the love your body series?

  • Angeli L Henkle

    Whats name of music in valentines love your body video.

  • Christina Olnils

    You guys are so crazy and happy! You always make me grin from ear to ear.