Love Your Body with your Weekly Schedule!!

Happy Sunday!

It’s a new week and this is your chance to get closer to your goals and rock it! Start planning & prepping for the next few days and get ready to feel fit & fierce!

This week we want you to Love Your Body with pancakes ~ not just any pancakes… THESE healthy, delicious Perfect Fit Pancakes! YUM. We make them almost every morning! Learn all about Perfect Fit Protein, why we developed it for this community, why it’s so amazing for your body, and why this recipe holds such a special place in our hearts HERE!

Make sure you follow Perfect Fit on Instagram for our picture contest going on this week!

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How many miles have you logged so far toward your #100byVDay? Just joining us!? Welcome! Learn all about the Love Your Body Fitness challenge HERE!  Make sure you’re signed up to receive emails and your challenges

Your body is the one thing you have your whole life. It’s yours, it’s beautiful and it depends on you to treat it right!

We excited to announce this week’s #LoveYourBody Check in winners! Winners are chosen for checking in with us, each other, showing support in the TIU community and creativity with their posts and sharing!! 

If you see your name below please email us at with your FULL NAMESHIPPING ADDRESS, and SOCIAL MEDIA handle. Also include which giveaway you were chosen for!

  • Cecilia @tiuceci
  • Lores @loresjourney
  •  Ali @tiubabe03ali
  • Jen: @jb1384
  • Laura @fitnessforafoodie

This week, the five winners below will receive and these amazing gifts from VICTORIA’S SECRET ~ (Red Rouge Lipstick, Dry Shampoo &  an Eyeshadow Pallette from VS Beauty. Plus, VS workout socks and a headband) , 2 digital workout downloads from the Beach Babe DVDs, a 45 Serving Bag of CHOCOLATE Perfect Fit Protein, a box of Chocolate Peanut Perfect Fit Bars


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Member’s of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan will be receiving special newsletters every Thursday with exclusive Love Your Body Tips and a Love Your Body Special Edition COMING within the next two weeks!

If you’re not a member yet, Welcome!! See our Tone It Up Plan Membership HERE! Where do you Check in?   Checking in with us and each other is easy! Check in on Instagram, in the Tone It Up Community, on Twitter or Facebook ! Instagram Logo Pink Follow these challenges every day and by Valentine’s Day, everyone will by asking what you’ve been doing, why you’re glowing, why your eyes are sparkling and why you’re in such a great mood… if you’re in love!? The answer will be YES!! You are in love with your healthy lifestyle and BODY ;)

This week, keep writing in your journal! Keep track of your dreams, your goals, everything you’ve accomplished so far and more!

We also want you to take before pictures so you have them!! If you share them, tag #TIUtransformation. We’ll be looking out for them! If you want to keep them more private and save them for later, you can upload them into the community here.

Make sure you check in EVERY DAY on for motivation, music mixes,  contests, your new workout and MORE!!! Also, for all of you tuning in on Thursday on Bravo, we want to hear from you!! We’ll be chatting live from 7:30-11:15pm on Twitter and Instagram PST!

We want you to fit in at least 2.2+ miles every day toward your #100byVDay! Wondering what we’re talking about!?! See your Love Your Body Challenge HERE!

Also, thank you Kandis TIU for making these amazing #100byVDay & #150byVDay Charts!!  They’ve been circulating all over instagram!!! Right click and save them to your desktop! Print them and check off your miles until Valentine’s Day!!

100-by-vday 150-by-vday

Have you downloaded your calendar? Download it HERE!



Guess what!?  The entire season of Toned Up on Bravo is also available on iTunes!! You can download it HERE and as each episode comes out, they become available to view :) Great option for those of you that don’t have Bravo!  You can watch it with us and chat live on Thursday nights!  Download the season HERE

For our girls outside of the states… we know a lot of you have been able to watch too!  Please share below so others can join too!!


Let’s have an amazing week!!!

This is such a nice reminder for the #LoveYourBody Series.  Love your body for everything it is & all that it does for YOU!!! Treat it right… and it will love you back. Thanks for sharing @TIUheatherlee on instagram! @ToneItUp




✓ Love Your Total Body!

AM- Start the day with 40 minutes of your favorite cardio! Run, Jog, elliptical, StairMill or press play on your Beach Babe 2 DVD ~ HIIT the Beach counts for 4 miles towards your #100byVDay!

This morning we also challenge you to spend a few minutes writing down 5 things you LOVE the most about yourself! Focusing on what you appreciate about your sexy self is good for your mind, body & soul! Post your list somewhere you’ll see it all week!

Download your Printable HERE! Just Right Click and select “SAVE LINK AS…”love-your-total-body-2-Tone-it-up-

PM – Love Your Body tonight with a Lean, Clean & Green dinner! Share your tasty, Tone It Up Meal with us @ToneItUp and hashtag #TIUteam & #LoveYourBody

New to Tone It Up!? See our Tone It Up Nutrition Plan here for our Nutrition Method and Program!



✓ ABS, Arms & Cardio!

journal-your-goalsWake up with a smile for your Morning BootyCall!

AM – Start the day with 30 minutes of steady state cardio ~  go for a 30 minute run or choose a your favorite Love Your Body Cardio Routine!

Head back here tonight for your NEW Love Your ABS & Arms Routine! This routine will sculpt sleek, sexy arms while toning and cinching your midsection! Plan to complete it for an afternoon/evening toning session or save it for your BootyCall tomorrow morning!

PM – Ask a friend to join you for a BootyCall this week and make it a date! This helps keep you both accountable and motivated

Also, Journal how you’re doing! What’s holding you back? What’s helping you achieve your goals? We want to hear from you @KarenaKatrina on instagram or in the community.




Wild on Wednesday

✓ Booty & Cardio!

AM- Start the day with 2 miles towards your #100byVDay! Head out for a run, perform your Cupids Cardio Routine or MIX IT UP and get wild with something new! We LOVE the stairmill machine at the gym!!! (or at least Kat does :) I just do it with her!)

Morning Dance Party: 30 minutes of all out booty shakin’ = 2 miles!

Jump Rope: 16 minutes of moderate jumping = 2 miles!

Rowing: 30 minutes of rowing = 2 miles!


Next, it’s time to LOVE Your Booty!

Download your printable HERE. Just Right Click and select “SAVE LINK AS…”

PM – Tonight, spend 5-10 minutes meditating on everything you are grateful for! Find a comfortable space, light a candle, focus on your breathing, close your eyes and think of all the blessings in your life.

Find an amazing guided audio from our friend Heather Waxman and find more meditation tips here!

Toned Up Thursday!

✓ Get ready for V Day!

Are you ready for tonight’s NEW episode of Toned Up on Bravo!? Tune in at 10:30 / 9:30 pm CT for an insider look at our lives and all things Tone It Up!

This week we’re planning the DVD in Hawaii!!!


Chat with us LIVE all throughout the episode on Twitter #TonedUp @ToneItUp

Start the day with a 3 mile run towards your #100byVday! Check in once you complete it!

Next it’s time to tone your legs, arms, abs & booty with this sweet & sexy throwback routine!

Download your PRINTABLE HERE! Just Right Click and select “SAVE LINK AS…”



This routine is also a ton of ABS!!! :)LOVE-YOUR-ABS

PM – It’s Thirsty Thursday! Stay hydrated all day and if you’re enjoying cocktails while you watch tonight’s episode of #TonedUp on Bravo, remember to enjoy one glass of water for each drink! See more tips on staying hydrated and avoiding hangovers here! 


✓ Cardio!

AM Start your day with 40 minutes of Cardio with your Secret Admirer Routine!

PM – Tonight,  spend a little extra time doing your hair & make up! Even if it’s just a casual night with your girls, you deserve to feel your best! Looking for some awesome tips for gorgeous curls!? Take a look here! #LoveYourBody

Saturday & Sunday

✓ Run Your Heart Out!

For the next two days we challenge you to complete a total of 6 miles towards your #100byVDay! Split them up throughout the weekend or run them all on Sunday!


Love your Arms & Legs!

Download your printable HERE. Just Right Click and select “SAVE LINK AS…”

Next it’s time to Love Your Legs!

Love your Legs!

Download your printable HERE. Just Right Click and select “SAVE LINK AS…”

PM – Call a family member or loved one you haven’t spoken to in a while and catch up! 


Run Your heart out! How many miles have you logged towards your 100 by Valentine’s Day challenge? Check in on Instagram and show us where your run it out!! #TIUTeam #100byVDay #LoveYourBody

PM – Spend an hour planning your healthy Tone It Up approved meals for the next few days! Plan for success!! 


Your trainers,



  • Amanda

    Looks like we are DEFINITELY turning up the heat this week! #bringiton #LoveYourBody #TIUTeam

  • jeniffer peeples

    If I did 1he of kickboxing, how much does it count towards my 100byvday??

    • concernedtreelover

      Look at the first post about Love your body posts. They say 40 mins of cardio=3 miles. They break it down to what counts for what :)

    • TIUSami

      HIIT workouts are 1 mile for every 10 mins. Like the HIIT the Beach 2 is 40 mins, so 4 miles! So it depends on how physical of a class it was. Use your own judgement :-) Good work girl!

  • Carolyn Salazar

    This is going to be an AWESOME week Ladies!!! We got this!!! ♥♥♥♥

    • Tone It Up

      aww Love this!!! We’ll make sure to share!!!! xxxo

      • Carolyn Salazar

        Yay! I posted this one on Instagram. ♡ I’m excited for this week! !

    • Lindsey Lambert

      Love the new schedule, but I have a question – on Monday, are we supposed to do 40 min of cardio plus the Love Your Total Body workout, or does the LYTB workout count towards the 40 min of cardio? Thanks! :)

      • Carolyn Salazar

        You need to do 40min of cardio in the morning and then the LYTB toning in the evening! This routine does not count as cardio but there are others in the initial LoveYourBody post. Good luck beach babe! :)

        • Lindsey Lambert

          Got it! Thanks a bunch! :)

        • Sarah Pitts

          Question…do you have to do the 40 mins of cardio plus 2.2+ miles or either? I have to do mine this afternoon because it was raining this morning :(

          • Carolyn Salazar

            Hey Sarah! Any cardio that you do counts towards to miles! So whatever you do in the 40 mins counts towards the 2.2+ miles for the day. I divided mine. I did half in the morning & am doing some this evening along with the toning routine! ;)

  • Kali

    Am I missing where the Abs & Arms for Tuesday is?

    • Lindsey Lambert

      I think K&K post it on Tuesday since it’s a new routine.

      • TIUSami

        And depending what time zone you’re in, you may not be able to fit it in until Wednesday (I am on east coast time and am usually done my PM workout before it’s posted!). If that’s the case just switch Wednesday’s PM WO for Tuesdays :-) Have a great week!

    • Carolyn Salazar

      Hey! Its a new routine which will be posted on Tuesday. So come back to the website then to see the new LYB abs & arms. :)

  • Jessica

    I have never completed any of the series but want to start it. Am I too late to start Monday?

    • TIUSami

      Never too late!!! <3

  • Jessica

    Really want to start this series… Should I jump in on Monday? Do I do cardio and toning in the morning? Please share and tips and tricks, I’m a newbie :)

    • Carolyn Salazar

      Hey welcome to the team! I think tomorrow is a great day to start! Usually cardio is done in the morning and toning in the evening, but do whatever works for you as long as you get it done! Set you alarm for that booty call!!! :)

      • Jessica

        Thanks for sharing, that helps a lot! When you do the toning at night do you ever do any extra cardio or weight lifting or do you stick straight with the routine?

        • Carolyn Salazar

          If I have time I like to do extra routines or I enjoy dancing to get extra miles in. Like tonight I worked out on the elliptical. I think if you have the time you should go for it. Also I eat some protein after or make a shake. ;)

  • Lindsey Lambert

    I love the new schedule, but I have a question – on Monday, are we supposed to do 40 min of cardio plus the Love Your Total Body workout, or does the LYTB workout count towards the 40 min of cardio? Thanks! :)

  • Semara Simu Shahin

    Woohoo!! Let’s hit this week hard ladies :). Also congrats to all the winners!! Much deserved <3

  • Shirley

    Great workouts for the week..thanks

  • Jessica

    #LoveYourBody check-in week two….Just completed the total body workout and I feel like this week it was not as hard for me as it was the first week. I absolutely love these girls and the workouts….xoxo

  • Jessica

    I wanted to share the 5 things I love most about myself….My sense of humor, caring for others, great friends, my smile, and I love the fact that I am a laid back person so there arent many things that i let bother me because life is too short for small things to ruin your mood or your day. Have a great day Tone It UP members.

  • Christy Vincent

    I am going cross country skiing this Saturday and I was wondering what the cardio breakdown for that is? If we go 3 miles, do I just mark down 3 miles then? Thanks! :)

  • Sarah Pitts

    I’m loving all of these workouts for this week! I am so excited! Also, I am determined to increase my miles this week to get me closer to the #100byVDay. I know we can all do this! I hope everyone has a great week! :) #TIUteam #loveyourbody

  • Sarah Smith

    Hey Ladies! Quick Q – most workouts we’re supposed to do 3 times. Are we supposed to do Monday’s LYTB workout only once? Doesn’t say “repeat 3x” like other printables! Thanks!

    • nikki ten voorde

      this one is 2 x i think because it also has the abs section to do 2 x

      • Sarah Smith

        Ahhh yes, I see that now. :) Thanks!

  • Charisse

    Hi girls! Is it ok to do abs workout every day after finishing the routine(s) or anytime during the day? I don’t want to overdo it so just making sure whether it’s a good idea or not. Thanks! It’s going to be a crazy fun week!!! We can do this!!! :)

  • Starflykiwi

    Hey Everyone! I’m in New Zealand and wondering how to watch Toned Up. Has anyone outside of the US managed to access it please?

  • Kayley

    Need some cardio suggestions for someone without a gym membership and no at home equipment, dealing with a winter climate! HIIT the beach 2 is good but you can only do that so many times per week! Having a hard time finding cardio solutions :

    • Marissa Birch

      If you youtube “HIIT” a bunch of videos made by fitness blender pop up. They range anywhere from 21 min to an hour. They are HIIT format but all different. I usually do one of these a day if not 2 because I can’t get to the gym and its freezing outside. I don’t know if this is good or not but I do that plus the toning routines they give on here! Good luck!

    • Alicia

      I really like running stairs! I like to do 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 so 10 up and down, then a little rest, then 9 up and down, and so on…It’s really hard but in a good way!

  • Meredith

    Hey! Love the series and workouts, and I also love your workout gear!! Can you post the info for, or a link to, the items you’re wearing in the videos?

  • Ani

    Hello Karena and Katrina,
    I’m really glad that you try to make it possible that everyone is able to watch your amazing show from BravoTV.
    Your advice for TIUgirls outside the US to purchase the show from Itunes is very sweet. But unfortunately it doen’t work. Therefore you need a us credit card and most of us don’t have a credit card from the US.
    It would mean the world to me (and for sure to the rest of the non-american TIUgirls of us) if you could make it possible that we could watch Toned Up outside the US too – I mean without using weird links or anything like that.

    Have a great week.
    Now I’m off to do the new Full Body Routine and a bike ride :)

  • Анна

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    by being good looking,
    nicely shaped and healthy. You just have to support your love with some actions.
    For me physical activity works best. In order to keep myself toned I am taking
    Multipurpose High-Potency Super Nutritional Complex. This dietary supplement is
    manufactured by Military Grade and contains natural compounds. My body is
    grateful and is willing to exercise whenever I ask it to :)

  • Callie Ziobro

    Hey ladies. Does skiing count for any miles towards #100byvday?

  • Stacy

    Hey ladies, on Thursday’s toning routine….do we do it it one time through, 2 or 3 times?

  • Jessica

    #LoveYourBody check in….I love the booty workouts and I did my 2.2 mile run today. xoxo

  • Nicole Batts Fye

    Love the love you booty workout for Wednesday but the body surfing was tough!

  • BridgetMPW

    I love what you ladies are doing and the message you send. Just joined the team, but I’m wondering if my other workouts count towards my cardio/miles run. Bikram/Hot Yoga class? How about CrossFit workouts? Thanks for your help and keep spreading the LOVE!

    • Alicia

      Here’s what the posted about getting in the miles:
      100 by VDAY!
      Also, just like last year, we’re challenging you to 100 miles from NOW until Valentine’s Day! That’s an average of 2.2 miles per day. You can walk them, jog, run, stairmill, box, elliptical… you name it! If you cycle, divide the miles by 3 :) We don’t want you to do the same thing each day, so remember to mix up your routine. Want to go to a dance class for an hour? That counts as ’3 miles’! Average 30 minutes intense = 3 miles. 45 minutes moderate = 3 miles. 1 hour low intensity = 3 miles. Write down how many miles you do every day~ Together, this community will do over 10 million miles! That’s a whole lot of love for your heart and body ;) Hashtag is #100byVDay
      Biking: Divide your miles by 3. ex. 9 miles = 3 miles
      Swimming: miltiply by 3! ex. 1 mile swim = 3 miles
      Beach Babe DVD: 40 minute HIIT = 4 miles!
      More advanced TIU girl? We challenge you to #150byVDay!!! That’s an average of 3.3 miles per day. Do not run them every day. Remember to mix in spin class, boxing, biking, stairs, elliptical!!

      • BridgetMPW

        Thank you!

  • Sabina

    I am trying so hard to watch the episodes on Itunes but unfortunately I cannot buy the episodes with a foreign credit card on the Apple store, and the France Apple store doesn’t not offer Toned up episodes to purchase.. Help?!

    • Sophia Bella

      You can watch it on amazon prime!!

  • Jessica

    #Loveyourbody check in……..WOW! I finished my 2.2 mile run and did the sweet and sexy Valentines Day workout, which was amazing except for the heart shaped tummy tucks about kicked my butt lol and this evening I will be doing Fridays cardio because due to prior plans I wont be able to do it on Friday. Have a great weekend members xoxo

  • Liz

    I’m seeing results and I love it! Tried on jeans that are normally tight today and they fit really good. Keep it up girls!

  • Emma Ritchie

    Okay so I am just starting out on this program to finally get my butt in gear!! Does anyone have any advice on where to start? Tips or tricks? Anything helps!! :) Thank you!!

  • Samantha romero

    Ive had a slow start the last two weeks but starting to step my game up this week. The videos have been a bit hard for me and I haven’t been able to do the 100 by vday for many reasons. Instead ive done the workouts 2 or 3 times in a row and switch it up with zumba and yoga. I only have half an hour to an hour a day to work out ive been trying to stick to my nutrition plan too. My question is since ive been having a slow start I was thinking of doing a cleanse to boost my motivation and workouts/ body into gear. Are cleanses good for you if so which ones?

    • Alicia

      Eating lean clean and green is a cleanse. If you want a kickstart, try the 5 or 7 day slimdown!

  • Wendrika

    First check in: I just hit the LYTB workout and am heading out for a two mile run with my fluffy aussie. The fog has been endless up here in Oregon, but working out with you girls makes me feel like the sun is shining!! Thanks! :)

    • Wendrika

      yeah! my 2 mile run turned into a 2.87 mile run!!

  • Rebecca Jones

    Hey Fit Women, are we to assume that Saturday’s workouts should be done as usual (3x each), or fewer times since it’s both arms and legs? Perhaps it’s a do as many as you can situation? Thanks!

    • Rebecca Jones

      I’m goin’ for three!