To our Tone It Up Community,

Something really exciting is happening.  We realize that every week it seems we have a big surprise, announcement, event or a new product launch… and it’s true!!!  All of our hard work over the past 4.5 years is finally catching up and we are so grateful that you embrace everything as your own, because it’s all for you!

When we first launched Tone It Up, in March 2009, we wanted to create a place where women could find fun workouts, delicious, healthy recipes and support one another in each other’s goals and aspirations. It has far exceeded our expectations, and we feel so blessed to have such a positive, supportive and beautiful community.  It’s a movement of women really reaching their goals~ together!!

Are you ready for the news!?!

We’ve been working really hard on something, and we’ve never been so thrilled. We are going to show you  all of our Behind the Scenes footage, how everything comes together, bring you into the Tone It Up office, on set of our workout videos and into our home, as best friends and business partners!! AND it’s going to air on Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You will really get to know us, as friends and how we live our lives everyday.  Our show is called ‘Toned Up’… How fitting?! :) A lot of you have seen press releases in the past that we were going to work with them, and it has finally happened!!! We can’t believe it!  We’re still sitting here saying “Who us?”

Picture-62Bravo wanted to not only capture behind the scenes of how Tone It Up comes together, our DVD production, Perfect Fit Protein and how we independently produce all of our videos and products, but they also wanted to capture us: two women who are best friends, who work together, support each other, and run a business together.  What we love about this show…  you really get to see us hustle each day… the challenges we face, the creative side of each project and how we make our dreams come true, together!

Bravo L♡VES this community and all that it stands for… it’s strong, beautiful, unique and like nothing else.  

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 8.44.20 AM

Toned Up is airing every Thursday at 10:30pm on Bravo, starting January 2nd!!! Who’s throwing a viewing party!!?!?  We want to see pictures!! Seriously… we may show up at your premiere party ;) You can create one in the community HERE.

Here’s the trailer!  We saw it for the first time this morning and we were cracking up… we are the biggest goofballs, and they definitely capture that.

Also, we would L♡VE if you left a comment about Tone It Up on BravoTV here~ Toned Up on Bravo.  As a thank you, we’re gifting 20 of you with Tone It Up Gift packs~ protein packs, a beach babe necklace, lip balm & headband :)

Watch HERE!!!

Also… here’s the commercial that’s airing on Bravo right now!!! We saw it for the first time this morning and freaked out! It’s so surreal… we can’t beleive it!  We’re preparing your commercial break workouts ;)

Some screenshots from the teaser!


bravo-toned-up-tone-it-up-karena-katrina-6bravo-toned-up-tone-it-up-karena-katrina-4 bravo-toned-up-tone-it-up-karena-katrina-5Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 8.43.09 AMbravo-toned-up-tone-it-up-karena-katrina-9bravo-toned-up-tone-it-up-karena-katrina-11

What will change at  Just Thursdays!!  Here’s the breakdown of each week :)

Monday ~ Motivation Monday Post~ Featured Member Post & Transformation Story!

Tuesday~ Brand New Tone It Up Workout!

Wednesday~ New Post on Fitness Tips, Style or Nutrition.

Thursday~ Toned Up on Bravo!!!  We’ll be posting behind the scenes pictures, hosting Live Chats in the community & exclusive videos during the show!!!  We’re also going to be doing commercial break workouts and major giveaways :)

This show also means there will be more Tone It Up Girls in your area!! This means plenty of meetups, workouts, events, girls nights and fun! Stay tuned with new functionality in the community to find Tone It Up Team members in your area!

We Love Food Friday~ New Recipe Post! Mmmm mmm

Saturday~ Featured Member Recipe Post

Sunday~ Weekly Workout Schedule is posted!


Share, ♡ Love, Inspire, Sweat,

Your trainers,

Karena & Katrina

PS- we’re shakin’ in our boots right now!! So excited :)

  • Meagan Dubal

    This is awesome girls! I love seeing behind the scenes stuff of you guys. It’s hilarious. Congratulations!

  • Ashley

    So funny I just posted all about this on instagram, twitter & the community before you posted this! Completed excited when I watched the sneak peak on Bravo this morning! So excited for this community to grow! But im sure many of us are wondering the same thing…. how will this affect your being able to do challenges, give-away, follow our check-in with a much bigger community?

    • Tone It Up

      Hi Ashley!! We’re so excited too!!! It’s been a long time in the works, and we are so grateful we can release it! As for the community~ we’re so happy that it will grow! There will be more TIU girls in each town for meetups, workouts, get togethers and more :) As for challenges~ we’re filming the Love Your Body Series tomorrow and Wednesday! That launches Jan 1st! The Bikini Series is of course happening again too~ Bigger & better! Giveaways & Prizes~ this means MORE!!! It also means more products, better apps, community and more tools to help all of us reach our goals. We have an amazing team of 6 people at our offices now (that you’ll see on the show) and our company will grow with the show. Karena and I are so dedicated to all of you that this is our job… our life and our passion. We’re sitting right here, reading comments and talking with our girls. You’re our #1, our commitment is with you… our reason for Tone It Up! We’re not going anywhere!!! Love all of you so much. xxxo ~Katrina

  • Katie Michelle Reyes

    Eeeek! This is SO EXCITING!!!!!! I seirously cannot wait. Best show ever?? Um, yes!


  • Zoua Vang

    How exciting! Can’t wait to catch the premiere!

  • Lauren

    so exciting k&k!!!! cant wait to watch!! congrats you two! <3

  • tiubetsy

    Karena and Katrina! I’m so excited! Yu both put all your hard work, sweat, tears, heart♥ & soul into everything! You both deserve everything and more! ♥♥♥

  • Olivia Austin

    i’ve just left a post on the bravo site! this was my comment on the site and i’m hoping that maybe you’ll take my suggestion somewhattt into consideration because i think it’d be extremely unique and (obviously i’m bias because it is my idea) a fun option!

    “I follow TIU on twitter, instagram, their emails, and all of their newsletters; their work outs have helped me tone up, lose weight, and gain confidence i’ve never had before. recently they got to go to the VS show and this really cemented how perfect, fun and inspirational the TIU trainers are, and I am so excited for this show! I really hope that every other set of commercials in the show, they somehow have a mini clip of them showing us a work out that we can do during the commercials so that we can work out a little while watching their show! And while watching such perfect bodies, I don’t think there is a more inspirational timing to get a quick work out in! (maybe show us burpees, stuff like that that’ll get our heart rate up that we often need a bit of a push to do!)

    Thanks and i’m very excited to watch the show :D”

    That was my comment and I hope you do the mini-work outs or something along those lines if possible! if not though, then I still am extremely excited and will stay tuned to hear more! I’m a 20 year old college student with ~15 more pounds to go and continue to be inspired by you both every single day.

    Thanks for all your inherent support and inspiration:)


  • Veronica K

    How exciting! Love you two and all that you do. :) I also posted a comment on Bravo.

  • Melanie

    I’m so excited for you Karena & Katrina!! I’ve been a Tone it Up girl for three years now and you’ve totally changed my life!! I know you hear that all the time but it really is true! Congratulations on all of your success!!! Keep up the good work!!

  • Jackie Koumpouras

    I read about the show in a past issue of SELF and I was overjoyed! I’ve been wondering when you were going to let the cat out of the bag… (meow!) I wish I could start DVRing right now and can’t wait to watch the show! It airs two days before my wedding! ahh! I’ll also watch it as I run on the treadmill! It’s a win-win–pushing me even more! Congrats and thank you for allowing us to come into your lives and see all the behind the scenes! You two deserve all the happiness in the world. I’m going to go post on the Bravo site now!

    -Jackie (Indianapolis, TIU member, TIU Bride!)

  • Monica R.

    SO EXCITING!!!!!…I can’t wait. So happy for both you. You all have come such a long way and it’s finally paid off. You’re both amazing, motivated, and inspiring. Keep up the good work. xoxoxo

  • Ashley Douglas Bowen

    I am so excited! You ladies are so personable yet continue to make the Tone it Up community bigger and bigger yet remain so down to earth letting yourselves get to know the ladies that love Tone it up. Bravo to you both for Bravo haha. I cant wait to tune in on Thursday and watch away. As always you continue to amaze us and always have something new in store for us!! xoxo

    • Tone It Up

      Ahh thank you Ashley!! You are all our #1 xxxo

  • Emily Hetzler

    Yay!!!! Do you happen to know if they will be putting the episodes online too? I don’t have TV at my house. Congrats!

  • Heather

    YAYY! I saw this on Bravo’s website about a month or so ago! Can’t wait!!

  • Rebecca Lippert

    Whoaaa! So awesome. Congratulations! Can’t wait to watch! :) Your friendship, work ethic, and creativity is so freaking inspiring.

  • Tashina

    This is SO exciting! I left a comment on Bravo’s page to let them know how pumped I was. I can’t wait to really see you ladies in action. I have a feeling it will be SUPER inspiring!

  • Sarah

    Oh my gosh!!!!!! I am SO excited!!! Your dreams coming true before all our eyes! So happy to be a part of this community! The countdown is ON!!!!

  • Marissa

    Could not be more excited for you ladies! I’m already the biggest BRAVO-aholic so this will give me even more reason to never let my husband change the channel! Congratulations K&K!

  • Beth Mickens

    OMG congrats ladies!! I actually don’t watch TV but I WILL be watching this!!!

  • Samantha

    Such amazing news! congratulations to you both!!

  • Susan Britcher

    So excited for you both, only wish we could view it in Australia

  • Roxy

    SOOO Excited!! It will be so fun to watch all the behind the scenes and see all of the amazing work you ladies do for us! You guys are such an inspiration, thank you for creating such a supportive an awesome one of a kind community! So much TIU love! XOX

  • Michelle Malone

    OMG I’m so happy for you girls and soooo excited for this!!! My obsession just grew! Ha! :) <3

  • La

    this is such exciting news! k&k are truly an inspiration. the tone it up community is so supportive and encouraging. i always joke around and say that if the rest of the world was more like the tone it up community, there would be peace and harmony for all. i am excited that this spirit will be shared on screen! these girls are changing the world!

  • Daniella

    Oh my gosh! This so exciting for you girls, and for us! I cannot wait to watch! I’m so sad I can’t watch the preview video being in Canada, but I do have Bravo and really hoping it’ll be airing here too!!!! Cannot wait to watch! Congrats girls!

  • Leeanne LeClear

    So excited!! Cannot wait for January to get here so I can watch!

  • Britney Weaver

    This is extremely exciting! You girls definitely deserve this! :) I love the way you are so dedicated to the community and always take the time to answer even the little questions that we have. You are truly inspiring! :) <3 @alvagal

  • Janelle Kent Anderson

    I’m soooooo excited! Cannot wait to watch these shows! You ladies make laugh and motivate me everyday to be my very best

  • Kim Bachelor

    omg!!! this is so exciting!! I can not wait! It is going to be amazing to see the #TIUcommunity grow even more! Hopefully it will make it much easier to meet and connect with #TIUGirls around us!!

  • Nicole Kross

    This is so exciting! Congratulations ladies! I’m really looking forward to the show. PS. The video link isn’t working right now for some reason. I’m dying to see a preview!

  • Jessica N Mikael Stephenson

    OMG K&K are the most amazing women on this earth! Ive been a part of this team for a few months now, and Im so happy I joined! These two are the most real, genuine people who love each of their fans unconditionally. Im so happy for them… they are making it BIG TIME! K&K you rock, don’t stop… keep doing what youre doing it! Cant wait for the 2nd… Im recording each episode! xoxo @toneitup

  • Grace Blacksea

    Ahhh! This couldn’t be more amazing! I am hitting my one year anniversary as Tone It Up member in January and this couldn’t be a better way to celebrate! I am 7LBS down and loving every bit of friendship, motivation, love and inspiration that has come out of my relationship with the #TIUcommunity & #TIUteam! Love Bravo, Love TIU, Love you both! Cheers to another amazing new opportunity that makes Tone It Up that much more special & amazing!

  • Kim Lundstrom

    Im so excited for you both and so proud of all your hard work! I left a comment on bravo under FitKim

  • Kristin Karalus

    Ahhhhhh I am dying to watch January 2nd! Seriously, can’t wait!!! Congratulations, Karena & Katrina! XOXO

  • Caroline Volker

    I am so pumped!!!!! I just left a comment on Bravo TV: they could not have chosen two better people to follow along for a fabulous show. Can’t wait to watch :)

  • Gracie

    will the show be available on a Canadian network?!

    • Jaclyn Hill

      I have researched that and no.. I myself am quite annoyed by that….

  • Kaycee

    Amazing!! The preview video had me laughing out loud. You girls are awesome :) So proud and happy for you! Congrats!!

  • Ronee Uyeshiro

    I knew you ladies would be perfect for a reality show and I remember telling the Oxygen Network years ago when I was there — THEIR LOSS IS BRAVO’S GAIN!!!! Super exciting! So happy for all of you!

  • Holly Kline

    LOVE this! I feel like I have been working out with you two since this website started, and I am so happy this is happening! Thank you for all you have done for us, you are both seriously amazing. So proud of you. Many more blessings to you both! xoxo

  • Lua

    CONGRATS! i am so happy and thankful that i have found tone it up! you girls and the entire community has literally changed my life and i am so thankful to have found you girls! i am literally in tears right now because i am so excited and happy for you girls!

  • RaggaToneItUp

    I can’t watch the trailer :( it says “this content is now unavailable”. Can I find the video somewhere else like on youtube or something?

  • Haley Reynoldson

    Is anyone else not able to watch the trailer? When I press play, it says “This content is currently unavailable.” Is it not available outside of the US?

    • Jordana Jands

      Yes! Same thing happens to me

    • Taylor Kiryluik

      It says that to me too! But I am in Canada so that might be it…

      • Jaclyn Hill

        No Toned Up for Canadians….

    • Connie Bonnie Wong

      Same here, I was so excited to watch the trailer :( But big congrats to you girls!!!

    • DaisyHdez

      Ditto. In Canada.

    • Sophia B

      Yeah same here for Australia :( must mean we won’t be able to watch it :( :(

    • Patricia Kieft Ocejo

      I’m in Belgium, same thing here :(

    • Emma S

      Same here! I live in Sweden and can’t watch it… it says the same here :(

    • marrje

      same here! i’m in italy :(

    • Jenny

      Same in Israel /:

  • Karla Arteaga

    AWW THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL! I love you both so much you are amazing loving and gorgeous inspirations inside and out and I will so be with you guys every thursday!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU :)

  • Sarah

    Karena, Katrina… this is HUGE! I can’t begin to explain how excited and proud I am of you. You both work so hard and I hope you are reminded at least 75 times a day as to how much all your hard work is cherished. You have changed so many lives for the better! I teared up when I watched this sneak peak video! It’s a great day to be part of the Tone It Up family!! I’M SO EXCITED!

  • Bailey

    So exciting!!! Wish we could watch these clips up in Canada! Congratulations ladies!


  • Lindsey

    Love the idea of the commercial break workouts! Can’t wait!

  • Elise

    This is amazing !!!!! Congrats girls :) Can’t wait :)

  • Sigrid Sassypants

    I am SO excited for this! I also really want to learn more about the other people who work in the TIU office! You two do so much hard work, but sometimes I wonder – who else works for you, because you cannot possibly do all of this all by yourselves, right?!

  • Carrie

    Awesome!!!! HUGE congrats – you deserve all the accolades as does the amazing program you’ve created – so glad to be a part of TIU and all that is happening!

  • Lucy Thomson

    This is so exciting!! Will this be available via the internet? Cos í’m in new Zealand and I don’t think it will screen here! Also I’m guessing that bravo is some type of cable network? This is amazing! Congraulations to you both, you deserve it! and all your amazing hard work! You really are the best trainers in the world!

  • B Hannigan

    So proud of you both, I love to see successful women, who are friends and family first. I have been a member since the bikini challenge 2 years ago and thanks to TIU am at my best since high school and I’m 50 :-) I love your spirit, determination, humor and goofiness – you both are just fabulous xoxo

  • Kayla Lussier

    <3 Tone it up is amazing! these two girls deserve every bit of this! <3

  • Lindsey Lambert

    I seriously can’t handle all of this awesomeness! I know I’m not the only one that wonders – “Who are all of the people behind the scenes that help make TIU possible?” or “When do Karena & Katrina find time to sleep?!” I’m so excited & super proud of K&K for this amazing opportunity for TIU! :)

  • Chloe

    OMG!!!!!!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  • Chloe

    I am so proud of you two! I appreciate all of the hard work you did to make Tone It Up the AWESOME fitness community that it is! I can’t wait for the show to air! So excited! :D

  • Becky

    AHHHHHH THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! Congrats to you both on all of your hard work!!!! Can’t wait for Jan 2nd!! :) :) :)

  • Lynnet

    SO excited…I’m shakin in my boots with you both! You girls continue to encourage, love, & support so many and have built THE BEST #tiuteam and #tiucommunity with so many loving women who support other women all over the world! I am so proud to be a small part of such an AMAZING group and so happy to have found Tone It Up. Way to go Karena & Katrina! I will definitely watch EVERY episode and be working out with you during the commercials. xoxo
    Much love & support, Lynnet

  • Haute + Healthy

    This is so exciting and we cannot wait to watch!! Much love & support.

    Beth & Kristin

  • Jayne

    Oh boo! Can’t watch the trailer in the UK! So excited for you girls – I hope I can watch it too :)

  • Danielle

    Congrats girls! What amazing news. So proud of you both!

  • Shayla

    Seems fun! Wish I could watch the preview video…doesn’t seem to be available in Canada :(

  • Elaine Holloway

    OMG!! I’m so excited…I love Bravo and can’t wait to see your new show!! :)

  • LeahMacVie

    Amazing! I can’t wait- congrats!

  • Kate J.

    I’m so sad I couldn’t view the trailer because I live in Canada :( But congrats girls! This is amazing news!! :) <3

  • Philippa Norman

    WOOOOFRIKKINHOOOO! I hope it’s airing here in the UK! Soooo excited! I cant see the trailer though :( xx

  • susan

    awesome trailer – congrats!! i’m excited to watch!! just left a comment on Bravo :)

  • Neely

    Wahoooooo!! Will the show be on Hulu or somewhere online after it airs if we don’t have Bravo???? I HAVE TO WATCH THIS! So excited!

  • Neely

    Cannot wait!!! I have always wanted to see more behind the scenes, get
    sneak peeks at the office, and see your girls day-to-day life. It looks
    so fun working with your best friend and you seem to have a dream life,
    but I know you’ve worked hard and probably had to push through many
    challenges. Can’t wait to be inspired by you again in a whole new way!

  • Neely

    Will the show be available online like on Hulu or something after it airs? I don’t have BRAVO. :(

  • Meg @ Peaches & Cake

    Wow! Congrats girls! I will definitely be tuning in. Props to female entrepreneurs following their dreams!

  • becks

    This looks awesome. Can’t wait to watch it! Love you ladies!!!

  • Lucy

    Even though I can’t view the preview I couldn’t be more excited! What a wonderful way to start 2014! CAN’T WAIT <3

  • Liz Phillips

    Omg, I know I don’t have cable, but I am still stoked for this show to be out!! Well Done ladies for being an inspiration to all the ladies out there. You made a great impact in my life! :)

  • Christa Soto

    I’m beyond excited to get a closer look at all that you do for us. I’m even more excited about the inspiration of seeing you live the Tone It Up lifestyle so that we can all get more examples of how to do it!! Congrats ladies for all your hardwork!! I’m so excited for January now. Just one more thing to look forward to heading into the new year! Lots of love, Christa

  • Heather Leuning

    Wow ladies.You’re killing it! It’s amazing to see your journey grow more and more every day. Inspiring and can’t wait to ring in the New Year with Toned Up on Bravo in 2014.

  • erin

    Congratulations Katrina and Karena, this is such an amazing opportunity for you both! All the way down in Australia I’m not sure where I will be able to watch it but I will make it happen! :)

  • JustMeMegs

    So Excited! Congrats! I know where I will be on Thursdays!

  • Adriene Riordan

    That is so awesome! Congratulations!

  • Melanie Ober

    What great thing to happen ladies, I am sure things will just keep getting better with time :) h

  • Katherine

    Very exciting! Can’t wait to watch :)

  • Molly27

    Goodness gracious I better have Bravo on my TV!… first thing I’m checking when I get home. I am SO freakin pumped! :D

  • Katharine

    You guys are amazing . . . how you started a business just posting stuff on You Tube. That is how I discovered you! Keep up the great work and see you on Bravo!

  • Jessamyn Lupardus

    Just posted on the Bravo page! So happy for you ladies – you’ve worked so hard and deserve this wonderful opportunity to share with an even wider audience :)

  • lexie

    Amazing job girls, thanks for starting my birthday week with exciting news(:. definitely adding that to my DVR list, Can’t wait to watch!!!

  • Alena Snedeker

    So stoked for you girls!! I have been following you guys for about 2 years now and love every article, every picture, every inspiration you ladies throw at this TIU community. I am a yoga instructor and health coach as well and it is so refreshing to see that our passion of health and wellness is being spread around the world. Keep up it you two cuties, I will definitely be watching your show! Much love to both of you, keep up the amazing work that you do.

  • Michelle C

    This is AMAZING! So excited to see what a day in the life looks like for you gorgeous gals.

  • Tara

    Um , can those of us in the TIU community get first dips on the retreat before your show comes out? haha it is going to be in crazy demand!!

  • Jenae Huckins

    SO FreaKIN exciting guys! I will be watching in January marked the calendar and everything! you chicas are such an inspiration! I started watching you guy on you tube way back when and look where you are now simply amazing!

  • Keleigh Beals

    WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!!! So excited for this. I posted on bravo already and I can’t wait for the show to air!

  • Ashley

    Yay! I commented on Bravo to share the joy, and spread the love! :) TIU IS a very worthwhile company/brand to promote! :) Congratulations to you both, and the rest of your team!!

  • Christina Chairez

    Yay! This is so rad. Congrats to you girls. XO Hopefully we’ll meet at the next Tassels & Tastemakers event.

  • Julieann Cheverie

    this is so exciting, i’ll have to find it online somewhere as i don’t get bravo in canada!! also is there going to be a holiday hottie challenge this year?! :) congrats girls!

  • Rachel

    So excited for you both!! It looks awesome and so much more positive and uplifting than anything else on tv right now! :)

  • Jeanette

    Omg this is so exciting!!! I am excited to see you two girls on bravo!!! This is amazing!! You two are great and so blessed and I am happy I got to meet you and happy to see more of you especially in bravo!!!!

  • Ariel Wilkins

    Love this! You girls are so deserving of all of this. XO

  • Jamie McAtee

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That’s awesome!!!!

  • Nora Ochoa

    How exciting! I’m always trying to get people to follow you on Instagram or Facebook to do the work outs with me. I will have no problem now with your tv show! Congratulations!

  • Clotilde Chaumet

    HELP !!! OMG I was so excited (and still am ) but I can’t watch the trailer it says ” geographic restriction ” that it is” currently unavailable “because it’s not available in my location ( I live in France) !! no ! I soooo want to see this !!! You girls are so genuinely awesome you are my biggest inspiration ! So proud of you !!! SO freaking happy for ya !!!! But I want to watch the show !!!!!! LOVE YOU !

  • Jenn Martin

    Way excited!!! Already posted on Bravo!!!

  • Lisa Kopec

    so excited to see Bravo is bringing on a show about positive women building a brand and following their dream. Congrats!

  • Sazi Wald

    Wow that is so incredibly exciting! I am can’t wait to check it out! :)

  • Hallie :)

    how about us canadians ?

  • Katie

    So excited!! You two are both great motivators and very inspirational. A great addition to television!!

  • Caitlin Croteau

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You two have worked your BUTTS off and as someone who looks up to you as business woman and behavior change badasses, I am thrilled to be able to watch your success, the behind the scenes of your business, and be able to be surrounded by your positivity each week starting in January! ROCK ON!

  • Taylor Kiryluik

    I also hope we can see it in Canada! Since we can’t see the trailer !! BUT OMG SO SO SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS and so very happy for you guys! Congrats Karena and Katrina!

  • Jenna Swansby

    Aaahhh!! Super stoked! You girls deserve this! I was just thinking the other day, how cool would it be to watch them on Bravo (that is the only channel I EVER watch haha) I will be watching EVERY THURSDAY. You girls are beautiful and this will only help my weight loss & toning being able to watch you two (My inspiration) every week!

  • TeaJae

    I’m so happy for y’all this is awesome news. I might get cable back now so I can watch it. You’ve both worked real hard to get where you are and that should be celebrated wooohoo♥

  • Melissa Gutierrez

    I’m so excited for Tone It UP and Bravo. I will get to see how everything is created. I already feel like I know K&K, but this will give me a better connection. I will go home tonight and set my DVR.

    I been a member since February 2011. I started following the plan and instantly saw results. I was so happy. I started to feel better and eventually got to my goal weight, but once I got to my goal weight, I relapsed to my old ways and gained it back. This spring 2013 I was tired of feeling sluggish, and people asking me if I was pregnant. So I decided I needed to do something. I was reading my Self Magazine and that gave me the push I needed. I saw my trainers were going to do The Bikini Series again and come on. Who doesn’t want to look like them. I jumped on the wagon and haven’t looked back. Exercising is an addition now, and I fit into my old pants. Bootycalls are my favorite. I completed 100bySummer and 100byHalloween, and made so many delicious recipes from TIU. Along the way my mom, tias (aunts), and friends have become healthier.
    My trainers and TIUTeam motivate me and I’m so thankful to have them be part of my life. So freaking excited I get to see them on TV. Can’t thank you enough BRAVO.

  • Summy Long

    I literally can’t wait! Bravo is my favorite network and Tone IT Up is clearly my favorite Blog about fitness and nutrition! What a Perfect match! Can’t wait to see more previews!

  • kellischuh

    I can’t even explain how excited I am… particularly for the commercial break workouts as well! :):):)

  • Randi Ashley

    Oh my goodness I’m so happy for you two!!! I can’t wait to watch. Bravo has always been one of my favorite networks, and it just got 10 times better. Congrats Karena and Katrina!!

  • Heather

    CONGRATS!!!! That is SO huge. LOVE it.
    Heather at

  • Holly @

    I’m so EXCITED!!!!!!!! :) :) Congrats!

  • Amy S

    So excited to get to know you 2 better!! You girls are so motivating and inspiring!! ❤️

  • Chrissy Bridges

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