NEW Tone It Up LOGO!!!

It’s OUT!!!! After 5 years of hearing your feedback, brainstorming, coming up with ideas and creating new designs, we’re ready to unveil your NEW Tone It Up® Logo!

We’re thrilled to launch this new part of the Tone It Up® brand! This logo means so much to us because it represents our commitment to you and this amazing community. This team inspires everything we do, and as we grow, you come along with us!

We’re excited to elevate the brand, bring you more of the things you love and continue to inspire this team to live happy, healthy lives! The best part is that this is only the beginning…

This is a sneak preview of something MAJOR launching next Wednesday!!!!

We’ve been working on this launch for about a year now, and this is just a taste of your new Tone It Up :)

How it came to be:

The logo is inspired by the heart in the Tone It Up MOTTO:

Share, ♡ Love, Inspire, Sweat

What is the Tone It Up Motto & lifestyle?

Share ~ sharing your lifestyle with everyone around you, including this community!

♡ Love ~  loving each other, your life, your body and your lifestyle.

Inspire ~ Inspiring loved ones, friends and other #TIUteam members to live long, healthy, beautiful lives.

Sweat ~ sweat it out every day with your trainers at ToneItUp!

This new logo is also inspired by…

  • Living a healthy and happy life ~ This is what Tone It Up® is all about!
  • Karena’s wave painting! This piece holds a huge space in the center of my heart. The wave represents freedom, movement, power, perseverance, never ending strength, and best of all… enjoying the ride!!!

  • The Beach Babe lifestyle! I captured the colors and feel of what it means to be a Beach Babe in my Mermaid Painting below. It represents love, mystery, allure, a warm heart, vulnerability and openness. It’s a reminder to be your unique, beautiful self!

  • Our team colors, teal & coral! TEAL represents heightened levels of creativity, intuition and sensitivity and CORAL is it’s complimentary color. It represents energy, beauty and adventure!
  • Inspired by the direction you’re always going ~ UP!!  Even when you’re down, you come right back up within the love of this community.

What do you think of your new Tone It Up Logo!? Get ready to see this on your Tone It Up Social Media icons, tank tops, hats, gym bags, bikinis, water bottles and MORE!!!

Your new Tone It Up heart is going to be everywhere!

This is a sneak preview of something we’ve been working on for a long time for you. Hang tight… next Wednesday is going to be a BIG day for all of us!!!!



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  • Emilie Dionne

    love the new logo!! really great concept :D

  • Jessica George

    love the new logo and inspiration behind it.