Fall is HERE!!! The air is starting to become crisp, the leaves are changing into a beautiful pink and orange sunset, and there’s excitement for pumpkin, spice & everything nice!

This fall we want your commitment. Not only to yourself, but to others. When you support other people’s goals, it gives you the confidence and strength to commit to your own!  Your Fall Challenge is from now until Halloween!! That’s 6 weeks :)

Ready?  Set… GO!

Think about what you want to achieve this fall… how do you see yourself? Active? Energized? Fit and confident!? That’s how we see you. We promise… however you see yourself every day that you wake up, that’s what you become.  Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, become healthier, improve your mind, body or soul… this is your chance right now to commit to YOU!!

The hashtag for the Fall Challenge is #FRISKYFALL <3  We looked up the definition and this is what we found…

At Tone It Up, we want to provide you fun workouts, recipes, motivation, and the best possible Nutrition Program to make part of your lifestyle.  We also want you to make connections with other members in the community, all over the world and even in your own town!   Connecting with other Tone It Up girls is best on the community site ~ Also, instagram is pretty incredible for checking in.  Hashtag #FRISKYFALL  If you don’t have instagram, we highly recommend making a TIU account… ex.  ”TIUkate”

We are a  Tone It Up TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves MORE!

Ready for your challenge? Follow your challenges every day and by Halloween, everyone will ask you what you’ve been doing ~ why you’re glowing, why your eyes are sparkling, why you’re in such a great mood. All because you’re feelin’ frisky!!! Prepared for the holidays and ready to take on 2014 as your best self!


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Every day we want you to do something to sweat :) YES, everyday! Your ‘rest days’ will be a walk, stretch yoga class, your foam roller workout with us – something! This way it’s still part of your routine and it becomes your lifestyle.

We’ll also be posting a weekly workout schedule, every Sunday. See this week’s schedule HERE!

The weekly schedule includes your toning workouts. If you go to a class at your gym, that counts too!!!


There will be 20 winners EVERY WEEK! 10 will receive gift packs (announcing what’s inside this week’s gift pack tomorrow) and 10 check-ins will be featured on the ToneItUp Instagram! Winners will be chosen by check-ins ~ consistent workouts, meals, recipes, motivational quotes and support to others in the community :) We’re watching!

What about cardio??

We are challenging you to 100 by Halloween!!!! If you’re new to Tone It Up, welcome!  This means, we want you to complete “100 miles by Halloween.” These miles can be walking, running, biking, elliptical etc. There’s 40 days until Halloween, including today.  That equals 2.5 miles every day. Whether you run them or walk them, FIT. THEM. IN!  If you bike, divide the miles by 3.  Ex. 9 miles = 3 toward your 100 by halloween.  What about your 40 minute HIIT routine on your Beach Babe DVD?  That counts towards 4 miles!  Average every 10 minutes = “1 mile.”

The hashtag for your cardio is #100byHalloween

This is your new cardio & toning routine that is on your weekly schedule! We’ll be uploading a short instagram video showing you how to do the moves on Tuesday :) @ToneItUp



Set your intentions & get organized!! Write out where you want to be by Halloween?  How do you want to feel?  What will you have accomplished? What is truly standing in your way to reach this? How can you overcome it? How can you make this your commitment for the next 6 weeks? Map out how you will make this 6 weeks of progress and change. Write out 5-10 goals for yourself ~ mind & body!

Here’s a few of your check-ins so far on instagram! We love them! Make sure your instagram is not private so we can see your photos.  If you want to make a dedicated TIU account, you can do that too :)

We love the app “Rhonna” for making instagram photos!

Get organized! Set yourself up for success. We’re putting out 3 outfits for workouts this week. We’re also packing our gym bag with everything we need.

If you’re looking for a 6 week transformation – we want you to take your picture today! Front and side profile :) You’ve got this!!!

Since you are fully committed to the Fall Challenge: Frisky Fall.. you MUST do these every day:

Complete each workout challenge we give you – everyday!

Check in with us once you complete your challenge.

Journal your nutrition everyday – either in the community, your phone, calendar, or a journal. Keeping track of your nutrition by writing it in your journal is the best way to stay honest with yourself ~ what you’re taking in your body and what you’re doing to love it!

Body language is HUGE… not only for the people around you, but for YOU! If you joined our Love Your Body Challenge, you’ll remember how important this. We want you to focus on your posture and body language over the next 6 weeks. We’ll remind you a lot!

Lead your life with your heart!!! Shoulders back, your head high, your core long and a natural curve in your lower back. Having beautiful posture will not only make you feel strong and confident, it will give you the power to take on every single day!!

Set your alarm at least 4 times a week for your Booty Call® Read below to find out what your Booty Call is!

♡ This is also how you will be winning prizes! …

Check-in! How to check in? Let us know your workout on any social media platform – even our very own Tone It Up Community and meet other TIU members during the challenge.

@ToneItUp and Hashtags to include are…

All check-ins include  @ToneItUp  #FRISKYFALL  #TIUteam & #100byHalloween

Meals #TIUmeals

Make sure you’re subscribed to our Youtube Channel!

Follow the Tone It Up Instagram account- this is very important for challenges!

Follow the challenge on all of our Social Media sites ~ We will be hosting live chats, giveaways, and more on each platform!


Links and details you need to know for the challenge… – The community is where you can create a Tone It Up Profile, journal and check-in. It’s more private than other social media sites, so you can post away in there!!

Instagram @ToneItUptwitterfacebook – These are all places you can check-in with your workouts and follow the challenge. We recommend creating a twitter or instagram profile with ‘TIU‘ in the name – ex. TIUKate!

You can also follow our personal account on instagram @karenakatrina for our check-ins!  We’ll be doing the challenge with you!!

What is my Booty Call® Workout?

There’s a little hash tag buzzing around on twitter, and it’s not what you think. #BootyCall is your TIU Booty Call. This team wakes up 30-60 minutes early to sneak in a fat burning workout – a walk, jog, yoga, workout DVD – anything! Just get moving first thing to burn stubborn fat, awaken your heart and mind, break a quick sweat and to start your day off a few steps closer to your goals. We promise, this will become a habit. We are not naturally morning people, but this is something that is part of our day.. if we don’t get it in, we don’t feel right! If you want, coffee and a piece of fruit is best before your workout and then having your breakfast after.

We’re counting on you in the morning. Imagine us waking you up and saying ‘DO THIS FOR YOU! You will not regret it’. Your alarm better be set!! :) Set it 30 minutes early & sneak it in! Studies show that people who workout first thing in the morning burn a slightly higher percentage of fat AND are more likely to stick to a program and lose inches with a fat burning program. It increases your core temperature for the rest of the day :) Do you workout later in the day? That’s okay! Sneak in your BootyCall, but make it a walk, a 20 minute stretch session, a HIIT routine so later you can focus on toning or even a little stroll with the hubby before you get your day going. Turn it into something that benefits you and your life.

*** If you’re our 4:30 am workers, add 1 mile or 10 minutes to your cardio later!

We also challenge you to plan activity on the weekends. Remember what we say about weekends. For every Friday, Saturday & Sunday you take off from working out & eating healthy, that’s almost HALF of the MONTH!!! The weekends count more than ever to reach your goals. It can mean up to a 4.3 pound weight loss (or gain) in a month. We challenge you to workout both Saturday & Sunday this weekend. Even if it’s a day at the park with your family, a quick 20 minute HIIT workout in the mornings or a sweat session with a friend.. fit it in! If you have events to attend, eat healthy and choose low calorie options – no fried food! Also, choose a glass of champagne over sugary drinks or a glass of wine. You’ll thank us later ;)

What about Nutrition?

See our top Nutrition Tips HERE!

We also have our Nutrition Plan Membership!  We’re dedicated to making your dreams and lifestyle goals a reality, and your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan is more than just a plan; it’s a way of life, it’s an attitude, it’s the motivation you have when you wake up every day to reach your goals, the excitement you feel when you meet another Tone It Up Member, the confidence you have to pursue anything you want to achieve and the feeling you get when you accomplish everything that you set your mind + heart to… because you’re on the Tone It Up Team! It’s never too late to change your life and start living the healthy, happy, energetic life you’re meant to be living! Read more about our Program HERE!

Check in with us once you read this! Let us know you’re on board and ready for your Frisky Fall Challenge ~ #FriskyFall!

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