WEEKLY Schedule & September Calendar!

Don’t let summer slip away ☀ Savor every drop of sunshine!

There are still 21 days of left of gorgeous summer and we’re making it count. Stay strong, happy and energized with your workouts…

This week is all about toning up so you feel fresh and confident for these 21 days of fun!

This is your Weekly Fitness Routine! Do each of the workouts suggested everyday…

If you can, do at least one of your daily workouts as your BootyCall, first thing. Morning sweat sessions get your day started on the right track.  Below is your September Calendar!

Be on the lookout for an exciting surprise launch tomorrow~ right here on ToneItUp.com!!

HINT: it will be part of your everyday Tone It Up Lifestyle!

Also, welcome to all our new members of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!  This month is all about you, getting back on track and feeling healthy, energized & confident! Connect with other members with #TIUplan& #TIUteam on instagram! Also, track your meals with #TIUmeals. ~k&k

Here’s your September Calendar!  Right click this LINK to download it!  Print it out and check off each day that you follow the weekly schedule.  You can also mix in classes, DVDs, yoga, Pilates~ anything!!


✓ Full Body

Happy Labor Day! Today is about having fun in the sun and spending time with friends & family.

Get your Sunseeker Workout in first thing this morning and you’ll be set for an amazing day…

Need some easy, flavorful meal ideas for your friends & family!? We’ve got you covered with your NEW Labor Day Recipes. Get them HERE!

Perform this routine 3 times!

Right Click Here and Select “Save As…” to save your printable!


✓  Cardio + Strengthening!

We have a HUGE announcement coming today… we can barely contain ourselves!

This is going to be BIG. Head back here, on www.ToneItUp.com to find out what’s in store for YOU!

Get your 2 miles of cardio in! Run, bike, swim or elliptical ~ it’s your choice as long as you FIT IT IN! This is great for your endurance, heart and waistline ;)

Next, strengthen from head to toe with your Triathlon Toning Routine! This is a great workout to add to your training schedule if you are getting ready for a race. It’s also a full body workout that will leave you energized! Perform this routine 3 times.

Get your Printable HERE! Just Right Click and Select “Save As…”


✓  Beach Barre + Cardio


Wake up and press play on your Beach Babe 2 DVD for fine toning with your Beach Barre Routine!

Beach Barre

This fun and graceful Barre inspired routine is designed to elongate and tone you from head to toe! Feel every part of your body stretching and toning.

Next, It’s time to sweat with this heart pumpin’ cardio routine!


✓  Thighs

Tone your inner & outer thighs while lifting your booty with your Tone It Up Thighs workout! Perform this routine 3 times ~ you’ve GOT this!

Get your Thigh Workout Printable HERE! Just Right Click and Select “Save As…”


✓  Cardio + Full Body Toning!

First thing, run it out! Jog away from your house for 15 minutes and then run right back! Go at your own pace, but try to challenge yourself ~ you’ll be feeling fabulous all day long!

After the wedding comes the honeymoon…it’s time for your Honeymoon Ready routine!

There are so many #TIUBrides in this beautiful community and today we’re toning for all of you. Get ready to tone your legs, trim your midsection and sculpt your arms ~ perfect for white bikinis, vacation dresses and fun!

This goes perfectly with the two routines that are part of your Wedding Slimdown! The Bridal Edition is over 50 pages of goal setting, recipes, nutrition planning and working out to make sure you feel your very best on your big day!!


Download your Printable Routine HERE! Right Click and Select “Save Link As…”


Saturday & Sunday

✓  Run it out + Stretch it out!

This weekend get outside and run it out! We challenge you to three miles total. You’ve GOT this. NEW to running? Go at your own pace and finish strong! Take a look at your Tone It Up Running Series for more tips ;)

Sunday night, end the weekend on a sweet note and stretch out your gorgeous body with your Sunset Stretch Routine from your Beach Babe 2 DVD.

Sunset Stretch

Join Karena in the perfect yoga inspired routine. The best way to end the day, or anytime in between—this workout keeps you centered, positive and inspired!

Check in with this amazing team ~ let’s keep each other motivated & inspired! #SummerSizzle



Your Trainers,

Karena & Katrina

  • RobynBlueBird

    I am new to TIU…so is the the same routine we follow each week for the whole month or is there a new routine each week?