TIU Triathlon Training!!!! Best Stretching Routine & Calendar

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in determination.

As many of you know, I’m currently in the middle of training for a triathlon! I’m just 5 weeks away from the Malibu Triathlon and I’m really excited to compete in this race! Let me know if any of you Tone It Up ladies are doing the race. We can cheer each other on!! I’ve created two downloadable training calendars just for you, so we can train effectively… together! This week I’m also filming a video with all my favorite Tri gear along with tips for training and race day :). I can’t wait to share them with you!

See below for your calendars, and be sure to perform this strengthening routine at least two to three times a week for increased endurance and improved coordination for biking, running and swimming!

Along with strength training, stretching is a vital part of a successful fitness routine. It’s especially important during your triathlon training! Not only does it help prevent injury, but a limber body will make sure you do amazing come race day.

The more flexible you are, the more elasticity your muscles have and the better you’ll perform! Be sure to also add other stretching routines into your workouts like yoga and foam rolling ~ try this one! Finding the perfect yoga class is easy to do even if you’re at home. When I can’t make it to a studio, I use the Yogify app on my iPhone or choose a class at Yogalglo.com.

Today’s routine is meant to be done after every single training session.

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Do this routine after every #TIUtri training session! Follow along with your NEW video…



Get your Triathlon Stretch Printable Workout HERE! Just Right Click and Select “Save As…”


I created two downloadable training programs just for you ~ an 8 week Sprint and 12 week Olympic distance calendar. Throughout the next couple months I’ll also be posting tips including my favorite training and race gear, proper nutrition while training, transition area tips, choosing a race, race day tips and more! I’ll be checking in with my training sessions with you on Instagram and Twitter too. If you are training for a race with me, make sure you hashtag #TIUTri. I’m really excited… let’s do this together!!

**Remember to stretch after each session and use a foam roller to prevent injury. It’s your new best friend :) Along with R.I.C.E. ~ Rest, Ice, Compression & Elevation!

Right click HERE and select “save as…” to download your 8 Week Sprint distance training calendar!

Right click HERE and select “save as…” to download your 12 week Olympic distance training calendar!

Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE):

You will see numbers in parenthesis on your calendar. These numbers will help determine the intensity of your training session.

1 – 2 = Easy, Comfortable, Conversational Pace (50-55% effort)
3 – 4 = Aerobic/Endurance Pace (60-70% effort)
5 – 6 = Moderate Pace (75-80% effort)
7  = Uncomfortably Comfortable/Sub -Threshold Pace (85% effort)
8  = Threshold/Hard Pace (90% effort)
9  = Challenging/Very Hard Pace (95% effort)
10 = All Out Sprint (100% effort)

Intervals: These workouts help increase speed. They include moderate, sub-threshold, and threshold intervals interspersed with recovery. I encourage you to add interval sprints into at least one swim, bike and run per week.

Example: Go hard for 1 minute, then 1 minute low intensity followed by 1 minute off and repeat. Spin class is great for bike intervals and a local high school track is great for run intervals.

*Brick Workout: Complete your run immediately following your bike workout. This workout will help improve your bike-to-run efficiency!

Swim, Bike, Run… Lift!

In addition to cardio, strength training is imperative when preparing for a triathlon. Building strong, lean muscles will prevent injury, increase performance and endurance while also improving stability. Strength training should be done 2-3 times per week. This video is a full body, functional strength training workout for triathletes ~ it works all the muscles you use for your run, bike and swim along with improving coordination. You can do any other full body Tone It Up routines, including your fave from your Beach Babe DVD.

Success in triathlon depends on several factors and proper nutrition is imperative when training for any race. If you’re on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan you are fueling your body with all the delicious nutrients it needs to power through training and stay strong on race day!

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  • Emma

    I use this at least every other day or every day with normal workouts. I usually cannot complete the squats in the last round of the Love Your Body HIIT workout because of my hips, but this has really been helping.

  • Sara MM

    I just absolutely love this stretching routine. It makes me feel so much better.