Weekly Schedule & Your JUNE Calendar

Can you believe it’s June!? How did it sneak up on us so fast!? We have 20 days to get ready for SUMMER!!! Let’s do this… more than ever, let’s commit to be fit, happy & healthy!

Make sure you download your June Calendar here ~ Right click & choose ‘save as’ to download

This month is going to be AMAZING! We have some pretty HUGE things coming for you… a couple surprises, your Beach Babe DVD launches, prizes from Victoria’s Secret, Oakley, Contiki, Perfect Fit & MUCH MORE! Yup, you deserve to be spoiled!!!

The 1st day of summer is on the 21st… This is YOUR Summer :) you’re going to be fearless, brave and beautiful ~ Get ready to arrive on the beach feeling confident and looking like a total BEACH BOMBSHELL!!!

Your BIKINI SERIES™ Weekly schedule is below!

This week we have another fun challenge for the entire #TIUTeam and you’re going to love it :)

This week it’s all about GIVING BACK!

This week you’re going to give back and inspire others! We’re challenging you to push yourself to motivate those around you just a little bit everyday.


We want you to focus on others this week and it’s going to be really rewarding ~ this will make you grateful for weeks to come! Your daily challenge is listed under your daily workouts and we want you to Check in each day when you complete it!

Remember ~ We’re also challenging you to 100 miles by SUMMER ☀ You’re blowing us away by how many miles some of you already have! And guess what, if you’re just joining us, there’s more than enough time to fit it in! When you Check in, tag #100bySummer so we know you’ve got your miles done!


What counts towards your 2.5 miles a day? You can walk, jog, bike (biking counts for 1/3), stairmill, elliptical or swim (swimming counts for 3x)!!!!  Dancing? An hour dance class/cardio class counts for 3 miles.

Following Tone It Up Nutrition Plan will help you fuel your body properly during the week, giving you energy to stay strong for those workouts and during your entire BIKINI SERIES!

REMEMBER ☀ If you slip up, don’t give up! Slip ups make us appreciate when we’re ‘ON’ & in control. They teach us to bounce back stronger.

Use this schedule as a guide for your week.

If it doesn’t quite fit your day, make adjustments that fit you. For all of our global girls ~ you may receive our Tone It Up Tuesday Video later since we’re in a different time zone. We suggest doing Tuesday’s new workout routines either Tuesday evenings or as your Wednesday morning BootyCall®. Make sure you each of your daily workouts, meals and check-ins on your new calendar! We included check marks on your daily workouts to remind you to Check in with your trainers!

☀ Monday ~

Your BootyCall® ✓ Start your day off with BIKINI Cardio! Pair it up with your Surfer’s Paradise Routine to tone and tighten for your Bikini ;)

Download your printable version by right clicking HERE and ‘Save Attachment As..’

Your Daily ♡ Challenge ~ Give back to a Family Member today. Make a TIU Approved Meal and let them know you’ll be cooking for them tonight! Or call them and ask them about how they’re doing :) Be an open ear!

☀ Tuesday ~

Your BootyCall® ✓ Start your day off with a 30 minute walk or jog and stretching! Stretching is so important and we want you to take care of your body!

Later today, your NEW BIKINI SERIES video and workout will be on ToneItUp.com! You’re going to join us for Pura Vida today ~ This routine is going to be your arms and abs new favorite workout ;)

The theme throughout the entire BIKINI SERIES is traveling to all the beautiful beaches around the world with Contiki Vacations! This week we’re focusing on the COSTA RICA ~ Healthy meals, fun culture and of course PURA VIDA!

Have you found your gal pal to partner up with yet? Your Grand Prize will take you on a adventure of a lifetime and we want you to experience this with a friend! Missed the Grand Prize Announcement? Read all about it, here


Your Daily Challenge ~ Reach out to someone new in the Tone It Up Community… and let her know how she has inspired you!

☀ Wednesday ~

It’s time to work that BOOTY for your BootyCall® ~ Your new fave ~ THAI TUSH! Fit in a 30 minute cardio session too… A run, a walk, a bike ride, anything you want and get that heart rate up!

Your printable is HERE!!! Right Click and Select “Save As…”

✓ Toning, stretching & BOOTY! If you didn’t do Tuesday’s routine, fit it in today too!!

Check in with your team and let us know that you got your workouts done today. Remember to tag #BIKINISERIES so we can see your Check ins!

Your Daily ♡ Challenge ~ Neighborly Love ~ Do something nice for a neighbor! Maybe make them a TIU Treat, bring their newspaper to their porch or do something out of the ordinary, just for them. Have any elderly people in your neighborhood? Take 20 minutes to talk with them :)

☀ Thursday ~

Your BootyCall® ~ It’s 5K Time! Get out there and get your miles in for #100bySummer or Revvvv up your inner Biker Babe ~ It’s up to you!


Your Daily ♡ Challenge ~ Small things can make a BIG difference! Today, make a friends day ~ Send them a note, a photo, a text, email, a phone call at their desk or send them a little something. We’re all working hard, and a little pick-me-up goes a long way!

☀ Friday ~

Your BootyCall® ✓ ~ It’s your full body toning Sunseeker Workout!

Complete this routine 3 times.

Get your Printable Routine here ~ Right Click and select “Save Attachment As..”

Your Daily ♡ Challenge ~ Make Friday even BETTER for your Co-worker ;) Bring something fun to make your co-worker’s day… or leave them a note letting them know how much you appreciate their hard work! It’s unexpected and will mean so much to them!

☀ Saturday ~

Your BootyCall® ✓ ~ Make your booty call double the fun ~ With a friend ;) Meet up with a gal pal, whether it’s face timin’, or in person. Do either the Jump your Heart Out Workout or Wild Child Workout together :)


☀ Sunday

Your BootyCall® ✓~ It’s Sunday Bumday!

~ Just KIDDING!! Instead, we’re working your BUM today with Malibooty ;)

Get your printable here ~ Just Right Click and Select “Save As…”

Need to get more miles in for #100bySummer?? Go for a run or walk today!