SUMMER SIZZLE ☀ Weekly Schedule


SUMMERTIME IS HERE ☀ and we’re continuing your weekly fitness schedule!

We loved seeing all your check-ins this weekend~  Keep checking in with #SummerSizzle!! We’ll be doing check in prizes all summer long :)

This weekend we did a 5k for the American Brain Tumor Association for our friend Naomi and in honor of Katrina’s Uncle Peter. It was such an amazing day spent with friends and family. To find a race near you, visit the ABTA site! It’s an incredible cause.

Are you ready for your weekly schedule?!! Join the #BeachBabeDVD Challenges!! ~ whether you’re at home, traveling or at the gym… anywhere! The NEW Beach Babe DVD 2 features 9 workouts including Barre, Yoga, HIIT, ABS, Booty, Arms, Fine Toning & MORE!!

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YES! We’re still looking at all your Check ins!!

Remember, Friday is the LAST day to submit your story for the BIKINI SERIES™ Grand Prize ~ 8 trips with Contiki Vacations! The transformation can be mind, body, lifestyle, weight loss, muscle tone – all of it! We want to hear how the Bikini Series prepared you for your best summer ever.

These are the prizes from us, Victoria’s Secret & Perfect Fit :)

Your Weekly schedule is below! We have something really special coming to you this WEDNESDAY!!!!!! Also ~ we’re sneaking in some 2-a-days before the 4th of July…  that means a sweat session when you first wake up and another later in the day ~ Join us!!!!

Use this schedule as a guide for your week. If it doesn’t quite fit your day, make adjustments that work best for you! Make sure you each of your daily workouts, meals and check-ins on your monthly calendar! We included check marks on your daily workouts to remind you to Check in with your trainers!

Monday ~

BootyCall ✓  First thing in the morning, run away from your house for 15 minutes and run right back OR get wild with this cardio routine ~ Your Wild Child workout!



PM Toning If you received your New Beach Babe 2 DVD in the mail, we want you to complete your new ‘Beach Barre’ Workout ~ This is one waist cinching core routine you’ll never forget—and one all your friends will want to know about too!

If you just got your new Beach Babe 2 DVD ~ Remember to download your progress chart for Set the Bar! Track yourself reaching your goals! Download it HERE, by right clicking and ‘saving as’ to prepare for your #1 results driven workout!!!



Tuesday ~

BootyCall 2 miles! Run, jog, bike, elliptical or swim (swimming counts for double distance)


Your guide to a confident 4th of July in your Red, White & Blue Bikini!  We’re going to be doing this workout 4 times before the 4th of July :)

ENJOY ~ Karena & Katrina

Save & print your routine here ~ right click and download
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Make some festive Perfect Fit Protein pancakes and send them to us!
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Wednesday ~ Full body Toning!

BootyCall Your Cowabunga Routine!

Take us with you! Your printable version is HERE, just right click and ‘Save Attachment As..’ to print out :)

PM Toning ✓ Your new HIIT the Beach 2 Workout is an awesome full body toning routine that increases your heart rate, revs up your metabolism and is the perfect workout to do at home! You don’t need any heavy equipment, only dumbbells between 5 and 8 lbs! Get your DVD today! This is a new #TIUTeam favorite!

Cool down with Beach Yoga with Karena

Thursday ~ Throwback Time!!

We might have something pretty special coming to you TODAY!!!!! :)



BootyCall Let’s cinch & tone from head to toe with your She Sells Seashells Routine!

Don’t mind our intro poem… ;) had to make it fun before the burning begins!!!

Also, Download your printable version by right clicking HERE and ‘Save Attachment As..’

PM – Walk it out after dinner!  Go for a 40 minute post-dinner walk. You’ll feel amazing :)

Friday ~

BootyCall Time to start the day with Your Biker Babe Workout! Or you can do your new Stars & Stripes routine!



PM Toning It’s Booty Toning time with your Thailand Tush routine!

Pair it up with your NEW Bikini Arms routine from Beach Babe 2! This awesome routine will sculpt your arms ~ you’ll feel sexy and confident rocking those tank tops and summer dresses all summer long!

Achieve beautiful, sculpted arms with Karena as she makes you feel sexy and confident rocking those tank tops and summer dresses!

Get your Thailand Tush Printable Here! Just right click and select “Save Attachment As…”

Saturday ~


Do your 4th of July workout again today!!!!

PM Toning  Elongate your body with a Sunset Stretch from your NEW Beach Bab DVD! Join Karena in this perfect yoga inspired routine. It’s best way to end the day and will keep you centered, positive and inspired! If you don’t have the DVD yet, do your Beach Yoga routine HERE.

Sunday ~

BootyCall It’s Sunday Runday and we want you energizing your body with a 3 mile morning run! Let’s go!

Did you see all the upcoming surprises for this team? Check them out here, your motivation is going to be on HIGH all Summer long! Make sure you check back in on Wednesday for a fun surprise too :)