This month we have SPRING FEVER! Our favorite time of year is in full bloom and we know you’re all going to have an AMAZING MONTH!

Your new calendar IS HERE :) You girls are rockin’ this spring so far… you’ve accomplished so much and you’re inspiring the entire team with your check-ins. Bikini Season is almost here, but you still have plenty of time to tone, tighten and get your body beach ready!

Your first challenge this weekend? Download, print and save your April calendar!

Right Click here and select “Save As…” to save it to your computer. Make this your desktop for the month or post on your refrigerator ~ that’s of course filled with healthy TIU Approved foods ;)


To see everything coming up~ read here!

It’s not too late to start the Drop10 Challenge. If you’re just now joining us ~ Jump right in to the Challenge! It’s never to late to get started. Sign up at SELF.com/Drop10

Also, Did you see!? We’re so excited!! Perfect Fit Protein 20 packs are now sent to you in pretty new packaging!!! ♥ How nice would this be on the shelves some day? :) Same delicious protein in new, silky smooth packets. The boxes have our founders’ story, 3 recipes & more! We want to see pictures of you with your new Perfect Fit :) Also, we added a new protein calculator on the site so you can find out how much protein you need per day. Protein helps your metabolism, blood sugar levels, muscle recovery, hair, skin, nails and more :) Visit us at www.PerfectFitProtein.com

For those of you that don’t know what PFP is ~ it’s our Certified Organic, Gluten-free, Non-GMO, Vegan protein powder that we developed for this community :) It’s perfect for smoothies and baking. What you put in your body is so important ~ read your labels!! Perfect Fit has just 5 ingredients that you can pronounce. Exciting things coming your way!

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Ready for an awesome week? So are we! Kick off the month by sharing smiles, hugs and motivation!

Did you see your weekly schedule is posted too? The entire TIU Team is the same workouts ~ EVERYDAY!

Start by setting your intentions for the next two weeks, we can’t wait to see your goals.