TIU Approved Strawberry Coconut Juice

Nothing better than starting off your day with fresh juice that boosts your metabolism and immune system!!

We love this one ~ Fresh juiced strawberries & coconut ♥

This tasty and refreshing drink not only reminds us of summer, but it’s packed with potassium & antioxidants to give you beautiful skin & anti-inflammatory powers.

We juiced the strawberries and added the juice from a Thai Coconut! We also like this recipe with 1 juiced apple :)

You can make it a smoothie by blending frozen strawberries, unsweetened shaved coconut with coconut water or almond milk. It’s Tone It Up Nutrition Plan approved :)

Read more about the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan here :)



Your Trainers & Certified Nutrition Coaches,Karena & Katrina