Love Your Booty Shorts! Cardio


Love Your Booty Shorts with Tone It Up Tuesday’s workout!!

Happy Tone It Up Tuesday girls!! Here’s your workout that’s going to get your heart pumpin’, metabolism revving and your booty asking for more!! Ask someone to join you on this one!  After this workout… you’re going to want to slip into those booty shorts!

These sprints are perfect anytime. Your BootyShorts Workout is 4 short Cardio & Toning Bursts! Remember that change is uncomfortable. Just when it’s tough… push through to make a change.

Make sure to cool down after your workout to get your heart rate back down. Pair your Booty Shorts Workout with Bikini Abs from Your Beach Babe DVD :)

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Your trainers, Karena & Katrina
Did you see we launched the update to your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!?


  • Shana Vds

    Does this also counts for miles?