L♡VE Your Body ~ Week 3 Schedule!

It’s week 3 of the Love Your Body Challenge and we have 32 days until Valentine’s Day!!!  This week we want you to focus on what you’re putting in your body. Not only are we doing daily workouts but we’re doing daily nutrition challenges! You’re going to be feeding your body daily superfoods!  The result?  You’re going to feel energetic, light and fresh… You will radiate!!

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We filmed a check-in on Saturday too :)

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Your Schedule for the Week

Monday ~

AM - Bootycall! Wake up early and do this workout to love your body. Having some trouble getting up in the morning? Check out these tips ;) Today find your Secret Admirer and pair it with your Sunkissed Abs.



Download your printable version by right clicking HERE and ‘Save Attachment As..’

PM – Put the starches away tonight! We challenge you to stay Lean Clean & Green! You’re going to increase your metabolism tonight by filling up on greens and healthy fats such as olives, avocado, fish, nuts, seeds, coconut oil ~ how about a healthy stir-fry with curry, spices, coconut and sesame oil! Make something from the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan or create a new recipe and share it in the community!  Make a little extra for your lunch tomorrow :)

Also, set aside your workout clothes for tomorrow and pack your meals.

Tuesday ~

AM - Your BootyCall is to wake up and sweat it out for 30 minutes!  Whether it’s on the elliptical, treadmill, stairmill or you jog away from your house for 15 minutes, and jog right back!  You’ll feel empowered the rest of the day :) Check back in tonight for your toning workouts.

PM – Your New ‘Love Your Thighs’ Workout Video is out!!!  Come back for an evening workout and combine it with The Love Your Body Total Body Toning Routine!

Do both of these routines twice through tonight!!

Video coming out on Tuesday



(If you’re in a different time zone than us, and you get your workout too late, you can do any of the workouts from the rest of the week and trade out for the Love Your Total Body later this week :)

Wednesday ~

AM - 15 Minute Bootycall! Start your day with Karena’s Arm Toning Routine.  After your BC, start your day with Tone It Up pancake or waffles!!  Also, anyone on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan – remember to enjoy your breakfast with your Meta-D or Bombshell Spell to rev that metabolism for the day!



Here’s your printable, right click HERE to download your copy

PM - Tonight, plan a date with yourself for your NEW #LoveYourBody Cardio Routine.

If you’re running, we suggest starting at 3 minutes of jogging between 5-6mph.  Take it up a notch above 7-7.5mph.  Bring it back down to a jog, then sprint as fast as you can!

Thursday ~


Try out a new studio in town, a new class at the gym – yoga, spin or a new-to-you Tone It Up Routine.

**We know it can be scary going to a new class by yourself, but just DO IT!!! Introduce yourself to the instructor before class or someone in there and ask them if they’ve taken it before and what to expect :)  Karena and I met at the gym… so we are ALL for trying new things and meeting new people!! It changed our lives :)

Friday ~

AM – Love your Heart with 30 minutes steady state cardio

Add your Sweet & Sexy Valentine’s Moves



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Journal your nutrition everyday – either in the community, your phone, calendar, or a journal. Journaling is the best way to stay honest with yourself ~ what you’re putting in your body and what you’re doing to love it!

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Every day we want you to do something to sweat :) YES, everyday!  Your ‘rest days’ will be a walk, stretch, yoga class or your foam roller workout with us! This way it’s still part of your routine and it becomes a habit.  You can find your challenges either on the community homepage community.toneitup.com, twitter twitter.com/ToneItUp or facebook facebook.com/ToneItUp We’ll also be posting on the blog at ToneItUp.com and instagram :)

Links and details you need to know for the challenge…

Community.ToneItUp.com -The community is where you can create a Tone It Up Profile, journal and check-in.  It’s more private than other social media sites, so you can post away!!

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ToneItUp.com Here, you’ll see the workouts posted and all your challenges and video check-ins from us :)

Checking in… This is also how you will be winning prizes!  @ToneItUp and Hashtags to include are #LoveYourBody in all check-ins -#TIUmeals for meals,#VSX for workouts, If you did cardio- #100byVday and if it’s a video…#VlogforVDay

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