Join us for BEACH WEEK!

Join us for Beach Week!!  We’re not letting summer slip away that easy ;)

Beach Week kicks off Monday August 27th… we’re gearing up for a beach weekend!!  Labor Day weekend is a holiday that comes around when we all need it most.  Summer’s not over yet and we all need that last getaway.  The sun is still shining, the weather is warm and there’s more fun to be had!  And yes, you can still rock your white linen pants. #BeachBabeStyle

We challenge you to turn off the TV Labor Day weekend (not only to avoid all the Fall commercials), but to live in the NOW~ enjoy summer while it’s still here.  Do something spontaneous and plan a fun weekend with family and friends!

What will next week include?

  • Motivation- workout tunes, exercise routines, greatest HIITs from this summer, tips on making that summer glow last & inspiration!
  • 5 Day Slim Down Support Karena and I are doing it!
  • Challenges and tons of giveaways!! We’re giving away the farm… and then some bikinis and beach bags ;)
  • Live Chats with myself and Karena about anything- fitness, nutrition~ girl talk
  • And of course, you know us… surprises along the way!
  • The official schedule launches this Friday

Dive in & share with your friends~ Let everyone know you’re IN!!

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Tell us your goal for Beach Week!