♡ Beach Week Schedule!

It’s HERE!!! Beach Week!!  We’re not letting summer slip away that easy ;)

♡ Below is your schedule

Beach Week kicks off Monday August 27th… we’re gearing up for a beach weekend!!  Labor Day weekend is a holiday that comes around when we all need it most.  Summer’s not over yet and we all need that last getaway.  The sun is still shining, the weather is warm and there’s more fun to be had!  And yes, you can still rock your white linen pants. #BeachBabeStyle

We challenge you to turn off the TV Labor Day weekend (not only to avoid all the Fall commercials), but to live in the NOW~ enjoy summer while it’s still here.  Do something spontaneous and plan a fun weekend with family and friends!

What will this week include?

  • Motivation- workout tunes, exercise routines, greatest HIITs from this summer, tips on making that summer glow last & inspiration!
  • 5 Day Slim Down Support ♡ Karena and I are doing it!
  • Instagram contests
  • Challenges and tons of giveaways!! We’re giving away the farm… and then some bikinis and beach bags ;)
  • Live Chats with myself and Karena about anything- fitness, nutrition~ girl talk
  • And of course, you know us… surprises along the way!
  • The official schedule launches this Friday

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Tell us your goal for Beach Week!



Below we put together a schedule for you for the whole week… Monday – Friday, leading up to your Beach Day. We included your daily workouts- but each day we’re also posting surprises on facebook, twitter and the community, so stay tuned!  We’re doing daily giveaways based on checking in with us and each other.  Prizes will be announced as we go… bikinis, apparel, beach bags, make-up, Perfect Fit Protein… tons of surprises!!

*** There will be instagram photo contests every day!!  Take pictures of your workouts and meals to check-in.  When you complete a HIIT or toning workout, tag @SELFMagazine & @ToneItUp on each picture and hashtag #BeachWeek so we can see them!!  When you make a new recipe or you’re checking in with another ToneItUp member, tag us and #BeachWeek!

~ Not on twitter?  It’s a great way to connect with us and other TIU members and stay motivated while on the plan.  Create a twitter name that includes ‘TIU’!

Karena and I are following the 5 Day Slim Down all week!!  It’s a natural food diet that slims you down and pushes you past a plateau.  Read more about it here~ 5 Day Slim Down & Success Stories

♡ Since you are fully committed to Beach Week.. you MUST do these every day:

1. Check-in with your trainers, and each other, every day on facebooktwitter or in the community. We’re here to support you and get you to achieve your goals! We’re all holding you accountable :) You know the drill!!!

2. Drink half your body weight in ounces of water.. at least. Ex 150 lbs = 75 ounces throughout the day.

3. Eat what we call, LEAN, CLEAN & GREEN!!! This is for the 5 days.. you can do anything for 5 days, right? No heavy white starches (white breads), no large portions of cheeses or fried food.

4. Set your alarm everyday for your Booty Call Workout. Read below to find out what your Booty Call is!

5. Most importantly~ Follow the 5 Day Slim Down with us!!  It’s from the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!

If you’re not on the Nutrition Plan~ you can still follow these TIU tips!

  • Put those fat storing carbohydrates down and pick up the good ones!
  • The word ‘carb’ has become scary. Carbs are vital! They’re how you burn fat. Carbohydrate must be present to burn fat in your body. Remember in science class? “Fat burns in a carbohydrate flame.” It just needs to be the TIU kind of carbs.
  • Replace processed & packaged carbs with GOOD carbohydrates for fiber, nutrients, balanced blood sugar levels and to tone up! Ex: sweet potato, quinoa, whole wheat wraps, brown rice wraps, oatmeal & whole grain cereals.
  • Load up on veggies, fruit & nuts/seeds instead of chips or crackers! Most crackers are high in fat & butter – even the all natural kinds. Check your labels :) If you ever have any doubt.. tweet a pic or post on facebook.. ‘is this TIU approved?’ If you can make your way around the grocery store and buy mostly foods that aren’t packaged, but natural and fresh, then you’re GOLDEN GIRL!
  • Processed/packaged carbs to avoid.. crackers, chips, white breads, sugary cereals, white pasta & candy.
  • What about dessert? We love our sweets!! Life is meant to enjoy what you love. Some TIU approved desserts.. dark chocolate – in moderation of course. Lately we’ve been into ‘cocoa dusted almonds’. If you’re in the mood for ice cream, blend up some frozen bananas or fruit with frozen ice cubes made of almond milk and Greek yogurt. Add a little almond butter or peanut butter! We’re always releasing new tricks to eating sweets, so don’t worry. You won’t be deprived. Check out our raw bites – an all-time fav for the TIU Team.
  • Hydration is KEY in keeping your metabolism high and your body functioning as a fat burning machine. So drink up ladies.

Every night this week…

Take 5 and journal your nutrition for the day!  Eat Lean Clean’N Green Babes… you’re stronger than your cravings.  Finish dinner with some sweet cinnamon tea to help your sweet tooth. also focused on your hunger levels.  Are you satisfied?  Are you thirsty? “Is this the best choice for my goals?”

***Pack your meals ahead of time and check-in with us and someone else on the team!

Tone It Up Nutrition Plan TIP: let your water sit in fresh cut fruit, mint and stevia over night for an all natural refreshing summer drink. You can also use soda water for a ♥ Summer Spritzer ♥

What else should I know about staying ‘TIU Approved?’

We want you to say bye-bye to chemicals that cause you to hold onto stubborn fat cells, make you tired and that cause hunger and cellulite. In return you can say hello to abs, a healthy brain, healthy joints, a functioning liver, beautiful skin and a higher metabolism. Ask any of the girls from last year’s Bikini Series! Chemicals in artificial sweeteners can also cause cancer, so we’re going to get rid of them for 8 weeks.. at the least! We know you’ll never go back. We used to be fake-sugar-junkies. It can only hold you back from your goals, so trust us when we say, it’s worth eating what mother nature made YOU! She knows best.

Where are the harsh chemicals hidden?

Diet coke and most diet sodas, flavored waters (unless natural), splenda packets when you get your coffee, boxed ‘diet’ foods, non-organic yogurt (which is loaded with chemicals by the way), sugar-free coffee creamers, some ‘protein bars’ and powders. You should be able to pronounce all ingredients on the side of your packaging. This is so important to get bikini ready. You’re now asking, well what do I eat!? If you like soda, you can look for an organic kind like ‘Blue Sky’ or others made with stevia. You can also drink flavored waters that are all natural without the chemical sweeteners. We like bubbly water or Zico coconut water. You can also grab a kombucha! We talk about kombucha a lot. We’re big on balancing your pH levels.

Is sugar okay? YES!  Sugar is 100% fine, especially if it’s natural. If you want to add a packet of sugar to your coffee.. go for it! We like ‘in the raw’ sugar. It’s better than sugar-free chemicals, so YES. The point of living.. is not distracting yourself with obsessive claims or ‘rules’ that are impossible to live by. Mother nature did make sugar right? Stay closest to the natural form. If you’re keeping up with your workouts, combining your foods with low glycemic index foods and high fiber foods, a little sugar will keep your life sweet and happy :) Your body needs sugar to replenish energy levels and glycogen stores in your body, brain power and to increase delivery of protein to repair those hard earned muscles.

How should you hydrate or quench your thirst? We like adding crushed fresh fruit to our water.  Instead of splenda in your coffee, add some almond milk and 1 natural sugar packet. We like vanilla almond milk instead of creamer. Instead of the non-organic yogurts, grab an all natural kind, like 0%-1% Greek yogurt that’s loaded with lean protein! We want you to have calories instead of chemicals. You’re abs and body will thank us later.

What is my Booty Call Workout?

There’s a little hash tag buzzing around on twitter, and it’s not what you think.  #BootyCall & #BC is your TIU Booty Call. The Tone It Up Team wakes up 30-40 minutes early to sneak in a fat burning workout – a walk, jog, yoga, workout DVD – anything! Just get moving first thing to burn stubborn fat, awaken your heart and mind, break a quick sweat and to start your day off a few steps closer to your goals. We promise, this will become a habit. We are not naturally morning people, but this is something that is part of our day.. if we don’t get it in, we don’t feel right!

Picture from SELF Magazine & Drop 10 Challenge!

We’re counting on you in the morning. Imagine us waking you up and saying ‘DO THIS FOR YOU! You will not regret it’. Your alarm better be set!! :) Set it 30 minutes early & sneak it in! Studies show that people who workout first thing in the morning burn a slightly higher percentage of fat AND are more likely to stick to a program and lose inches with a fat burning program. It increases your core temperature for the rest of the day :) Do you workout later in the day? That’s okay!  Sneak in your bootycall, but make it a walk, a 20 minute stretch session, a HIIT routine so later you can focus on toning or even a little stroll with the hubby before you get your day going. Turn it into something that benefits you and your life.

*** If you’re our 4:30 am workers, add 1 mile or 10 minutes later to your cardio!

Let’s do this!!! #BeachWeek

Every day you will do 30-45 minutes of cardio & toning.

Choose your cardio workouts…

  • Jog your booty away from your house for 20 minutes, then jog right back!
  • Choose from the Greatest HIIT workouts we created with Self Magazine!  See below
  • Any cardio machines at the gym, spin classes or intense yoga

Today we challenge you to plan your workouts for the entire week.  If the schedule below doesn’t work for you, then rearrange some of the routines to fit your week the best way!  We are challenging you to two-a-days… YES!!! Two workouts per day, but some are short & sweet.  If you want to combine the workouts to do just in the morning, or just in the evening, that’s cool too.  It’s all about you babe!  Just make sure you have some coconut water with you :)  We have so many reasons for splitting your workouts into two times per day, but it’s mostly for the benefits of morning exercise, you’ll have more energy during each session, you’ll be more focused throughout the day and you’re be more likely to go the extra mile during your workouts.  Yes, you’ll be a sweaty mess more often too, but a sexy, sweaty mess that’s ready for summer!  Okay, you ready for this?


AM 30-40 Minute Bootycall~

HIIT it Girls! The Inches Eraser, a Great HIIT from the SELF Drop 10
Take care of business with this 27-minute quickie.
  • Sprint your patootie off at level 8 for 90 seconds. Then back off for 3 minutes at level 4 while you contemplate your awesomeness.
  • Repeat 6 times total before cooling down. Oh, yeah!
  • That’s one workout down :)  Combine this your toning moves from She Sells Sea Shells!!
  • When you complete your HIIT workout, tag @SELFMagazine & @ToneItUp on a picture and hashtag #BeachWeek so we can see them!!  Winners chosen DAILY!

Picture 13

Get the Printable Routine by right clicking HERE and selecting ‘Save Attachment As..’

Check out some more toning routines… feel free to add whatever you’d like this week!

Beach Babe DVD pairings~

  • Bikini Abs~ you can do this workout 3 times this week to whittle the waistline for summer :)

Picture 13

Greatest HIITs from Self Magazine!

Right click this link to save to your computer

Check-in with us once you read this! Let us know you’re on board and ready for this. Be on the lookout too… surprises coming your way!   Tweet us @ToneItUp on each picture and hashtag #BeachWeek

Picture 13