Tone Up or Build Big Muscle?

Tone Up. Weight Training & Lean Muscle Tone.

“I don’t want big muscles, I just want to tone up.”

“You see my legs? I want to weight train, but I don’t want them to get big, just to tone up.”

Women always ask if they will hulk if they life weights!  This is actually where our name ‘Tone It Up’ came from.  So many clients were asking just to tone up, not to bulk up.   Muscle tone increases your metabolism!  If you’re on our Tone It Up Nutrition program, you know that muscle tone helps you achieve that long, lean, toned body that you’ve been working for, decreases cellulite and actually allows you to have ‘cheat days’ and eat the treats you want, because your metabolism through the roof!

Do you want to weight train, but you’re afraid of getting too big or bulky? For the lean toned look, weight training is a necessity. Most women immediately shy away from weight training in fear of looking like a bodybuilder. What will weight training do for you? It will tone you up and you will turn into a calorie-burning machine!

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Weight training is amazing for women who want long, lean muscle tone!

Women simply do not have the hormone levels that men do to turn into a female bodybuilder. Therefore it is much more difficult to create massive muscles like the professionals. Women who do have a larger amount of muscle may have had years of heavy explosive training for a sport or have supplemented. In other cases more athletic women may carry more muscle tone but could have a layer of fat on top of which prevents them from looking lean. The muscle will give them the appearance of being smooth, but they may have more fat on top to give the look of “bulkiness.”***Lucky for them as soon as they lean up a few pounds they will have nice definition underneath.

Remember, Nutrition is just as important as exercise in having a lean body!  See our Tone It Up Plan.

The burning question is, “Does muscle weigh more than fat? And if it does, why would I want it?” I don’t want to get too technical or scientific, but a pound is a pound. One pound of muscle is just denser compared to a pound of fat. The pound of lean muscle will simply take up less space and be tighter than fatty tissue. Say YES to muscle tone and YES to weight training! Weight training for women will give you the sculpted body you have always wanted – Here’s how…

1. Weight Training increases your daily metabolism - Muscle requires additional calories per day to be on your body. Fat can just sit on your body and requires almost no calories to maintain itself. With added weight training and muscle tone – your metabolism goes into overdrive. In time, an increase in muscle will decrease fat without even changing your diet. Planning on eating a little healthier and decreasing your caloric intake? Even better! An increase in muscle tone can increase your metabolism and help you lose those unwanted pounds.

***Gain 7 pounds of lean tight muscle and you’ll burn an extra 350 calories a day. That equals jogging more than 3 miles every day. Over 10 weeks that is a 5-pound fat loss! Just changing your body composition from fat to muscle tone will naturally rev your metabolism at any age. This is why people who just diet are not as successful at keep the weight off.

Picture from our Beach Babe DVD Series

2. Cellulite Smoother - Ever thought about buying cellulite cream? Think again. Whether someone is overweight or not, most people have cellulite. Cellulite creams temporarily fill the cells around the fat with water, making you appear puffy and smooth. Don’t we all want to look lean and smooth? To decrease the appearance of cellulite; weight train and have proper nutrition! Build some muscle tone in the area to smooth it over. I cannot tell you a better solution. Women that are even underweight can have cellulite. So instead of reaching for cellulite creams or paying premium price for cellulite massages; reach for the weights. Weight training is much cheaper, it is NOT temporary and instead of being bloated and smooth you will be toned, tight, smooth and firm!

Your miracle cellulite smoother is weight training~ and a proper nutrition progam.

3. Plastic surgery anyone? Liposuction? We all have those areas on our bodies we secretly wish were not there. Create curves on your body naturally in the right places with weight training. You can create cleavage that is all yours girl! Higher, firm and natural. How about a rounder, smoother back side? Bring sexy back with weight training exercises. Gain muscle tone in your butt to create longer, leaner legs. The higher and tighter your butt, the more leg is exposed! There is no need for plastic surgery to remove flabby areas. In months it will return and it will still be soft. Tighten up areas permanently with weight training and toning exercises. My favorite is making your own tummy tuck. (Leg lifts, frog kicks, mountain climbers, hip lifts and physioball tucks.) Create lower abs that make your low-rise jeans cry for more.

4. Prevent Pain and Injury. Weight training prevents injuries and helps strengthen bones and ligaments. If you want to lose weight – you have to be strong first to prevent injury. Injury will only set you back. If you are a runner, swimmer, tennis player, walker, or love the elliptical; weight training can prevent injury from the repetitive motion of those exercises. Even the best athletes like Tiger Woods have suffered from repetitive movement.

5. Weight Training Improves Posture and Increases Confidence. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who is confident and stands tall. Walking in heels requires some core strength too. Adding muscle tone can do wonders for your posture and poise. Hit the weights and strengthen your core. Keeping your shoulders back and your tummy tucked in all day takes more energy than you may think. Weight training will strengthen those muscles making it second nature. It’s never too late to start!

6. Warning! Weight training increases athletic ability which may in turn create competitiveness with your husband and friends. If you’re a woman with active children or friends who like to be outdoors, go play! Why not enjoy the outdoors? Be strong enough to roller blade with your kids, play tennis, show-up your husband on the golf course, pick up three kids at once and keep up with your younger gal pals.

8. Weight training will extend your life. Who doesn’t want to live longer? What have you got to lose? 30 minutes a day? Okay, now that you are ready to get started on weight training, see our workouts on your weekly fitness scheudule!  We put together workouts every week that you can follow along with.  See this week’s schedule here.

You want to have muscle tone balance so that you are not stronger in certain areas. Your weights should be light enough that you can complete 12-15 repetitions, but also heavy enough to stimulate the muscle fibers into changing shape and becoming stronger. The last 2 repetitions should be difficult to do. It helps to complete one exercise after another with minimal rest so that you can burn more calories and raise your heart rate. Try incorporating some jump rope or aerobic exercise between strength training exercises to burn more calories (circuit training). This will help with slimming and burning the layer of fat on top of that hard-earned muscle tone!

9. Lastly~ your diet can effect your muscle tone more than anything!

What you put in your body is just as important as exercise!  There are certain foods that also increase your metabolism and balance your hormones.  Put the fat storing foods down, and pick up the clean foods that fuel your body with real nutrition and results!  See these tips on Nutrition~

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